1. P

    3.7mm anti aircraft cannon a missed opportunity

    Bt general consent most British military historins agree that the stabndard British anti tank gun in 1939-41 -the 2 pounder was a poor creature when deployed against Nazi tanks like the Panzer Mark IV onwards. And the Boyes anti tank rifle was an even bigger joke against German armour. However...
  2. Hanslune

    Question on cannon names in Napoleonic & Victoria era

    Specifically the crews giving their cannon a name/title or nickname like; 'Thunderer', 'Tessie', 'Devil's voice', etc. Thanks
  3. Haakbus

    A question about traditional cannon casting

    So if you look at many Chinese (somewhat Korean too) cannon, they have prominent rings along the barrel. According to Needham, the hudunpao had these rings actual separate pieces that were heated and slipped on. This made it withstand stresses better. I always thought the the whole thing was...
  4. Haakbus

    Korean cannon of the Imjin War era

    I brought the conversation over to this thread to avoid derailing this other thread: I'm talking about projectile weight, my bad. The actual cannon weighed between around 70-600 lbs, depending on type, as far as can...
  5. Sobo

    Germany presents super cannon able to break newest russian tank

    The cannon named "130mm-Waffenanlage L/51" is developed by Rheinmetall and able to crush the newest russian Armata tank. It will be the main weapon of the Leopard 3 but also be installed at the older leopard 2 Diese Drei-Tonnen-Kanone soll Putins Panzer knacken | -...
  6. P

    korean breech loading cannon in the 19th century

    Hi!:)I'm looking into Korean breech loading guns of the 19th century (and by default earlier). I'm not talking about the Krupp breech loaders they got later,or any other foreign gun. I'm talking about the medieval style cannon used by Korea since the middle ages,this type of gun was used against...
  7. C

    can anybody place this cannon?

    Do you know any details about this 19th century American field artillery? I have attached a pic, thanks!
  8. Hrulj

    EMP AA Gun

    Recent CoD AW (I know, so historical :D) got me thinking, would it be possible to develop Anti Aircraft Guns (Like the guns of WW2) firing EMP Proximity shells as a part of an anti-aircraft system? How effective, or innefective would they be? What exactly would they do? If a plane or...
  9. D

    Clay cannon balls?

    I have come across what I believe to be a clay cannon ball. Does anyone know anything about them? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Druzhina

    Swedish Regimental Cannon

    Quarter Scale Model Of Swedish Regimental Cannon, 1632 MIRROR SITE Quarter Scale Model Of Swedish Regimental Cannon, 1632 Druzhina Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
  11. Haakbus

    Late Medieval European Artillery?

    Hi everybody, just wanted to ask where I could find information on Late Medieval European artillery, particularly the during the 16th century. I found some here: NPS Interpretive Series: Artillery Through the Ages (scroll down a bit to the chart about Spanish artillery), but wanted to see what...
  12. Underlankers

    Joe Cannon:

    In lieu of all the threads about rating Presidents, I figured it's time for some threads dedicated to other American political figures. On a scale of one to ten, how do we rate Joe Cannon? In terms of political effectiveness I'd rate him as about an eight, as he was a masterful conservative...
  13. No Bias FTW

    Maximum Firing Distance of 12-pounder Napoleon Cannon

    According to Wikipedia, the 12-pounder has a maximum range of 1,480 meters when shot from a 5 degree angle of elevation. Canon obusier de 12 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Do any of you guys know the absolute maximum distance of the cannon when fired from a 45 degree angle of elevation...
  14. Salah

    Execution by Cannon

    In June of 1857, much of the Bengal Army was in revolt against the British, caught up in the vast (if often misinterpreted) Indian Mutiny. At this time, Brigadier General Neville Chamberlain was in command of a 'movable column' striking out at the mutineers, and was currently staying in Lahore...
  15. Bruce

    Cannon ball found in a garden in central Scotland

    Just recently one of our neighbours dug up what appears to be a cannon ball (see photos below) from her garden in Denny, located to the west of Falkirk and south of Stirling in central Scotland. The object is definitely spherical measuring about 3 inches in diameter and weighing just over 2½...
  16. larkin

    The History of Cannon Fodder

    The History of cannon fodder I am not a historian so I realize that I may be subject to correction. I am making some observations that are speculative for the purpose of provoking a discussion. I remember reading about one of the Crusades that were destined for the Holy land. I recall...
  17. Chookie

    Shock troops or Cannon Fodder?

    I'm going to ask that replies are confined to the gunpowder age, as shock troops before then were basically heavy cavalry. The first shock troops of the gunpweder age were the grenadiers these were originally specialszed assault soldiers for siege operations, first established as a distinct...
  18. Shadow Dragon

    Byzantine Empire buys the cannon.

    Most of us know the story of how a hungarian inventer tried to sell his massive cannon to the Byzantines first but was turned down only to sell it to the Turks and the rest was history. Now what if the Byzantines have bought it? Could having some of those cannons along it's walls have saved...
  19. Chookie

    Cannon standardisation

    Recently I was reading an article about the Kaiser Geschütz (I'll go into more detail on this in a later post) and this sentence caught my eye:- “Napoleon, who appreciated artillery like few before him, standardized the manufacturing of cannon, and the sizes of cannonballs.” Actually, no...