1. P

    Different images of warrior peoples in Greco-Roman litterature

    In surveying the corpus of Greco-roman litterature dealing with politics and warfare, there is a consistency between them as far as rating the fighting qualities of different peoples, usually opponents of greeks and romans. For instance, european peoples like thracians, celts, germans...
  2. Escritor

    Hate the portrayal of Celts in Hollywood

    Notice the portrayal of Celts in the following films: Braveheart King Arthur The Eagle Brave They all have in common that they have no tactics and strategies when fighting other opponents, are naked or semi-naked, and paint their bodies with very crude tattoos, as well as lacking in...
  3. A

    Slavs,Germanic,Celts and other ships

    Sorry about bad english :D Im interested about these unknown ancient ships.Germanic(mean non Scandinavic German tribe),Slavs,Dacians,Huns and others.They are not specific sea nations but they must had a sea ships or river ships to trade and in some situations to fight.Have any info or pictures?
  4. RidiculousName

    Celts, Germanics, and Britons

    Other than through geographic area, how are these groups distinct from each other?
  5. Caollaidhe

    Are the celts really just one race of people?

    We know from archeological findings that the Celts were spread out from Ireland to Turkey; however, should these tribes really be categorized as the same race of people? What evidence do we have that links these people's culture together? Or perhaps, are "Celts" just a catch-all term for the...
  6. cachibatches

    Noric Steel- the Romans got their steel from Austrian Celts

    I had always heard that they imported their steel from India, the famous Wootz steel, but apparently, they got some of it from within the empire. There are two mountains in Austria, one at Eisenertz, Styria and one in Huttenberg, Carinthia, where the locals quarried iron ore and converted it...
  7. V

    What happend to the Celts in Southern Germany, Switzerland etc?

    Did the Germanics from the north chased them away, assimilate them or just totally crushed them?
  8. King Arthur

    Appearance of the Romans and Celts?

    Does anyone have any detailed descriptions of both "ethnicities"? I can't find anything too detailed. I've got this: Romans: Short and curly, dark (black or brown) hair. Olive skin, typically a hooked nose, brown eyes, short stature. Bushy/bristly beards. Celts: Wavy hair and beards. Fair hair...
  9. V

    Can the different types of Celts be classified

    I'm basically all Scottish, Irish, and Welsh and I've always seen as Ireland, Scotland, Wales, The isle of Mann, and Brittany as the Celtic nations but also I hear about Celts being even in Anatolia and all across Europe. I'd like to say i'm a little educated on Celtic history but when i hear...
  10. V

    celts in the mainland.

    does anyone know what happened the celts that resided in mainland Europe? I know the gauls Latinised but what about the Helvetians or the belgae?
  11. V

    Celts in the Netherlands?

    The Celtic culture had its origins in the central European Hallstatt culture (c. 800–450 BC), named for the rich grave finds in Hallstatt, Austria.[33] By the later La Tène period (c. 450 BC up to the Roman conquest), this Celtic culture had, whether by diffusion or migration, expanded over a...
  12. C

    Were the Gaelic Celts honourable?

    I realise 'honourable' is a loose term, like I remember hearing that a samurai murdering an entire village of innocent people does not contradict bushido, but my modern standards... I'm asking this because I'm born and raised Irish (one quarter welsh, but we,re all Gaelic), and I want to know...
  13. V

    What happened to the Celts in non present day Celtic nations

    Such as Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Bretagne etc. What happened to the French Gauls the Celts in Eastern Europe? Absorbed or just started to speak a different language?
  14. Y

    what language were Celts speaking, when they came to Bohemia

    In the 5-6 century, when Cetlic tribes came to Bohemia (todays Czech Republic), what language were they speaking? Here are few links on wikipedia: Celtic nations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Celtic languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Thank you.
  15. TheWD

    Hitler's attitude towards the Britonic Celts?

    Does anyone here know what Hitler thought of the Celtic peoples of the British Isles? Did he consider them one level below the Germanics on the racial hierarchy ladder or did he consider them untermensch only good to be enslaved? I read somewhere that the Nazis considered the British Celts...
  16. M

    The Galatians or Celts in ancient Anatolia

    Would anyone here know ancient Asia Minor history well enough to tell me evidence of the everyday language of the ancient people of Galatia (who were Celts) ? I think I am getting some conflicting information connected to ancient inscriptions for that region where some say there is epigraphical...
  17. L

    The Celts and the Britons

    Hi guys ,just wanted to know a few key things regarding the ancient Britons and the celts. You may be able to tell I'm not exactly an expert in this field. I just want to know some basics as there seems to be a lot of differing opinions. Were there any celts ever in Britain? What's the most...
  18. O

    What is the origin of Celts?

    Celts who are now confined to the British Isles and Bretagne in northwestern France have a very rich culture and history. In appearance the typical Celt has a very pale skin tone, lots of freckles, red hair and blue/green eyes while others have dark hair but usually still a very pale skin tone.
  19. cachibatches

    Did the Celts use any writing or proto writing before Ogham?

    I read recently that they occasionally used Greek, Latin, or Etruscan for inscriptions. Does anyone have any examples of this or any indigenous writing, even pictographic, in the ancient world?
  20. S

    Was Roman fear of the Celts irrational?

    The Roman fear was not irrational and based on several genuine experiences they had with the Celts among others Rome itself being occupied for seven months in 390 BC. with only a small area of the Capitoline Hill holding out under siege. Though there were some versions to say that the Romans had...