1. A

    Akhenaten (Box, Carter Archive 001K)

    I stumbled across the following under Neferneferuaten on Wikipedia, quoted as being an inscription on a box (Carter 001K) "King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Living in Truth, Lord of the Two Lands, Neferkheperure-Waenra Son of the Living Truth, Lord of Crowns, Akhenaten, Great in his duration King...
  2. M

    1980 Presidential Election: Carter vs. Reagan

    Timing and charisma are everything. Carter had an underwhelming presidency, unable to work with Congress well and unable to persuade Americans. His presidency also saw the hostage situation, stagflation and the invasion of Russia. Reagan, who would've been seen as too conservative, thrived in...
  3. P

    Jimmy Carter - most moral U.S. president?

    Was Jimmy Carter one of the most moral presidents in U.S. History?
  4. weezer17

    Jimmy Carter research led me to Suharto and East Timor

    Hi all, I've been reading a lot about Jimmy Carter recently and trying to better evaluate his presidency in retrospect. It seems to me that he wasn't as bad as he's made out to be when compared to chaps like Harding, so I wanted to follow this line of thought in my personal studies. I came...
  5. Z

    Does George H.W. Bush get a bigger pension that Clinton or Carter.......

    .....because he was Vice President? Does Bush get a Presidential and a Vice Presidential pension? I guess the same question could be asked of Nixon. I think only Nixon, Bush and John Adams ever served as President and Vice President of the United States. How does pensions work? If someone was a...
  6. Precedence

    Was Jimmy Carter the opposite of a doughface?

    If a doughface was a northerner with southern sympathies, wouldn't Jimmy Carter be a southerner with northern sympathies (in a good context obviously). So, he related to the needs, lifestyles and values of the south without accepting any of the bigotry. Definitely a perfect pick in the sense...
  7. Precedence

    In Defense of Jimmy Carter

    I'm not saying Jimmy Carter was a good president. I'm saying that he wasn't one of the worst presidents. When all's said and done, I think he's average compared to the other 40+ men who took office. And yes, before you ask, I've had to wait 3 hours on line for gas before. He was overshadowed...
  8. SirOrmondeWinter

    Is Jimmy Carter unfairly maligned?

    He's been in the news a lot more recently following the success of Argo. Over the years his administration has become a byword for malaise and indecision but is that fair? By all accounts Carter was an very clever man, had a degree in nuclear engineering and would probably have been an admiral...
  9. ucanefan

    Why did carter release collaze?

    Who attempted to assassinate Truman? And was this the right thing to do? We're many people not upset about this? Why did Truman shorten his sentence from death to life in prison anyway?
  10. H

    Who are the people in this photo with Jimmy & Ros Carter?

    Hi, I have this photograph signed by Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter as part of my collection, and was wondering if any of you history buffs could identify the other two individuals in this photo? Thanks for the help!!
  11. J

    US foreign Policy 1975-1989

    Hello everyone. I'm currently writing a paper on US foreign policy at the end of the cold war, in the period between 75 and 89, where i need to describe the foreign policy of this period. Then i need to discuss the difference between carter foreign policy and Reagen foreign policy and if the...
  12. James Random

    Kevin Carter

    Kevin Carter was a photographer who was most famous for this [warning: disturbing image] historically famous photo of a starving African child being stalked by a Vulture. He chased off the bird, but it is unclear as to whether he helped the infant. Kevin Carter - Wikipedia, the free...
  13. jduster

    James Carter

    == Mini-Bio == James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr. (born October 1, 1924) served as the 39th President of the United States from 1977 to 1981 and was the recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, the only U.S. President to have received the Prize after leaving office. Before he became President...