1. civfanatic

    Do Anatolian Turks still have tribes? If not, when and how did tribes cease to exist?

    Most of the Turkic peoples, including the Oghuz Turks, were divided into different tribal groups. For example, one of the Oghuz tribes was the Kayı tribe. The Ottomans claimed that Osman was descended from this tribe. When the Turks conquered and settled in Anatolia, what happened to these...
  2. Rodger

    When did the Amber Road Trade Route Cease to Exist?

    Many of you are familiar with the Amber Road Trade Route, utilized since antiquity. When did the route cease to be used? What were the factors that led to its demise? Is amber still extracted from the shores of the Baltic, as a legitimate trade?
  3. The Last Praetorian

    When did the Legions cease to exist?

    Been trying to research a definitive answer to a question I've had for awhile, but I'm coming up short. In which war, or battle did the last Roman legion take to the field? What I mean here is, when was the last time that a Roman army took to the field looking (both in arms/equipment and in...
  4. K

    When did Spain cease to be a great power?

    When did Spain lose their status as a preeminent power? I believe it was sometime around the Thirty Years War when they lost some crucial battles to France.
  5. P

    time to cease

    Is there a time when historians need to stop investigating an event?
  6. K

    When did France cease being a true great power?

    1. Was it following the Seven Years' War, when they lost their colonies in North America and most of their trading posts in India (1759). 2. Following their defeat in the Napoleonic Wars (1815). 3. Following their defeat in the Franco-Prussian War and the formation of the German Empire (1871)...
  7. Chancellor

    Why did the death penalty cease in 1967/68?

    Why did the death penalty cease to be practiced in the US in 1967/68 (and throughout the 1960s, I should say)? This was several years before Furman vs Georgia.
  8. Salah

    When did archery cease to be used in Western warfare?

    And by Western I do not mean the American Old West:laugh: I'm thinking western Europe, and perhaps also the Middle East - in the most highly-developed regions of the world, what are some of the last references to the usage of bows or crossbows on the battlefield? I recall reading of British...
  9. Edratman

    Oldest Farm in America to Cease Operations

    there are some very old farms out there. The oldest is the Tuttle farm, near Dover, N.H., which is also one of the oldest business enterprises in America. It made the news last week because its owner — a lineal descendant of John Tuttle, the original settler — has decided to go out of business...

    WWI - Armistice - Cease fire at 11h