1. jameen

    What is Stalin's back up plan if Moscow was captured by the Germans?

    How will the Red Army fight if Moscow was captured and Stalin was not captured? If Stalin was captured or killed by the Germans during the invasion, do you believe USSR will be part of Nazi Germany? P.S. I am a newbie here and I expect a nice welcome thanks :)
  2. C

    Captured 20th Century Warships?

    I know some merchant ships were captured by commerce raiders, and I don't count warships that surrendered after a peace was signed like the German fleet at Scapa Flow in 1918 or the Italian fleet sailing into Allied ports in 1943. I recall numerous accounts of damaged 20th century warships...
  3. C

    Bin Laden captured instead of killed; brought to the US for trial

    What if instead of Bin Laden being shot dead, he was captured by the SEALs and brought to the US to stand trial for crimes against the US, specifically a courthouse in New York City. Just like the OJ trial, in this scenario, the press are allowed into the courthouse and can bring in cameras that...
  4. Z

    what were the mongols doing before they captured kiev

    I know that Genghis Khan and his forces had swiftly burst from Mongolia, however Im not sure as to where they went › History › Modern History › Modern Asia
  5. grey fox

    What would have happened to Hitler if the Soviets had captured him?

    The Soviet military entered Berlin in April 1945, and Adolf Hitler committed suicide then. What if Hitler had no committed suicide and the Soviets captured him? What would have happened to Hitler if the Soviet military captured him?
  6. G

    What if Greeks captured Constantinople from the Turks in the 20th Century

    What if they recaptured the city and won the entire European area of Turkey. Also please also assume the parts of West coast of Turkey where Greeks were in majority remain with Turkey (as the place is inaccessible for direct conquest) but Greece also retains hold on Cyprus. Assume remaining...
  7. Ming

    WW2: What If The Germans Captured Moscow

    What would of had happened if the German army had captured Moscow.
  8. F

    Who were the highest ranking aristocrats and clerics captured by Barbary corsairs?

    Who were the highest ranking members of European nobility and church hierarchy captured by Barbary corsairs? In what circumstances were they captured? What happened afterwards?
  9. S

    Which territory was first captured by Hitler?

    Which territory was first captured by Hitler?
  10. S

    Flying Fortress captured

    One of the main and most important Allied bombers, the B-17 was sparked interest and greed target of Germans and Japanese during WW2. Inevitably some planes were captured and tested by the enemy. I share with you the link below that has some photos of these planes, some rare, with German and...
  11. C

    What did the Germans do with the Soviet factories they captured in '41?

    During Op. Barbarossa the Germans captured hundreds of Soviet factories, some of which had produced small arms, ammo, tanks, aircraft etc. What did the Germans do with these factories? Did they attempt to get them up and running again or did they strip them down and send them back to Germany to...
  12. J

    Would the Japanese isolation of Australia had work had they captured Port Moresby

    If the Japanese had broken through Kokoda and captured Port Moresby could they have truly separated the US from Australia. Considering the fact they suffered a strategic defeat at Coral Sea and then a humiliating defeat at Midway. What would have happened or changed had they took Port Moresby?
  13. G

    What if Hannibal defeated Rome and captured the city

    What if Hannibal defeated Rome and captured the city of Rome. How differently would history have panned out?
  14. B

    How many Americans were captured in the Philippines during WW2

    Out of the 100,000 men who surrendered. How many were actually American since they're were Filipino troops too?
  15. G

    What if Greeks captured Constantinople from Turkey?

    Would they have gone further or would they have stopped right there? Would Greece have been a developed and a much different nation today if Constantinople was part of it? Would it have been the capital city or for safety reasons they would have made Athens the capital in the inner Greek areas...
  16. Belloc

    40 images of captured Sherman tanks in German hands!

    These are interesting: 40 images of captured Sherman tanks in German hands! - WAR HISTORY ONLINE
  17. RoyalHill1987

    Why did Jesus allow himself to be captured?

    I have been reading Reza Aslan's excellent book about Jesus, called 'Zealot: the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth'. I was wondering, why did Jesus allow himself to be captured so easily? Earlier in the book, it says that Jesus talked in parables to conceal the meaning of his mission from...
  18. B

    What happened to officers captured by the Soviets in WWII

    Were they killed, as the Polish officers were at Katyn? In the "Pianist", it says the German officer who discovered the pianist and brought him food died in Soviet POW camp in 1952. I knew someone who had a relative who was from a lower middle class German background and was made an officer...
  19. M

    Americans Captured by Russians During Cold War

    My Googlefu is failing me. I'm looking for Americans captured or detained by the Sovets during the Cold War and can't find much. I'm trying to get an idea of Soviet interrogation techniques, so ultimately I'm hoping I can find some first party accounts. I just finished Francis Gary Powers'...
  20. T

    Washington's pal, Witherspoon captured this week

    During this week, in January 1746, George Washington's future Scottish buddy (who signed the Declaraion of Independence in 1776)-John Witherspoon, was captured at the Battle of Falkirk in Stirlingshire, Scotland In January 1746 fighting on the Redcoat side in what was Jacobite leader ''Bonnie...