1. J

    friends dad work cattle with black jack ketchum

    My friends dad said his father work cattle with ketchum , im telling this from my friend dads point of view , we were pushing cattle from Texas to Colorado , we reach the great divide in the rocky mountains and we were all admiring the view and ketchum said you better thank the good lord because...
  2. Todd Feinman

    Cattle & animal mutilations

    I've never looked extremely close!y at this phenomenon, but I did get to meet a scientist from OSU once who worked on cases; he came over with many pictures and files. He didn't think it was predators doing it. Mezrich's book is about it too apparently. An article I ran across...
  3. bedb

    cowboys and cattle drives

    Cattle and Cowley County Cattle Drives [REPORT FROM A. CONKLE: ON THE TRAIL.] TRAVELER, MAY 24, 1876. On the Trail. [Special to the Price Current.] SALT FORK, INDIAN TERRITORY, May 8, 1876. I met the first cattle May 5, eight miles north of Salt Fork. D. R. Fant, two herds, containing 1,850...
  4. A

    Cattle Kate

    This is coming from the women and culture thread. What I want to do here is increase awareness of economic injustice. This is not just economic injustice against women, but economic injustice against men as well. Understanding how the big guys dominant and hold down the little guy, is...
  5. A

    Barrel in Cattle

    I have found this picture in an old history book (1990) but there is no further information in the text about this picture. What are these men doing? It looks like they are putting a barrel in the open belly of an ox (or bull what ever). Are...
  6. A

    ISI backed cattle rustling and fake currency running

    attle rustling between India and Bangladesh has become a high profit illegal trade. Backed by the ISI large scale rustling of cattle is on by notorious smugglers through the Barack Valley of Assam. According to BSF sources cattle stolen from India are openly put on sale regularly in the cattle...
  7. Orion

    Films on Cattle Drives

    Anyone have any suggestions on a good film about the time of the big cattle drives, say 1870-1880 era? And please, for pitty's sake, do not suggest "Lonesome Dove".