1. VHS

    The whole story of explosives

    Uses of explosives may have changed warfare, and the widespread application of black gunpowder Gunpowder allegedly emerged during the Western Jin Dynasty by Ge Hong, a chemist and medical practitioner. Sun Si Miao, a famous Chinese medical practitioner of the Tang Dynasty, provided the...
  2. Tammuz

    Changes of form of address in 18th century English

    In Samuel Richardson´s highly influential novel "Pamela" from 1741 several speakers sometimes change the form of address in the middle of a dialogue by alternating between "you" and "thou". The "you" form seems to be, in the England of that time, the normal form of address in dialogues between...
  3. MrKap

    16th century Africa maps (Climate Change)

    There are quite a few maps from the 16th century that depict Africa with rivers. Big rivers. Bigger than the nile. FROM: Is there any archeological evidence on port trading cities, or perhaps...
  4. frogsofwar

    Major Change in the Ottoman Empire

    Most informed individuals acknowledge the fact that it was Islamic scholars who rediscovered the works of Cicero and the great Greek philosophers. Few can deny their part in the Renaissance. However, I recall reading that an Ottoman sultan in the 1400s or 1500s fundamentally changed the...
  5. tomar

    Is "perfect" knowledge of history desirable and how would it change our world ?

    Is "perfect" knowledge of history desirable and how would it change our world ? Theoritically, if there were a giant mirror 1 000 light years from earth, light from earth would travel there and back to us in 2 000 years... By looking up at that mirror we could see earth as it was 2 000 years...
  6. R

    Can Japan invade the US had they change their Asian strategy

    The POD of this topic will be the marco polo bridge incident. please also read up on the following person. (lets abbreviate to JWW) he will be my main character for this topic. by the time of...
  7. M

    Safe Time travel - what would you change?

    Everyone here has probably thought about time travel and changing the past. What would you change if you could do so at all, and also safely? The trouble with time travel to the past, except for it being almost totally impossible, is the facts of genealogy. Everyone has genealogical slots for...
  8. xMathFanx

    Are Protests the Most Effective Method to Bring About Change in Society?

    Are Protests the Most Effective Method to Bring About Change in Society? Here are articles from differing perspectives on this topic: (A) (B)...
  9. bugulgad

    Was the Bolshevik Revolution the purest change of all?

    I am asking from a standpoint of real change. Many revolutionary leaders once in charge respected the concept of not trying to change everything at once. Few like Lenin threw caution to the wind and completely broke down the existing structure. If not the Bolsheviks, which revolution...
  10. Jake10

    How would society change if women start having babies without men?

    The process by which two female mice can create babies has been discovered, as has the means of using chemicals as artificial sperm. So, if women can start having all female babies without needing men, how will that affect societies around the world? We can create babies without men, claim...
  11. F

    Observing nature changing

    Nature changes over time and the most popular theory states even the universe had a beginning. Such changes may be "slow", ans scientists findout by making models ans theories. Human lifespans seema too short for direct observations. Or so we may think but is it true? Natural sciences have...
  12. Linschoten

    The conceptual penis and climate change

    A glorious parody of academic postmodernist discourse which was accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, 'Cogent Social Sciences' [sic]: Abstract: Abstract:*Anatomical penises may exist, but as pre-operative transgendered womenalso have anatomical penises, the penis vis-à-vis...
  13. G

    How would Middle Eastern History change if Kurdistan was formed after WW1

    How would history of middle east changed thereafter through WW2, Cold War until now? How would the other powers have had relations with such a state including (US, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebenon, Saudi,Egypt, Palestine)
  14. K

    Change of Constitution.

    There has been some up-swell in Japan among some groups to change the Japanese Constitution removing Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution. What is the source of this up-swell? What would be the international result of such a repeal?
  15. C

    How did political change convert the culture in Iran after the Islamic Revolution?

    How did political change convert the culture in Iran after the Islamic Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War? I'm really curious about it on how it change, I mean is politic really have that power to change a culture please explain it to me :) cheers
  16. Kapyong

    Big Oil deliberately misled people on Climate Change : Harvard

    From: Exxon Mobil 'Misled' Public On Climate Change For 40 Years, Harvard Study Finds : Exxon Mobil Corp. deliberately deceived the public about the dangers of climate change for four decades, a new Harvard University study finds. For...
  17. F

    How did public opinion on racism change so drastically between 1945-1970?

    I have made posts similar to this, but I thought I would rephrase it to get see if I could find the answers that I'm seeking. Prior to World War II, Europe and the United States were obviously very racist places. The worst of which being Nazi Germany. By 1965, both the USA and UK had passed...
  18. JM1906

    What historical event would you change so that France/Napoleon win the wars?

    So as we all know, Napoleon was a figure of twists and turnings. The wars that the emperor engaged all over Europe were submited to a lot of controversial decisions, actions, twists and turns. It's own life, as seen by him and most of the people who lived after him, a great deal of luck and...
  19. R

    If you could change the outcome of one historic event , which would you choose?

    I would change the 1986 hand of god moment , it o he got disallowed and England went through
  20. K

    change of location

    The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty existed at the same time. Say some alien space bats or whatever decides to have them change places so that the people of the Han now populates Europe and Mediterranean region ... while the Roman and their colonies now occupy the Central Chinese plains...