1. S

    What caused dogs to attack their owner?

    A woman was killed by pet dogs she raised from birth. The attack was gruesome and occurred while she was walking them in the woods. She raised them from birth and the dogs were observed to be affectionate with family members and friends. The dogs where still feeding on the body when police...
  2. funakison

    What caused the decline and fall of the Medici?

    Big time bankers and power brokers of the 16th and 17th century, they were doomed to dissapear from the world stage. What happened?
  3. S

    Historical Controversy caused by Interpretation

    One of my modules at uni is Historical Controversy, and one of the questions I need to answer is as follows: Why is the interpretation of historical evidence a source of controversy among scholars? Illustrate your argument with reference to one historical context. I will use either of three of...
  4. S

    What made the Japanese change their mind about USSR?

    They were for attacking the USSR primarily before the pact, then when the rest of the axis attacked in 41 they signed a neautrality with USSR and attacked the US instead. Did they not know about Barbarossa in June prior to their neautrality agreement in April? That is either coincidental or very...
  5. Lord Zaihus

    Joseph Stalin's brutal actions were caused by his known illness?

    Hello, visitors of this particular topic! I would start by saying that Joseph Stalin was a curious man and brutal, in other words, known in history. But, like the title of my newly thoughtful topic, I'd be glad to have all of our curious thoughts and answers on this specific topic and forum...
  6. Robert165

    Which caused more change, printing press or internet?

    I'm going to say the printing press, hands down. What do the History experts say?
  7. HistoryFreak1912

    Are there any historical records of people undoing coups/revolutions they caused?

    To make a long story short: a discussion in an unrelated forum had piqued my historical curiosity when one of the posters mentioned that in our history, there are records of people undoing revolutions/coups they themselves started/partook in and were granted amnesty as a consequence. My...
  8. gustavolapizza

    men who single handedly caused the collapse of their own nations

    are there in history men, mostly ruler i suppose, we can point as the direct cause of the collapse of their own nations or civilizations? i'm not talking about a man that ended up to be there at the wrong time in history, like, i don't know the last king of france or the last emperor of rome (...
  9. A

    Will Extinctions caused by Humans continue?

    "When a father buys a rare but very old antique table. He brings it home to show the family. They look how amazing it looks. But days later his children breaks it while playing in the living room. But the wife says to him that can he replace it. However! He sadly says that its the only one known...
  10. C

    What caused the extinction of the Prussian people?

    I have always wondered what it was that caused their disappearance.
  11. Luke of Suffolk

    Deaths caused by Alcohol on the Battlefield?

    I remember reading somewhere that during the 1800's, the British Empire was fighting a war (don't remember where, or against who), but due to how stupidly cheap gin was, more soldiers died from the effects of alcohol than who died in battles. Anyone confirm this, or have any other examples?
  12. OneOnOne1162

    What caused the church to become such a powerful organization?

    In the wake of the fall of the Western Roman empire, the Catholic church became a powerful political force that had some degree of power over all of the various kingdoms of Europe which replaced the unified Roman empire. I was wondering what caused the Catholic church to become so powerful...
  13. Afrasiyab

    Krymchak's Pe'ot

    The two Turkic-speaking Jewish peoples of Crimea, the Karaim and the Krymchak, had a different fate during the Holocaust. Reading online, I learnt that the Krymchak were not spared by the Nazis, unlike their coreligionist Karaim. 75% of the Krymchaks were killed. But why? It is said that...
  14. W

    What caused the extinction of Meiolania on Lord Howe Island?

    Since there's no evidence of people having once lived on Lord Howe Island before its European discovery (according to Wikipedia), what caused the turtle's extinction there? Just curious.
  15. O

    What exactly caused the end of heavy cavalry?

    To greatly generalize it seems like in the late 15th and through the 16th century you see heavily armored, couched lance with a shield cavalrymen (like the French gendarmes) decline. The general idea I get is "gunpowder weapons ended their effectiveness", but I'd like to get more details like...
  16. O

    What exactly caused the end of heavy cavalry in Europe?

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  17. Futurist

    Was the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918 Caused by the Hashemites?

    My question here is this--was the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918 exclusively caused by the Hashemites? In other words, if Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca and his sons would not have been willing to start this Arab revolt, would someone else have been willing and able to start this Arab revolt in...
  18. 0

    Factors that caused the breakup of the British Empire?

    How effective were FDR's deals with Churchill in shaping the post war world which did not allow for the existence of a British empire? What I mean by these are of course the Bases for Destroyers and the Atlantic Charter. The general consensus seems to have been that FDR made Winston a deal he...
  19. E

    What caused Napoleon to turn his back on coursica and become for the revolution

    More precisely, how did we go from Courisca Napolean to French revolution Napoleon. Why does his love of liberty surpass his commitment to Coursica? This quote particularly stands out: "I was born when [Corsica] was perishing. Thirty thousand Frenchmen spewed on to our shores, drowning the...
  20. BosnianHistorian

    What caused the fall of the Aztec/Maya before the Spanish conquest?

    Was it a drought, famine, war, something else?