1. Dorgedrogt

    Best Carthaginian military leaders

    What are your picks for the best Carthaginian military leaders? Apart from Hannibal that is.
  2. Z

    How much it costs to raise an army in Ancient times?

    I've been curious about ancient wars that drain money from city's coffers. How much would it cost to train, raise and maintain, say a phalanx army for example? How much would it cost to raise a legion? How much a war usually costs? Philip II put a lot of money to drill the phalangites. Romans...
  3. M

    Ancient/Modern Germany could never conquer Carthage

    First of all, Rome at the time of the Carthaginian wars was basically exactly the situation revolving around the breadth of modern control by Germany over various regions of Europe, that is to say it was very extreme. The going around and punishing random countries like Greece or whoever...
  4. Z

    What was Carthage's potential manpower pool on 2nd punic war? This site claims that Italy alone had a potential manpower pool of 700,000 men. How about on the Carthaginians' side? From Carthage all the way to Gibraltar and then all the way to the...
  5. M


    Carthage is mentioned in the Book of Ezekiel Ezekiel 27:25 The ships of Carthage did sing of thee in thy market: and thou wast replenished, and made very glorious in the midst of the seas. πλοῖα ἐν αὐτοῖ&#962...
  6. R

    Carthage decides to ally with Phyrrus

    What if Carthage decided to help Phyrrus in order to prevent Rome from taking over the whole of the Italian Peninsula.
  7. Lycurgus

    Carthage vs Rome = US vs China?

    Well, before anyone dismisses the post as utter b*******, let me explain this idea a bit. When I was reading about the civilization of ancient Carthage, I found some similarities between it and modern US. Both are naval powers, whose power depends on domination of the sea, both focus on...
  8. 2

    Did Hannibal build his army in Spain?

    According to this guy, Hannibal built his army against Rome with Spaniards. Is that true? "Hannibal and Alexander would be at the top of my list. My favorites probably Hannibals victory...
  9. L

    Carthaginian Archaeology on Armour

    Hello, I've seen so little about Carthaginian armor and helmets especially. I do have knowledge that after Hannibal's victories, soldiers would loot Roman lorica squamata and their montefortino helmets. I'd like to see what has been found in Libya and around Carthage's lands in North Africa from...
  10. R

    Why did Carthage lose the Punic Wars?

    -despite being more technologically advanced than Rome - and having Hannibal (no roman general could match him) if Carthage never called back Hannibal? would he of won?
  11. G

    What if Carthage took over Rome

    What if Hannibal marched into Rome and crushed it in war and annexed it to his lands. Does he acquire a stature similar to Caesar and overturn the senate and become an emperor himself. How does the history of the world and Europe and North Africa change after this. Does Punic/Pheonician culture...
  12. A

    Cato's quote, but with Rome instead of Carthage?

    Cato famously expressed the words: Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam But how would that sentence be of he instead of Carthage had referred to Rome? (My Latin is non-existent.)
  13. T

    Carthage annihilates Rome during the punic wars, how is world history affected?

    The premise is simple, Say, in this alternate reality, it wasn't the Romans who sacked Carthage and effectively erased its existence during the Punic wars, but the other way round, with Italy now part of a new Carthaginian empire. What impact would this have? Would Carthage be able to...
  14. tomar

    Reasons for Roman attitude to Carthage vs attitude to Greece

    In summary to use business terms, Roman takeover of the greek world was in essence friendly while with Carthage it was a fight to the death Though there were wars and fights with the greeks it never came down to the extremes of "Delenda Carthago" Why ?
  15. K

    Carthage and the Atlantic

    Carthage general could take refugees out and establish a colony somewhere safe from the Roman threat... Say in the New World. How would Carthagian army fair in the New World? How would the General react to the natives? How would the native react to the General and his men? Archaeological...
  16. EmperorTigerstar

    Carthage and the Atlantic Ocean

    Carthaginian coins have been found in Azores (and apparently as far as Nova Scotia but that's much more debatable) and it begs the question if Carthage perhaps had control of certain islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Do you think it's possible that Carthage perhaps controlled Azores, Madeira, and...
  17. Kahu

    The Antonine Baths - Carthage - Tunisia The aqueduct draws on several sources which ran dry at different times. The first and most important source is located near the town of Zaghouan in the Djebel Zaghouan, a mountain range about 60 km south of Carthage. In Roman times a sacred fountain structure was...
  18. K

    Alexander vs Carthage

    Alexander the Great finishes off Persia, instead of heading to Afganistan / Pakistan and India, he turns west towards Carthage fighting along the African Coast. How successful would he be?
  19. Mike Lynch

    Carthage: The Roman Holocaust

    A BBC documentary by Richard Miles about the Carthagian Empire. It is the most extensive documentary about the Carthiginians that I have come across.
  20. FailWhale

    Rome's defeat of Carthage vs Qin's unification of China

    Which was the more impressive military feat?