1. J

    How much Catholic land taken by Henry VIII and English revolutions of 1600s?

    I recently read that one reason for the opposition to James II was the fear by large landowners that a Catholic restoration would entail a restoration of all the Catholic land taken by Henry VIII and in the course of the revolutions of the 1600s--7/10ths of the entire area of England. Is this...
  2. jameen

    Catholic countries of the world

    Why Catholic countries in Europe are progressive such as France, Poland, Italy etc. While Catholic countries in Latin America and the Philippines aka the only Catholic majority country in Asia are third world countries where illegal drugs, poverty, and crimes are abundant.
  3. jameen

    Catholic Church's prohibition of contraceptives

    Do you believe that the Catholic Church's prohibition of contraceptives is the Church's way to produce a lot of poor people so that its power can always be maintained? because it is proven that natural method of family planning is not very effective after all.
  4. antocya

    Movies condemned by the National (Catholic) Legion of Decency

    I was reading about censorship in movies and starting in the 30s this catholic group would condemn movies considered immoral. According to the book, people faced eternal damnation by seeing these movies. There’s a list on Wikipedia and I was surprised how many I’ve seen. They stopped condemning...
  5. J

    The theoretical status of medieval H. R. Emperors among medieval Catholic Monarchs

    Hi! What was the theoretical hierarcal relation between medieval H.R. Emperors and other medieval Catholic kings? That time the H.R.E emperors were often simply depicted as the "Roman Emperors" in the chronicles of other nations (English French Italian Spanish etc..) He was often called...
  6. M

    Why were Christian Germans separated by Pagan Germans?

    Ok so this is something that I don't quite understand, maybe because I don't quite understand the first part.. But basically one understanding I have is that the Teutonic Knights, a Christian German military order, was mostly present on the east and northern coasts of Germany and really in many...
  7. RidiculousName

    Catholic Roots

    I am trying to be very careful here, as I'm asking on a subject I think some might easily take offense to. I am an athiest, so I am not taking sides here. I want to know why so many Christian denominations seem to descend either from people who were once at least seen as Catholic, or from...
  8. El Cid

    Did Kangxi forbid all form of Christian missionary? or only the Catholic one?

    The Kings of Spain and Portugal supported Christian mission activities in Asia in order to combat Protestant Reformation. So a couple of Jesuits arrived in China. The Jesuits tried to gain the linguistic and scholarly knowledge of China in the first place in order to convert the educated class...
  9. JoanOfArc007

    The response to when a Swiss Catholic prayed for Hitler's death

    This perhaps could have been an opportunity to swing the momentum against Hitler when in the summer of 1936 a voice of light from the darkness emerged....a Swiss Catholic made worldwide headlines by praying for the death of Adolf Hitler.... In response the popular German Catholic Cardinal...
  10. JoanOfArc007

    Boabdil surrenders Granada to Ferdinand the Catholic

    It was a most splendid scene when Boabdil surrendered Granada to Ferdinand II in the late 15th century. Boabdil and his entourage were dressed in a most glorious fashion....some say that Boabdil even kissed the hands of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain upon turning over Granada back to Christian...
  11. S

    1650 What if Europe remains Catholic?

    What if the Roman Catholic Church - after subduing Protestant rebellions in the 16th century - starts to reform from the inside leading to a unified Roman Catholic no Dutch Revolt and no 30 years War? The year is 1650: How would the New World have evolved? How would Scandinavia have...
  12. A

    Did the Catholic Church perform gay marriages?

    Article about a book that claims they did: Gay marriage in the year 100 AD
  13. M

    Catholic Majesty´s men

    Throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Crown of Spain carried out an unprecedented territorial deployment in history, which meant an economic, administrative and military effort of the highest order, consuming almost all its human and economic resources. The conservation of so...
  14. aldo12

    The Catholic Church invented the university

    The Catholic Church invented the university -Bologna Padua Paris and many others..Cambridge University was established in 1209 by Christian leaders. Oxford University was established by various religious orders. Saint Andrews, Scotland’s oldest university, was founded principally for the...
  15. W

    Homogenous white Catholic country

    Kaczyński insists: “It is completely untrue that to achieve western levels of development, we have to adopt their social models. That is hogwash.” He insists Poland can achieve western-level economic development while maintaining age-old traditional Polish values and remaining a homogenous white...
  16. Menshevik

    Favorite Catholic Religious Order

    I'm only listing the Dominican, Jesuit and Franciscan orders because these are the only ones I'm familiar with. Feel free to talk about any other Catholic religious orders that you think are germane to the discussion. When I ask for your "favorite" order, I'm wanting to know which group you...
  17. JoanOfArc007

    To what extent was Fascist Italy and Benito Mussolini Catholic?

    I have read reports that -Mussolini was re baptized as a Catholic in 1927. -Mussolini had his children baptized as Catholics. -Pope Pius XI viewed Mussolini as "a man sent by Providence" -Mussolini only allowed Church approved books be used to teach religion across fascist Italy...
  18. B

    Jefferson Davis went to Catholic schools in KY. Were there many Catholics in KY?

    Were they high church Episcopalians, probably from English Catholic backgrounds, like Davis, French from French territories, from Maryland, or Irish or German? Or all of the above?
  19. Pacific_Victory

    Attempts to Reconcile the Catholic and Orthodox Churches

    I was just listening to a History podcast, and they mentioned that Tsar Alexander I, who was an admirer of Catholicism, sent a secret message to the Pope asking about possible reconciliation between the two Churches. This was in the 1800s! I thought that all attempts had ceased in the Middle...
  20. holoow

    Spiritual experience of Catholic saints. Why are there so much sensuality?

    Only a few examples. St. Catherine of Siena and St. Teresa of Avila experienced a 'mystical marriage' with Christ. St. Teresa of Avila was 'burning in God's great love'. St. Veronica Giuliani described her meeting with Christ (!): 'He made me understand that he had bound me to himself by a...