1. R

    Why is Beijing the capital of China and not Xi'an or Luoyang?

    Why is Beijing the capital of China, and not Xi'an, Luoyang, or even Kaifeng? I mean Beijing is a pretty recent capital of the Ming, while Xi'an was the capital all the way back to the Qin, and had more historicity as the capital under the great dynasties of the Hand and the Tang, while...
  2. Futurist

    The ideal capital for a Greater Russia

    I previously talked about the merits of moving Greater Germany's capital to Prague so that it would have a more centralized location. That said, though, here is another question for you: What do you think that the ideal capital for a Greater Russia would have been? I'm asking this question...
  3. Futurist

    Plausibility Check: A new German capital in Czechia?

    Basically, there are two ways for this scenario to work: The first scenario involves Germany allying with Russia and partitioning Austria-Hungary together with Russia, Serbia, Romania, and perhaps Italy in an alternate World War I. After the German-Russian alliance wins this alternate World War...
  4. E

    Capital Ship thread

    Made a few naval threads before, here's another one. I'm bored and I wanna talk ships. Take the conversation wherever you so please.
  5. tomar

    US recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital

    Well someone had to open this thread Middle East media reacts to 'slap of the century' - BBC News Israelis are happy.. Palestinians and in general arabs and more broadly muslims are not Other countries have either criticized the move or remained silent. Apparently , other than Israel, no one...
  6. tomar

    London the world capital for acid attacks on young men

    Torture in a bottle: London's acid attack problem - CNN If its trending in London , it will no doubt soon trend in other capitals Thoughts ?
  7. R

    Why isn't Xian or Luoyang the capital of China?

    Why isn't Xian or Luoyang the capital of China instead of Beijing? Compared to Beijing those 2 cities have a longer history of being the capitals of previous Chinese dynasties like the Han, the Tang, and the Jin, and those 2 cities also have a longer historic pedigree than Beijing, which only...
  8. B

    Invading army stopped in suburbs of capital

    Famous examples are the German Army outside Moscow in 1941 and the Turks defeated at the Battle of Vienna. Also, the Union Army was stopped outside Richmond in May 1862, although it took it 3 years later.
  9. RomaVictrix

    Aztec capital Tenochtitlan (Mexico), letter of Hernan Cortés to Charles V

    [I originally posted this at TWC's Vestigia Vetustatis forum.] I remember reading this 1520 letter by Hernan Cortés to Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, years ago and being blown away by the level of detail, describing the rare and mundane items found for sale in the government-regulated...
  10. F

    Would you let ISIL nuke your capital?

    If you were the absolute ruler of a NATO member like France,Germany,UK,etc and you would uncover ISIL plans of using nuclear weapons in your capital would you stop their plan or let them destroy a city so you can use this as 9/11 *100 and try to reinvigorate nationalism so you can take aggresive...
  11. King Zog

    What was Albania's capital before the Ottoman Invasion?

    I know King Zog switched to Tirana because of strategic reasons, but before the Ottoman invasion in medieval times, what was the capital? Was there even a capital or was it just a thousand chieftains?
  12. VHS

    Are Canada and the USA really that luxurious and wasteful?

    According to the 2012 data, Canada and the USA's Global Hectare per capital is both about 8.2, the top of the world. Imagine a more rapid collapse of our environment if all Homo sapiens sapiens live like the average Canadians and Americans. How have North America adopted such luxurious and...
  13. W

    Mutapa capital location

    Ok, so I've seen it said that the capital of the Kingdom of Mutapa (aka Monotapa) was on the Zambezi river, but on all the old maps I've found, it seems to be a long way south. Take a look: On this first map we see Ville de Royale du Monotapa, a long way south of the Zambezi, the river near the...
  14. D

    This Day in History: 1800

    On this day in 1800, President John Adams (1735-1826) ordered the federal government to pack up, leave Philadelphia, and set up shop in the nation’s new capital -- Washington, D.C. Read more: Fun Fact: This Day in History
  15. Vintersorg

    Jihad: Brussels explosions, several injured after multiple explosions

    22 March 2016 - Brussels Terrorrist attacks Well, it seems that it's our turn here in Belgium. This morning, two bombs exploded in the Zaventem Airport, killing at least one person. Somewhat later, a bomb exploded in the Brussels metro. This happened one week after a police raid discovered...
  16. P

    Caesar and capital punishment

    When five of Catiline's conspirators were captured, Caesar recommended imprisoning them/opposed Cato's plan of executing them. So was Caesar usually against capital punishment? Thanks
  17. G

    Where is Ajatshatru's capital Champa located

    Has it been found?
  18. AlpinLuke

    More than one capital ...

    I was noting an aspect of the history of modern Italy: if you ask to an Italian how many capitals has Italy had, probably the first answer will be three. In fact, as soon as the Kingdom of Italy had created, the capital was Turin, than Florence became capital and finally Rome got its place in...
  19. S

    use of Brest for German capital ships

    With Brest being within easy reach of British bombers, why didn't the Kriegsmarine move their ships (Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Prinz Eugen, Admiral Hipper) further south perhaps to Bordeaux?
  20. M

    Why didn't Napoleon attack St. Petersburg(the capital of Russian Empire)?

    Why did Napoleon focus most of his front on Moscow? Would it be better to attack St. Petersburg where the Czar was doing the command and control of the war? The capture of the capital would be both a strategic and symbolic lost that could have made the Russians loose the war. I believe...