1. B

    In 1936 - Unusual for Mother to Leave 2yr Son with divorced husband to pursue career

    In 1936, would it be unusual behavior for a mother who lived in Hawaii to leave her 2-year-old son with her now divorced husband who lived in NY for 10 years or more? In this context, the mother was an artist. She took her son (according to passenger logs) to NY, but there's no record of her...
  2. MughalMuse

    Career Guidance Considering Stone masonry career

    I really enjoy working out and being active, and how living a lifestyle like this MAKES YOU MORE capable to contribute to society. Has anyone ever/currently in the trades? Historical restoration as a stone mason is something I've been trying to find more about.
  3. Cato II

    Career Guidance What is a good career for someone who loves history but doesn't want to be a teacher?

    I'm a college student and when I enrolled in college and said I wanted to focus on history they asked me if I wanted to be a teacher and if I had a focus in history (IE, US History I, II, European History, ECT) Only problem is, I didn't have a focus and I didn't want to be a teacher. I still...
  4. T

    Questions on the career

    Hi everyone, I'm asking this on behalf of my fiance, she wants to become a historian but isn't sure what steps to take in order to get her there, so I was curious what sort of stuff she should look into to get there. College classes, etc? It's something she's wanted to do for a long time so I...
  5. MicahCurtis

    Career Guidance Career Guidance Historian

    So I Want To Be A Historian. But First I have a couple of questions... 1. Do I Need To Take And Pass AP-Reading And Writing? 2. What Type Of Collage Degree Do I Need? 3. Where Do I Start? So Please Give A Brother Some Help And Drop The Answers Down Below.
  6. F

    Alternatives of Messi's international career

    I. Capped by Spain in 2004 and ever since How many goals would Messi score in 2010 FIFA World Cup? How many in the knockout stage? What about his tally in UEFA Euro 2008 and 2012? II. Capped for Argentina as OTL 1. If José Pékerman tenured after 2006 World Cup all the way through the 2010 World...
  7. G

    Career opportunities as an archealogist/historian in India

    I am an Engineer in IT and an MBA in marketing. Something I had to take up due to the so called societal/peer pressure in India. I am 28 years old and deeply passionate about studying history of India and becoming a professional historian/archaeologist(not much of restoration but more of...
  8. Unstofam

    Writing non-fiction as a career?

    If you are not a professor is it possible to write non-fiction books as a career? I know many fiction writers come out with a book a year to keep a steady stream of income, but that doesn't seem very plausible for non-fiction writers, considering all of the research that goes into the job. How...
  9. Majasprat

    Career Guidance Career Paths

    What are some career paths that require going to Uni for History. Any responses are appreciated
  10. S

    Please help : Career in history

    Hello, I am willing to pursue higher studies in History. I have Bachelors degree in non-arts stream. Please advise me on the following points. 1. Do foreign universities (other than India) provide a career to pursue in Indian Ancient History or any kind of Indian History. If yes how...
  11. D

    Academic Guidance Undergraduate to Graduate and the Career

    I am about to graduate with a Bachelor's in History and I'm unsure of what to do next. I could do the basic route and acquire a job somewhere but I'm still looking. What kind of career do people with a Bachelors in history find? I'm not even sure where to look but I won't regret majoring in...
  12. Y

    Career Guidance Any advice would be great!

    I've been looking at being an archaeologist forever but I thought I might have to settle for double majoring in anthropology and history because it is all sort of intertwined. But my dream is to be an archaeologist. I love eastern civilizations and the middle east of course but I also want to do...
  13. A

    Degree in Ancient History? Career?

    Hello all; I'm 14 years old and an aspiring intellectual. I am interested in majoring in Ancient History and/or Organic Chemistry(thats another story). What careers will I be able to pursue with a degree in Ancient History? Thank you :D
  14. A

    Calling all historians, history teachers and archaeologists!

    Tomorrow I have a career project due, it's required to have an interview with the person who has chosen the career of my interest, since this is a history forum, I assume there are historians. This is worth 200 points for my GPA, I'm running out of time, send me a message or reply to this thread...
  15. Earl_of_Rochester

    How to become a history teacher

    Hi all, After an awfully long time of being ill I'm starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and I'm now considering the bold move of getting back into work. I had a quick browse for jobs in Dubai covering project management but I don't think I can face the long hours, stress...
  16. gavinlee

    Who has a career related to ancient history?

    If so, what is your profession? My job is nothing to do with ancient history. I sometimes dream about packing it all in to do an MA and then a PhD. There doesn't seem to be many academic jobs though in ancient history. For those that do work in ancient history, has it always been your career...
  17. Caracalla

    Roman Career Path

    What path would a man of equestrian rank have taken on the Cursus honorum (Course of honour) during the early principate? In the Republic men had to climb the ladder in a particular order, were such rules in place in imperial times or was a man's position dependant on the will of the emperor...
  18. beetle

    Bismarck's destructive career

    Of major historical figures such as Napoleon, Talleyrand, Marx, Lenin, Lincoln, etc., it seems Otto von Bismarck was by far the most complex. It seems within his complex personality there was also a constant discontent, a restless need for manipulation as well as for domination. The consequences...
  19. The Imperial

    This is kind of a career question for me..

    Putting it briefly.... Currently I am at college studying Science.... but am really interested in history (not the statistical history, like dates, names etc, I like studying the culture, literature, armies, life of people in history).... But, if I study history, will I be able to make a...
  20. RonPrice

    JURGEN HABERMAS:His Career in Sociology and Philosophy

    In 1962 Jurgen Habermas(b. 1929-), a German man who became one of the most influential sociologists and philosophers in the world during the decades of his middle and late adulthood, accepted the position of extraordinary professor of philosophy at the University of Heidelberg. That same year...