1. El Cid

    What is the chance of a hurricane destroying your entire fleet?

    In 717-718 the Arab Siege of Constantinople lasted for about 1 year. The siege was futile for the Caliphate: the Byzantines managed successful to defend their capital while harassing Caliphate's relief lines effectively and thus enforced a famine among the Caliphates’ soldiers, and at the...
  2. Menshevik

    Was there ever a chance that Rome might revert back to a republic?

    IIRC, in one of his books, Adrian Goldsworthy claims that after the death of one of the early emperors (Nero? Claudius? Caligula?) there were plans to pass power back to the senate, does any of that ring a bell? Was there ever any other time that doing away with the system of emperors and...
  3. F

    Minority views deserving a chance, or not?

    Are some of all the "historumites" here in two minds about what I call "minority views" (overlapping names could be "alternative theories/hypotheses" or "unconventional")? Then You are not alone! On the one side none of us have the time or the imoney, energy etcetera to look closely at all...
  4. Y

    Did Hitler have a chance to win WWII?

    Did Adolf Hitler have a chance to conquer the world in 1938 or not?
  5. lodestar

    Realistically, what WWII German advanced weapons had best chance to be game changing?

    Realistically, what WWII German secret/advanced weapons programme had the best chance of being a game-changer? Hello one and all.:) After about twelve or more years posting regularly on the old Armchair General magazine forum I'm on a sort of err ....ummm ....... short leave:o from that...
  6. Valens

    Remilitarization of the Rhineland - a chance to stop Hitler?

    I've been reading about the events leading to World War II in Europe, with the Remilitarization of the Rhineland being a significant step towards war. Under the terms of Treaty of Versailles, Germany had been forbidden to station troops and military equipment in the Rhineland, its border region...
  7. RomanEmperor

    Is there a chance Paul Bennewitz was telling the truth? What do you guys think about this? I mean what if he wasn't crazy and they just wanted to make him look like he was.
  8. grey fox

    Did the South have a chance to win the Civil War?

    Someone here recently posted a thread styled "Did the North fight the war with one hand tied behind their back?", and it got me thinking about the rest of Shelby Foote's dialogue. Shelby Foote said, "The North fought the war with one hand tied behind their back. If there had been more southern...
  9. Grimald

    A New Chance for Scottish Independence?

    After British voters expressed their will that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union, will there be a second chance for Scottish independence? After all, voters in Scotland clearly opposed Brexit, with 62.0% voting against Brexit (versus only 46.6% in England). In addition, one of...
  10. Rodger

    Did the Germans stand any chance of success at the Second Battle of the Marne?

    History tells us the German Empire's last push to win WWI came in July of 1918, when German general Erich Ludendorff launched an offensive near Paris. Understanding that it was only a matter of time before the freshly arrived American troops and resources would wear down an already weary German...
  11. grey fox

    Who had a better chance of not being conquered, the CSA or Nazi Germany?

    Who had a better chance of not being conquered, the Confederate States of America in the Civil War or Nazi Germany in World War 2? My opinion is that Nazi Germany had a better chance of not being conquered than the Confederate States of America. As I recollect, in terms of combat military...
  12. Von Ranke

    Last chance saloon for English football fans?

    The scenes in Marseille over the last three days have been shocking, but hardly surprising as the historical behaviour of a significant minority of English fans at major football tournaments has followed an all too depressing pattern. I witnessed a pretty French girl smiling and waving a...
  13. Dont invade Russia

    Why communism never had a chance

    Dont crucify me until you please read the whole thing. I always thought the communism was and is destined to fail because the circumstances required for it´s effectiveness are practically not achievable. When Marx envisioned his utopian society, the countries he had in mind where industrial...
  14. G

    Which Arab nation has the best chance of being a liberal, secular democracy

    Which Arab nation(s) has/have the best chance of being a liberal, secular democracy in the near future?
  15. T

    Did the Iraqi army stand a chance of beating Iran?

    By this i mean a full blown victory, would it be possible? and what would the Baathist's plans have been for Iran after such a victory?
  16. G

    When did the Kurds have the best chance of creating there own state and how

    At what point of time could a united Greater Kurdistan have been created in history and how? Why was it not created and is it viable to have this nation during this chaos period anytime soon (atleast with Iraqi and Syrian areas merging together)
  17. C

    Which Allied power did Nazi Germany have a better chance against solo?

    Which Allied power did Nazi Germany have a better chance against solo? Britain/US or the USSR? The USSR may or may not have Lend Lease. Who has a better chance of defeating Nazi Germany if Germany's entire resources were devoted to fighting them and them alone? The US and Britain or the USSR?
  18. decebalus

    Does Trump stand any chance in 2016?

    As someone outside the US I'm really curious if speeches like: "build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will have Mexico pay for that wall" ("nobody builds walls better than me") and "When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let's say, China in a trade deal? They kill us. I...
  19. EmperorTigerstar

    US Military Performance in the Mexican-American War

    Obviously the Mexican-American War was a decisive US victory and it resulted in huge swathes of land being given to the United States from Mexico. But in terms of military performance on a scale of 1 - 10 how well did our military perform in terms of strategy, tactile fighting, etc. as opposed...
  20. G

    How realistic is the chance of a united Kurdish nation

    A few decade ago no one would have thought this as possible yet today it seems closer than ever before. Now Kurds are many nations but they are in very less nos. in places like Armenia, Azerbaijan etc. There are only 4 nations where their nos. are large enough-Syira, Turkey, Iran and Iraq. Now...