1. Tercios Espanoles

    Last use of the catapult

    Just came across a reference to two catapults being part of Montcalm's siege train at Fort William Henry in 1757. No mention on their effectiveness or even if they were used. Was this the last use or are there later examples? Something tells me the First World War might turn up an example...
  2. Pauke! Pauke!

    Operation Catapult: Britain's only option or a bloody betrayal?

    3 July 1940, Operation Catapult: Churchill orders the neutralization of the French Fleet following the French armistice with Nazi Germany. After negotiations to accept the British ultimatum failed with Admiral Gensoul at Mers el Kabir, Algeria, the French warships are fired upon by their allies...
  3. Brisieis

    Catapults and Siege Warfare

    How effective was the catapult for seige warfare? I always assumed that it was highly effective, how correct are my assumptions here?
  4. Edward

    Operation Catapult 1940

    From British point of view in 1939, the German navy was a serious threat. After Italy joined the war, German-Italian navies were formidable opponents. After capitulation of France British leaders and gem de Gaulle make the appeal to French navy to join allies and continue fighting. Many French...
  5. A

    Catapult and Trebuchet Fireballs

    I have two questions about ancient fire: Does anyone know how ancient wood catapults and trebuchets that shot fireballs into the air were kept from catching fire themselves. Also, if you wanted to destroy a wooden siege engine with fire - and lets imagine some of the wet animal hides...