1. F

    Waters as central focus for politcs

    Here I ask if focusing more on ( "bodies of') water, less upon territories could give some advantages. Such was could be lakes, rivers, seas or oceans. The Rhine, the Nile, the Indus. The Black Sea, the Baltic or the North Atlantic (here think about the Atlantic cooperation and alliance, NATO)...
  2. D

    Harappan site of Rakhigarhi: DNA study finds no Central Asian trace, junks Aryan inva

    The much-awaited DNA study of the skeletal remains found at the Harappan site of Rakhigarhi, Haryana, shows no Central Asian trace, indicating the Aryan invasion theory was flawed and Vedic evolution was through indigenous people. The lead researchers of this soon-tobe published study — Vasant...
  3. H

    buddhist architecture origin of many Islamic/western elements?

    1) Buddhist Arch 1st CE Gothis arch 2) Ashokan pillar imitation minarrets/ four minarets? blue mosque 3) Squinch support, afghanistan
  4. H

    Amazing 1000 years old west central indian carved temple architecture

    Mahavira Jain Temple
  5. Visigoth Panzer

    Fate of Serbia if Central Powers Won WWI

    What would have happened to Serbia if the Central Powers (Austria-Hungary especially) won the first world war? Some propaganda said they used the assassination as an excuse to try and annex them but is that really what they planned? Adding millions of more angry Serbs to their empire seems...
  6. Idris

    Book on Central Asian or Eurasian History

    Hello, I noticed that there is not a specific thread allocated for Central Asian or Eurasian history. I am looking for some good books to gain a better understanding of the region. I've done a search and have not been able to enter the right keywords to find what I'm looking for. Any...
  7. Jake10

    Why did Zaldivar and Diaz oppose the Central American Union?

    Rafael Zaldivar was in agreement at first, but then he backed out and sought help from Diaz to oppose the union. What made him change his mind? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justo_Rufino_Barrios
  8. K

    Union of Central Africa

    Qin Shi Huang united all of the many Chinese states into one national order that lasted to modern day. Was there any leadership, nation, tribe, or a method to have a united Africa or a united regional Africa?
  9. Naima

    Spain a d Portugal colonizes N America and Britain central and South America

    How would the ex colonies Nations be like today? Spain also colonizes Australia and Portugal gets India ...
  10. JoanOfArc007

    Jean-Bédel Bokassa and the Central African Empire

    Anyone here hear of the short lived Central African Empire led by Emperor Jean-Bédel Bokassa? Bokassa grew up in what was then French Equatorial Africa(a # of connected French colonies in Africa)...where as a young man Bokassa served with distinction in the French army. Eventually the French...
  11. H

    Early use of firearms by Central or Caribbean Americans?

    Anybody know if some of the Central/Meso American or Caribbean peoples adopted firearms to any notable extent (either through trade or war booty) during the early period of contact with Europeans? I'm thinking mainly between the end of the 15th century through the whole 16th century. For...
  12. Romanianboy2013

    Why Bulgaria choose Central Powers in WW1?

    Its because Serbia and Greece choose the Entente, and Bulgaria and them have territorial disputes? Also I want to ask why bulgarians are not obsessed with the treaty of Neuilly sur seine, like hungarians are still about Trianon.
  13. Y

    Why did the Ottoman Empire joined Central powers in WWI?

    Why did the Ottoman Empire joined Central powers in WWI? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Powers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottoman_Empire https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_I
  14. Flavius Aetius

    Blank Map of Central Asia

    I've never been able to find a blank map of Central Asia not besmirched by features I didn't want on it, like labels and stuff, so I made one. (If this is in the wrong forum, please move it.) Enjoy.
  15. T

    Julius Caeser vs the Huns of Central Asia

    Let's say that Caeser crosses into Gaul with his 60,000 strong veteran legionaries and auxiliary units during the same time of the Gallic war. After inflicting a huge defeat on the Gauls at Alesia there is a sudden Hun invasion. The horse lords have crossed the danube river with a large force of...
  16. Futurist

    The fate of eastern Germany in a Central Powers victory scenario?

    What do you think that eastern Germany's (East Prussia, West Prussia, Pomerania, Posen, and Silesia) fate would have been in a scenario where Germany won WWI (late in the war--as a result of the U.S. cutting off its loans to Britain and France in 1917)? Would eastern Germany--with the exception...
  17. Emperor Trajan

    The Tocharians, who were they, and their contributions to pre-islamic central Asia

    The Tocharians were an indo-European people that inhabited the modern day area of Xinjiang in China. Their language was also an indo-European language. It is speculated that the Tocharians helped spread Buddhism through the Silk Road. In the 7th century, as the Uyghur Khaganate was collapsing...
  18. BloodyPirate

    Treasure Myth's of Central And South America?

    I am currently watching a TV show called Treasure Quest, and they are in South America looking for a Treasure called The Trinity. It makes me think of it as Indiana Jones. There is also the Lost City Of Eldorado, but nothing has been found. How much of this stuff is legit? Or are these stories...
  19. Swagganaut

    Source hunting for Medieval Central Sudan (Ca. 500 - 1500 AD)

    As already announced some days ago, I want to write a paper on the Kingdom of Alodia (Aka Alwa or Aloa), a Christian Nubian Kingdom which lasted from the 6th - early 16th century in what is now central Sudan. In contrast to Makuria the sources are fairly spare, especially archaeological ones...
  20. Vesna

    Does central Europe exist?

    Hi, this is a place to continue the discussion about existence of Central European region that was started here http://historum.com/european-history/122156-help-needed-eastern-europe-industrialization-3.html What is your opinion, is there only West and East Europe, or is history and culture of...