1. G

    Brahmins Fabricated Chankaya’s Biography

    Chanakya was a Non-caste(NC) think-tank. Fake history by dominant races confused Indians in that ways that, we are getting many false and fabricated facts till to date thinking it’s as true. We can even trace truth from fake history by simply reasoning and applying proper logic to it to find...
  2. Z

    Origin of rigid caste system in india.

    When did the caste system in india became rigid?? According to genetics the date is given to be around the time guptas were at peak Caste system has left imprints on genes: study - The Hindu while many historians believe that even by 14th century the caste system was somewhat fluid...
  3. A

    how converts from upper caste got Khan as title ?

    In pashtuns onpy KPK and fata pashtuns use this, khan is very rare in Afghanistan as onpy Mughals used it as title and surname. I i ow some rajput clans used this title as well because they joined Mughal armies 8n large numbers and Emperor gave theme this title. But why even non martial Brahmin...
  4. Rajeev

    Caste System in India - History & Annihilation

    Historically there have been two disadvantaged groups in the Indian caste system (i) Outcastes (now called 'Dalits'), and (ii) Shudras (now broadly called 'Other Backward Classes'/OBCs). Fight against discriminatory Caste System in last 70 years: It is a two-pronged fight as under. (i)...
  5. D

    How does the Caste system runs in Persia Sassanid Dynasty?

    How does the Caste system runs in Persia Sassanid Dynasty? Is there any dynasty of Persia has Caste system?
  6. Fomorian8

    Indian caste, religion, language, etc, founded by ancient Europeans 8000 years ago?

    From this DNA study "20%–30% of Indian mtDNA haplotypes belong to West Eurasian haplogroups, and the frequency of these haplotypes is proportional to caste rank, the highest frequency of West Eurasian haplotypes being found in the upper...
  7. Alto

    Origin of the Caste System?

    This topic has always puzzled me. The traditional explanation of how the caste system came about is that the Aryans invaded and installed themselves as warriors and priests and created a hierarchy based on skin color - or at least that's how we were taught it in school in America. More modern...
  8. J

    Is the caste system part of hinduism?

    I was wondering, is caste discrimination rooted in hinduism? Did it originate in the rig-vedic times?
  9. civfanatic

    Indian Caste Names: Etymosemanticology

    In this thread, we can discuss the etymologies and meanings of the various caste names found throughout India. I will start with my own caste, the Velamas. The name velama is first attested in medieval times, during the post-Kakatiya period of Telugu history. It referred to a group of peasant...
  10. D

    Caste System- A historical perspective

    Dr. B.R Ambedkar is known the world over as the leader of downtrodden Indians. It is also widely known that he hails from Mahar(Dalit) caste. Indeed, he is one of the greatest modern leaders of India But it is not very well known that Mahars themselves discriminated against and suppressed...
  11. Jim Casy

    Woman awarded £184k in 'first caste discrimination' case

    The UK tribunal found "the claimant was acceptable to the respondents as their domestic servant, not because of her skills but because she was, by birth, by virtue of her inherited position in society, and by virtue of her upbringing... a person whose expectations in life were no higher than to...
  12. G

    Were there kingdoms ruled by OBC, Dalit and Schedule tribe caste groups of today

    I mean were there kingdoms in the past ruled by groups which are OBC, SC and ST caste groups of today (I am aware these are modern categories but I am referring to them just for the sake of a boundary for this thread). I am especially interested to know if there were any Dalit powers...
  13. anmol

    caste relations in India

    I have come across this very good video regarding caste relation of south India - specifically to Andhra Pradesh. here I wish to get Ideas about caste development in the Indian society - I would love too similar stories regarding caste
  14. G

    Lower caste dynasties of India

    How many lower caste dynasties did India see where the ruling clan was outside the twice born trimurvate castes (in the modern sense schedule caste, other backward castes and schedule tribes. I am aware these are modern constructs but I mean the communities which are relevant for this thread)...
  15. M

    how did the caste system start and get established in south asia

    how did the caste system start what empires enforced the caste system when were the occupations with each caste set how was it decided which group would be lets say priests and which group would be untouchables
  16. K

    Gujjar Caste origin in Pakistan/India

    I am of Gujjar descent from Pakistan, and I have been interested a long time in where my ancestors originated from, there have been reports that we had come from Turkey or Georgia etc and settled here, does anyone have any information? Here's what I found in the web. The Gujjar (Gojri...
  17. Rakshasa

    Decoding the origin of current Caste System in Hinduism

    Most Hindus today are ignorant about what "caste" actually means and how it originated. Most of them by the crap that their caste originated from a single Rishi or from Sun or Moon or Mars. But it is not its meaning and definition that is important, it is the concept of hierarchy among the...
  18. The Imperial

    The caste system, the varna system and other class systems

    NOTE(Read the below for a basic guide to the Indian social system): The caste system should not be confused with the varna system. The varna system is a form of an ancient social classification based on professions. That is- Brahmana - the intellectual class; professions like teaching...
  19. The Imperial

    Is caste system a form of guildism?

    No caste system was not based on karma, reincarnation and strictly not - devotion to certain Gods. Caste system was a system which divided the society into 4 layers- -Brahmins (their job is as priests, Gurus, surgeons, scholars, ministers etc) -Kshatriyas (their job is to be the king...