1. Mekrigen

    Does the Scots originate from Ireland?

    The most famous theory on the origin of the scots is that they originated from the kingdom of Dál Riada situated in the northwestern part of Ireland. Where Dál Riada settled the west of Scotland. This theory is disputed in Tim Clarkson's book The Picts: A History. (Don't know if it's his idea...
  2. A

    Celtic Fortresses: the Hallstatt culture, c.800-450 BC

    A thread about settlements, tombs, and related things from the celtic Hallstatt culture. I have collected quite a few pictures on the subject which I'll post here as a resource for anyone who's interested. Please post anything related to the topic. First of all, a brief introduction: "During...
  3. C

    Mixture of Roman and Celtic names

    I gather that there's a distinct difference between Roman names and, say, Gothic or Celtic names. But let's suppose that a Roman man married and had a child with a Celt. Would it ever be the case that the child would have mixture of Roman and Celtic names? For example, would a name such as...
  4. D

    Question about Aryan and Celtic languages

    When you talk about Latin languages you understand that today there are multiple languages that decend from it. The five romance languages which I learned of are French Spanish Portuguese Italian Romanian and Catalan venitian . I was wondering, what languages did Aryans speak? What’s the...
  5. K

    Celtic Roman Empire

    After Battle of the Allia -Brennus decides to move in permanently. What would a Celtic Roman union be like?
  6. K43op5

    Celtic head found in France in 1973

    Hi, I own this head found at Is sur Tille (Cote d'or) in France in 1973. It has been excavated and was a part of a big statue (the bottom was broken in so many pieces people weren't able to keep it) with both arms along the stele. It was said to be around 2 meters high. The bust is 40 cm high...
  7. K43op5

    Bronze celtic horse. What is the meaning of concentric circles

    A bronze horse excavated in Cornwall (St Ives) during the 70's. Weighing 218g and almost 15cm long. Anyone know what theses concentric circles were meaning?
  8. The Reality

    Roman Calvary in comparison to Celtic Calvery

    I know this may be a difficult question to answer, but how did Roman Calvary compare to that of the Celtic Calvery say for example, when the Romans first encountered the Celts was their ( the Celts ) horsemanship inferior to that of the Romans, and if it was in what way did it lack?
  9. C

    Celtic War Chariot Discovered in situ with Horses still attached

    Celtic chariot from Sboryanovo, n.e. Bulgaria: https://balkancelts.wordpress.com/2017/04/01/fall-of-the-city-of-wolves-a-celtic-war-chariot-from-sboryanovo-in-n-e-bulgaria/
  10. C

    A Celtic Horned Helmet from Bulgaria

    Celtic horned helmet discovered in Bryasovets, in eastern Bulgaria: https://balkancelts.wordpress.com/2017/03/26/the-tyle-helmet-a-balkan-celtic-horned-helmet-from-bryastovets-eastern-bulgaria/
  11. T

    Landscape Continuity, Celtic Tenure, And The Survival Of The Dark Age Britons

    *It might seem a bit odd to moderns to draw a distinction between "British" and "English" people, since today the terms are synonymous. But in the fifth century the inhabitants of Britain were known as the "Britons", while those who came from overseas to colonize their land in that Age were the...
  12. K43op5

    A kind of celtic anthropomorphic gladius but what region and period???

    Hi, I have what seems to be a kind of gladius (60 cm long including hilt and 5 cm wide blade). It has an anthropomorphic hilt. When looking closely it seems to be very greenish (the brown being mostly mud). Hilt also seems to be greenish. Here are the pics so that you can see it. Any...
  13. Marcellus

    What happened to the celtic britons when the anglo-saxons invaded celtic Britain?

    Were they exterminated, enslaved or integrated?
  14. C

    Celtic Decorated Scabbards

    Iron Age decorated scabbards: https://balkancelts.wordpress.com/2016/09/17/postcards-from-the-past-the-art-of-celtic-scabbards/
  15. G

    What happened to the British language?

    I am talking specifically about the native language of Britain, before the English. For some reason it simply disappeared when the Anglo-Saxons arrived on the coast of the North Sea in the 5th century AD. The Welsh and Scottish tongue survived, but the main of Britain has passed into history...
  16. C

    BCE interests

    Hi, I came across this forum while doing some research, and I saw an unrelated topic that I just had to respond to. I'm an ancient historical reenactor currently doing an Iron Age Celtic impression, but I'm also very interested in Bronze Age Aegean/Eastern Mediterranean/Near Eastern cultures.
  17. King Arthur

    Celtic succession

    Celts tended to divide up territories equally among sons. This worked quite well when they had two sons, but what about men like Cynan Meriadog who had seventeen sons? How did they manage?
  18. C

    A Celtic Cavalry Officer from Montana (Bulgaria)

    Celtic burial from n.w. Bulgaria - 2/1 c. BC: https://balkancelts.wordpress.com/2016/06/18/a-celtic-cavalry-officer-from-montana-bulgaria/
  19. King Arthur

    Celtic Names

    Something I've noticed with Celtic Names is that there was a dramatic shift at one point in the kind of names they had. 100 BC - 100 AD names: Androvecos Cassivelaunus Cingetorix Vercingetorix Verica Scaeva Boudicca Prasutagus Mandubracias Belinos Cunobelinos Aesubelinos Divico Dubnovellaunus...
  20. C

    Major Celtic Settlement Identified in Southern Poland

    NOWA CEREKWIA – A Major Celtic Settlement and Economic Complex in Southern Poland" https://balkancelts.wordpress.com/2016/06/12/nowa-cerekwia-a-major-celtic-settlement-and-economic-complex-in-southern-poland/