1. Dawson567

    Is carthage overrated/underated?

    I believe Carthage was under rated because the winners wright history (aka the Romans) please tell me your opinions
  2. markdienekes

    The Army of Carthage during Hannibal's time

    The Carthaginian army at the time of the Second Punic War is largely unknown, in-fact even less is known about it than the Roman army of the same period. Most historians agree in regards to its structure and organisation that 'it is impossible to say', though we are in a position to list the...
  3. Xerxes

    After Cannae, was the distruction of Carthage inevitable?

    I'm thinking about the Roman and Punic war aims more than anything. After inflicting such a humiliating defeat on the Romans (as well the previous two battles), was it ever likely that Rome would let Carthage survive? I know Cato's 'Cathego Delenda est' was supossedly inspired by a visit to...
  4. A

    Carthage today and the sad reality

    Very sad what greed can do to something of such historical significance. Ben Ali's pillaging of Carthage must become a thing of the past | Richard Miles | Comment is free |
  5. P

    How was Carthage governed?

    Read the title. Couldn't put it better... :)
  6. Richard Stanbery


    We know so little of Carthage, thanks to the Romans. Does anybody know of the literary works of Carthage (non-religious) that may survive today? Was there something like an Alexandrian Library in Carthage? I read that there were some smaller libraries captured at the end of the 3rd punic war...
  7. Nick

    Carthage wins the Punic Wars

    What would the consequences have been if Hannibal captured Rome after crossing the Alps instead of wandering around Italy for 15 years?
  8. Commander

    The Battle of Carthage (Civil War)

    July 5 1861 Battle of Carthage, Missouri On this day, the first large-scale engagement of the Civil War is fought in southwestern Missouri, signaling an escalation in the hostilities between the North and South. Missouri was the scene of some of the most bitter partisan fighting during the...