byzantine empire

  1. Dorgedrogt

    Good books on 7th century Byzantine Empire

    What are some goood books on the 7th century Byzantine Empire and it’s history?
  2. Constantine XI Palaeologus.jpg

    Constantine XI Palaeologus.jpg

    An extremely rare silver coin minted in Constantinople under the last Roman/Byzantine emperor Constantine XI Palaeologus (1448-1453). Hammer price in auctions? Over 20000 $ !
  3. An illustration of Hagia Sofia, Byzantine Empire.jpg

    An illustration of Hagia Sofia, Byzantine Empire.jpg

    An illustration of Hagia Sofia, Byzantine Empire
  4. Kirialax

    Online resources for studying Byzantine History, Feb. 2019 edition

    About a year and a half ago I posted a list of resources available online for studying Byzantium. I've made some updates and since the original thread does not permit editing at this point, I'm making a new one available to you here. This is just a sampler and a general guide; there's a lot more...
  5. Kirialax

    Rapid or instantaneous travel in the pre-modern world

    In the Byzantine world, there are a number of saints and a few sorcerers who have travel miracles associated with them. Agnellus reports about an abbot who was taught by demons how to sail instantly from Ravenna to Constantinople in a magic boat drawn on the sand. His nefarious activities were...
  6. DiocletianIsBetterThanYou

    Favourite Roman Emperor - All-Stars (27 BC - AD 641)

    The time has come to pick a favourite emperor from the All-Stars list. Over the past six weeks I have run 'Favourite Emperor' polls that are period-specific. Here are the links: Favourite Emperor of the Julio-Claudian and Flavian Periods Favourite Emperor of the Antonine and Severan Periods...
  7. S

    do you think there should be more coverage about Byzantium.

    (sorry in advance if my grammar is bad, I'm 14). I just finished HBO's Rome and I thought it was amazing, So I decided to search for shows, and movies about Byzantium, but there is no coverage about it. I remember how last year in 7th grade I learned nothing about them. Do any of you think it is...
  8. M

    Ottoman Turks Defeat of the Byzantines

    Decided to write a blog post about a book I'm currently reading about Middle Eastern History (covering the 7th to 14th centuries). I've included source locations in case someone wants to read further. The Ottoman Turks...
  9. Valens

    Ottoman-Byzantine Wars

    Here is a summary of Ottoman-Byzantine wars and campaigns in Europe and Asia Minor, as a part of their expansion into the Balkans and Central Europe, as well as the summary of Crusades and wars started by European Christian powers against the Ottoman expansion coinciding with the ongoing wars...
  10. deaf tuner

    "Byzantine Empire" or "Eastern Roman Empire" ?

    It's a long debate ( and not always only historical or semantic one ;), so I thought to ask You how the "thing" was named in the history textbooks when You were at school ? You know, the "official", "generally accepted" term, not Your opinion on it. I am trying in fact to see if the name is...
  11. E

    The greek successor states and Greece after the fall of the byzantine empire

    Hello, This thread is about the greek successor states (Empire of Nicäa, Empire of Trebizond, Despotat of Epirus, Despotat of Mystra) and Greece after the fall of Konstantinoupolis to the crusaders until the 16th century. I chose to make a thread like this cause it is interesting to me (I guess...
  12. dwight

    Bohemond of Antioch

    Bohemond of Taranto, as he was known in 1095, was a Norman prince hailing from Taranto, at the point where the heel of Italy meets the boot. Now, the Normans were by no means natives of the area. They were a Germanic race that had early migrated into Scandinavia. In the ninth century, however...
  13. C

    Cherchez la femme

    I was asked to introduce myself so here goes. I'm a former college prof (literature, not history) and currently a freelance writer and art critic. I've published books on art history, architecture, and literature and I contribute feature stories to newspapers and magazines. One recent story was...
  14. Kirialax

    The term "Byzantine Empire"

    It seems that we've discussed this to death, except that we haven't. All the talk has been about the validity of the term "Byzantine" and whether the Byzantines were Romans or whatnot, yada yada yada. We do not need to revisit that path, although no doubt this thread will end up derailed...
  15. sgtdole

    Byzantine Empire - Your Thoughts

    I ask that when you think of the Byzantine Empire, what comes to mind? When I think of it, I think of: the Cyrillic alphabet Justinian Code The preservation of Christianity it being the Eastern half of the Roman Empire
  16. DreamWeaver

    Byzantine Frontier Policy c.1100

    I was just wondering in the Byzantinists on the foum could help me out here as I was kicking this round in my head and with others the other day. In the wake of the First Crusade, Alexios I reestablished control and authority over many regions of Annatolia, making use of the successes and...
  17. benkernow

    Photo's of the Roman Empire

    I went on a history tour with the history of rome podcast in may I ended up with some nice and intresting photos of some of the roman empire so if anyone is intrested here is a link to some of the photo's that the group have put up on flickr Flickr: The History of Rome Tour Legion I We started...
  18. R

    Varangian Guard

    I've looked all over and I can't seem to find much information on the function and structure of the Varangian Guard, can anyone help?
  19. Lucius

    "Byzantine Empire"

    In accordance with Belisarius' suggestion on that other thread - What is it? Today, historians switch their nomenclature from "Eastern Roman Empire" to "Byzantine Empire" at that point when Heraclius overhauled it's administration following his defeat of the Avars and Persians, circa 630...