1. D

    US tanks casualties in Vietnam (1961-1969)

    Hello.Wikipedia indicates that the chinese army has lost 485 tanks (principaly T 59) in two months of war in Vietnam (february-march 1979).A journalist told me that it was more thant the US army in nine years....Can we know the number of US tanks destroyed during these nine years.It will prove...
  2. B

    German general officer casualties in WWII The below statistics are from the above paper by a US major. I would assume that most of the deaths in POW camps were Soviet camps. The suicides could be after disasterous losses in battles, expecting to be captured by the Soviets or others...
  3. B

    Military Casualties on Sherman's March

    Wikipedia lists the casualties for both sides as "?". The documentary I saw showed the Home Guard, made up of wounded soldiers, boys, and old men, being mowed down. It also said that many of the parties sent out did not return. It showed that Sherman's forces found one of the parties tied...
  4. W

    HISTORY or HOLLYWOOD: Casualties of War

    “Casualties of War” is Brian De Palma’s entry into the Vietnam War movies competition. It was based on an actual incident known as “the incident on Hill 192” which occurred in 1966. De Palma wanted to make the movie after reading Daniel Lang’s article in The New Yorker in 1969. Lang later...
  5. F

    Total casualties inflicted on sedentary societies by steppe hordes

    Besides the 200 million victims of the Mongol biological warfare known as the Great Plague / Black Death, through conventional warfare, the Turco-Mongolo-Tatar hordes killed another 200 million in Asia, 100 million in Europe. The Huns and Magyars killed 50 million in Europe. Throughout Eurasia...
  6. Maundu

    Casualties in medieval warfare

    A popular Dutch science/historic magazine just posted this on facebook: Myths regarding the middle ages: Myth: During the middle ages there were numerous bloody wars FACT: While the middle ages saw many violent conflicts, when measured in numbers of casualties the period doesn't even...
  7. VHS

    How civilians have been affected by wars and conflicts

    Even though the main objective of most combatants is to destroy the opponents, civilians are often affected in wars and conflicts. Atrocities on civilians were not that unusual. (We need to be aware of the nasty facts of the past, even though these can be "x-rated".) Their livelihoods are often...
  8. Ceasar

    Typical Casualties of Medieval Warfare

    Hello, everybody! It's been a loooong time since I've been on the forum, but I was writing a modification for a game and figured that my related questions could be answered by the very knowledgeable people here. :) I was wondering what battlefield casualties to armies during the middle ages...
  9. C

    Soviet casualties at Battle of Kerch

    In the book Ivan's War by Catherine Merridale on page 148 it states that in 1942: "A hundred and seventy six thousand men were slaughtered at Kerch in just twelve days" Screenshot of page can be found here: Is this true? Are any sources for this number? What...
  10. A

    Disparity in casualties in The Battle of Kursk

    I have always been struck by the figures that I have read for the German and Russian casualties during Operation Citadel. I believe that, taking figures for the German offensive alone, the casualties were around 178,000, as opposed to around 55,000 for the Germans. Assuming those figures are...
  11. F

    Casualties from ww2 to end of 2014

    Since we probably have better statistics for "western" countries let us look first and foremost at those. Is it not so, that the numbers of casualties of international, and even internal, conflict has fallen dramatically, during those seven decades? Though soldiers as well as civilians get...
  12. I

    US militarty casualties year by year

    HI, I'm new here. My interests are in the delta between our memory of the past and contemporaries' understanding of events. I'm looking for official government figures for US military casualties, year by year, in the 20th century. I wonder if there's a DoD publication that I can refer to, or an...
  13. YouLoveMeYouKnowIt

    Chinese Casualties in the Korean War

    The PVA was disadvantaged in almost every way except in numbers and it probably suffered the highest, or second highest after North Korea, military casualties. Official Chinese figures, US estimations, South Korean sources, etc... differ from one another. What would most likely be the casualty...
  14. tomar

    Syria: military operations and casualties

    There is not that much information available on what is really going on on the battle ground that is Syria Casualty estimates vary according to sources but the ballpark seems to be roughly as follows: Total: about 100,000 Government forces and militia : about 40 000 Rebels: about 20,000 of...
  15. christos200

    Casualties of Alexander's wars?

    Does anyone know how many people were killed during Alexander's war against Persia and India?
  16. Mrbritish24

    How many men were needed to power a quienquereme and how many casualties it can take?

    How many men were needed to row/power the quienquereme and how many men can die before it is out of service?
  17. C

    Changping battle casualties?

    Do you think the historical record of 450,000+ casualties possible? I think it is impossible to surround and trap so many people on a hill at once.
  18. Cavanboy

    Battles that accomplished nothing but casualties?

    What are some examples of battles that resulted in neither victory nor defeat but just a big casualtie list ?
  19. Frank81

    World War I: military casualties

    Hi guys, I had some tables in my computer which show German, British and French casualties, some are based on official records and others are of unknown origen. But I still consider them accurate. So I've been working on them. The one that show the French casualties is made from the point of...
  20. A

    Unintended Casualties of Revolution

    I've been through several information technology revolutions and have observed that each revolution creates brand new exciting capabilities, but often blot out advances of the past (because the younger proponents of new technologies are seldom aware of the good things that existed one generation...