1. B

    Leo Frank Case It is an interesting story. It was the longest and most expensive trial in Georgia history. Also, the first case in Georgia the most important witness against a white person was a black person. The outgoing governor who commuted his sentence was popularly accused of...
  2. B

    Seeking Nevada Historical Society Leads for Civil Case details

    I’m trying to find details of a civil suit filed in Nevada. On June 23rd 1936 page 12 of the Reno Gazette-Journal in Reno Nevada, under “Suits Filed” there is a “Frank Marvin Blasingame vs. Marguerite Louis Blasingame”. I’m looking for details of this suit. I have contacted the archivist at...
  3. VHS

    How the north was lost: The case of Mexico

    Mexico was once significantly larger than it is today; it once held New Mexico, California, Arizona, parts of Utah, Colorado, and Nevada. By size, the First Mexican Empire rivaled Achaemenid Empire; the succeeding First Republic of Mexico was as large. How did Mexico lose the north? Could...
  4. cachibatches

    Could one make the case for a proto-feminist interpretation of the Delphi oracle...

    ...and the various Roman Sibyls? This is not a fully developed idea that I have, but it is odd that in the extemely patriarchial societies of the Greeks and Romans, the most trusted of all advisors were women. The Delphi oracle was know from the time of Croseus to be the greatest of all...
  5. T

    Adventus Saxonum: The Case For Anglian Leadership

    When the Venerable Bede, in the eighth century, using a much earlier manuscript of Gildas, who wrote in the sixth century, tells us that upon taking service in Britain so as to help defend the island, the real intention of the Anglo-Saxons was to subdue the island, and implies that the Anglian...
  6. S

    What, in your opinion, is the most likely case for Pelayo of Asturias's background?

    Pelayo/Pelagius was a Visigothic nobleman who allegedly spearheaded a rebellion against the Muslims of Cordoba, who had conquered the Iberian Peninsula. They eventually relented and allowed him to keep the rugged northwestern territory of Asturias, not wanting to deal further with "thirty...
  7. Lawnmowerman

    The very strange case of Bernard Boursicot or M. Butterfly

    WOW. Just heard of this. *Mind Blown* Essentially Bernard Boursicot was a young, obviously very sexually naïve French diplomat working in China in the 60's. He had however had sexual relationships with other men at school (Abuse??) but had...
  8. L

    God's Battalions: The Case for the Crusades

    Has anyone read this book? I have. Curious what you think. The author's case in my opinion was pretty compelling as he sited many sources for the arguments he made. I've done quite a bit of study on the history of Islam--specifically their prophet and his compatriots, who were quite brutal...
  9. cunedda99

    A case for Tostig?

    All things considered, I have a sneaky suspicion that Tostig has been given the ‘mucky end of the stick’ when it comes to the history of how he is remembered! He often comes down to us as ‘the darker twisted brother’ of Harold who was the architect responsible for all that happened in 1066! I...
  10. gustavolapizza

    What was the plan in case dday went wrong?

    Question in the title. It seemed like dday was a sort of calculated gamble that ended well. But what would have been the plan in case things had gone bad? Im not talking about speculation, I wonder what were the real pplans is there any document talking about this possibility and what to do in...
  11. Jim Casy

    Woman awarded £184k in 'first caste discrimination' case

    The UK tribunal found "the claimant was acceptable to the respondents as their domestic servant, not because of her skills but because she was, by birth, by virtue of her inherited position in society, and by virtue of her upbringing... a person whose expectations in life were no higher than to...
  12. C

    The curious case of Pope Pelagius and the S

    Hi guys. Random but kind of important question (important to me, at least). On the Wikipedia page for Pope Pelagius I, the picture shows his name as 'S. Pelagius'. Why is the S there? What does it mean? Does it mean Saint? So was Pelagius I a saint? Thanks
  13. Iraq Bruin

    USA Supreme Court: One Person, one Vote case

    Supreme Court to consider redefining 'one-person, one-vote' principle I did not know that, now that I do, I can see both sides but I have to go with the number of eligible voters over the total population (which can include a lot of non citizens) but I do not seem to feel very strongly about...
  14. Underlankers

    The Reign of Nader Shah: A Case Study in the power and limits of leaders:

    In the first half of the 18th Century, the Iranian monarchy passed to the short-lived leadership of one Nader Shah. This man was arguably the last of the great Asian warlords in the spirits of Genghis Khan and Timur, and his achievements point to at least one prospect where Iran might have...
  15. holoow

    Should international law be violated in case of repressive regimes?

    The statement of German Federal President Joachim Gauck make sense. "Brutal regimes must not be allowed to hide behind the principles of state sovereignty and non-intervention."
  16. Jim Casy

    The curious case of the Anglican Chaplain

    In March, 1938, Germany annexed Austria. While being welcomed by many Austrians it signalled a change in the fortunes of the Jewish community, and for the large community in Vienna, the change in attitude towards them was, it appears, immediate. In fact the antipathy ramped up so quickly and to...
  17. F

    What if Operation Case Blue (Fall Blau) had succeeded?

    What if Operation Case Blue (Fall Blau) had succeeded? Would it have put the European Axis Powers (that predominantly being Germany and Italy) in a war-winning position? Or would it have merely prolonged their defeat?
  18. Kentarchos

    The Case of Conjoined Twins in 10th Century Byzantium

    There are very few known cases of conjoined twins from the Middle Ages. What did medieval people think of these strange cases and how did they treat the twins? We can take a look at what happened with two conjoined men from 10th century Byzantium, which also happens to be the earliest known...
  19. P

    Strange case of saar voting to be ruled by nazis

    In 1935 -under League of Nations supervision, the Germans of the Saar region were given the choice of becoming part of Nazi Germany or joining democratic France. One would have thought that such a choice would be a no- brainer -govt by Adolf and his assorted T:deadhorse:eutonic tubes or...
  20. Killbot

    European Fascism: The Hungarian Case

    Over at least the last five years, Europe has seen a resurgence of fascist ideology. One such country is Hungary. Under the leadership of Viktor Orban and the Fidesz party, many observers, both internal and external, have voiced concerns that the country has been steadily backsliding into...