1. M

    What if Carthage had honored Rome's initial peace terms?

    After the Battle of the Great Plains, Scipio offered modest peace terms. Carthage was to give over its overseas possessions (already accomplished), Numidia would have become independent, and Carthage would have reduced its fleet and paid a war indemnity. What if Carthage had accepted this treaty...
  2. Scaeva

    Did Carthage Really Field an Army of Mercenaries?

    I've often heard it said, and have read, that Carthage fielded an army of mercenaries. But is that statement really accurate? And if it isn't accurate, why is it repeated so often in casual histories of Carthage or the Punic Wars? While the soldiers who were citizens of Carthage might have...
  3. AlpinLuke

    Carthage defeated Rome

    We all know that after long and wide wars Rome was able to erase the power of Carthage from the geographical map, starting de facto its domain on the Mediterranean Sea. But, what if history went the other way round? We know that it was the geographical context of Carthage to make it less able...
  4. Isoroku295

    Provide unto me knowlegde of Carthage!

    any good sources or links? :) Do NOT list books. because I'm dead broke, so listing books will leave my sad
  5. Delenda est Roma

    Carthage Heads East

    Okay picture this. After Hasdrubal's death in 221 BC Hannibal after subjugating Spain heads to his ancestral homeland, Phoenecia. Currently ruled by the Ptolemies. So any thoughts? This thread assumes Rome doesn't interfere.
  6. emperor of seleucid

    Carthage, Rome, Sparta, Civilization

    Which one of these do you believe was the most civilized. Clearly they were not one par with the great civilizations of Mainland Greece, the East, or the Far East. Whether its enslaving whole minorities, slaughtering infants, or massacring populations, these groups during the classical were...
  7. Delenda est Roma

    A Short Basic History of Carthage

    * * Carthage was founded by the Phoenecian city Tyre. The Phoenecians were forced into their then current position by the Jews and Egyptians. This area was abundant with supplies that could build and outfit ships. Naturally, the Phoenecians became the foremost traders in the whole of the...
  8. V

    Which is better Rome or Carthage?

    I think Rome is because of the effect it had on history as a whole. We learned all kinds of architectural technologies from them like the arch, concrete and modern road construction. Also look at our culture. Every day we see references to roman culture like the planets, law and medical terms...
  9. Delenda est Roma

    Hannibal after Carthage

    Seven years after Zama on a self imposed exile Hannibal made his way to Tyre. He then journyed to Ephesus there meeting Antiochus III. Hannibal was mistrusted by Antiochus and was kept in an advisory role. He was not even allowed to attend several meetings because of this mistrust. A Roman...
  10. H

    Carthage flag of banner

    First of all. I just joined. This site is awesome. I wish I would have known about it earlier. Secondly. I am looking to get my second historic tattoo. I have searched everywhere and there is nothing that I can find. Rome had the eagle. And the spqr banner. What did Carthage have? Did they have...
  11. Delenda est Roma

    Carthage vs. Alexander

    This is a very realistic scenario as their was a state of pretty much war between the two. Alexander after destroying Tyre was not happy. Tyre was of course a mothercity to Carthage. It is also known he planned to get to Carthage after his other conquests though he died untimely. 1. Who would...
  12. H

    Demeter and Kore at Carthage

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any information about the worship of Demeter and Kore at Carthage? I know the backstory, about Himilkat's destruction of their temple in Syracuse. But does anyone have any more information? Any about the cult itself? Also, what did they call Demeter? I know...
  13. Salah

    Carthage in Spain

    It seems the Carthaginian presence in Spain is mostly familiar to us thanks to the battlefields of the Second Punic War. How much of Spain was under Punic sway by the 3rd Century BCE? Did Carthage aspire to control the entire peninsula, and are there any records of wars it fought with the...
  14. tinyrippleofhope

    Who killed hasdrubal?

    All sources I've read state that Hasdrubal (Hannibal Barca's predecessor and brother in law) was assassinated by a Celt with a private grudge. Does anyone know more details? What was this private grudge? Did Hasdrubal spend time evading a terrible fate at the hands of said Celt? What became of...
  15. tinyrippleofhope

    Post Cannae - a missed opportunity?

    The success at Cannae was one of the highest points of Hannibal's career, but should he have taken the opportunity to march on Rome and take it whilst it was still weak? Would be interesting to see people's opinions on this...
  16. W

    Athenian Empire and Carthage decide they hate each other in 450 BCE

    What would happen if the Athenian Empire and Carthaginian Republic of 450 BCE decide they hate each other. Enough to go to war?
  17. Thessalonian

    Hannibal's Carthage vs. Persia under Xerxes

    There you go.... :cool: Suppose that Rome wasn't there at all, and Hannibal had the army that he used during the Second Punic War. Xerxes and his 100,000+ troops marched against Carthage because he was just not interested in Greece. The two armies met near Napoli (Naples) for a decisive battle...
  18. Salah

    Early History and the Culture of Carthage

    Most of Carthage's press comes from its wars with Rome, most especially the Second Punic War. But what do we know about its earlier history? Wars it may have fought in Africa, Spain, or elsewhere, etc? We know it was founded as a Phoenician colony, and its real name was Qart Hadatsh, 'New...
  19. Sargon of Akkad

    The Hannibal marches on Carthage

    After Hannibal crosses whatever the Carthaginian equivalent of the Rubicon, and defeats a hastily-raised army from the Carthaginian senate in a lightning campaign, he deposes them and creates himself King of Carthage at 27 years old. Knowing the threat the Romans pose, he gears Carthage towards...
  20. Guaporense

    Carthage: the aesthetics of the Carthaginians

    Today people tend to view the Carthaginians as a kinda off middle eastern culture. Popular depictions of the Carthaginians show the city of Carthage is this: Now, isn't that a medieval islamic/persian look? Why people associate Carthage with that? Because they weren't Greek or Roman and...