1. F

    Why didn't regime change & occupation further radicalize Germans & Japanese?

    Supposedly, American led regime change and occupation fuel extremism and help radicalize local population; then why didn't postwar Germany see more and more Germans radicalized into Nazism, Positive Christianity, etc., why didn't postwar Japan see more and more Japanese radicalized into...
  2. Naima

    Historical climate change maps?

    Hello are there any historical maps that show how climate changed over time from lets say the dawn of men and written words up till modern time and how men impacted slowly it?
  3. notgivenaway

    why were medieval ships oar-based, and how did this change?

    I know Infante Henry of Portugal did a lot here, but then how did it change and what was the evolution of it? Were ships in the 11th/12th centuries (High medieval era) oar-based?
  4. S

    What made the Japanese change their mind about USSR?

    They were for attacking the USSR primarily before the pact, then when the rest of the axis attacked in 41 they signed a neautrality with USSR and attacked the US instead. Did they not know about Barbarossa in June prior to their neautrality agreement in April? That is either coincidental or very...
  5. Ajax_Minoan

    When I joined the Climate Change crowd.

    I have no problems with at times being skeptical of science. Where I work at a University, we have won awards from our state for our protection of water quality; but we are also told pouring a Pepsi, or even bottled water on the ground can have a negative effect on the water table. I am...
  6. M

    Change UK Monarch's title?

    The official title of the present monarch of the UK is in English: Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith[2] And in Latin: Elizabeth II, Dei...
  7. Robert165

    Which caused more change, printing press or internet?

    I'm going to say the printing press, hands down. What do the History experts say?
  8. Plantagenet

    How do you change your username?

    Hey. everyone, I'm wondering how you change your username ? thanks
  9. F

    Change one ruler s mind on something to make the world better

    You can influence a single leader in history(exception: the years 1900-2016 to make it more intresting) to make a decision.Who do you influence and in what way in order to make the world today a better place?
  10. RomanEmperor

    If you could change history with a time machine, what would you do and why?

    I'd change my own life.... and go back to a younger version of myself and warn me about everything to be able to do things differently(but also a few good financial tips too) Besides for that I might totally upend history and go back to save the Western Roman Empire using my knowledge of...
  11. Madame Corgi

    Russia: Impact of foreign policy on socio-political change

    Hello Lovely Internet People :) I'm going to be starting my History coursework soon (yay!). It needs to cover roughly a one-hundred year period from 1855-1964, with a focus on change and continuity during this time frame. Would very much appreciate book suggestions, and explanations as to why...
  12. Barbarossa

    Oldest state with least change

    What is the longest lasting country with little to no change in type of government, territory (including colonial possessions), ethnic and religious composition? Just off of my head now I can only think of Saudi Arabia and Thailand. Any other suggestions?
  13. civfanatic

    How "Revolutionary" was the American Revolution? An Essay on Continuity and Change

    How "Revolutionary" was the American Revolution? An Essay on Continuity and Change The American Revolution was one of the most important events of the 18th century. It marked the first time that a former European colony in the New World successfully declared and achieved independence, and...
  14. H

    US withdraw from Paris agreement of climate change

    congress of china approves Paris agreement today, the people's congress of china approved the agreement of UNCCC held in Paris. as you may know, the agreement of Paris, which is one important step trying to adopt to the drastic climate change, requires at least 55 countries who generating >55%...
  15. SOTG

    Change of calendar in 1752 - Did it cause riots & other calendar questions

    I have read vague references that the change of calendar in 1752 caused riots in what later became the US. This was supposedly because it jumped 11 days and people were upset that "they lost 11 days of their lives". I'm skeptical because were people at that time really literate enough to know...
  16. civfanatic

    Mapping Religion and Religious Change in Early Historic Andhra, c.200 BCE - 600 CE

    The topic of this thread is the religious history of ancient Andhra and Telangana, from roughly the 2nd century BCE through the 6th century CE. From examining archaeological surveys and various secondary sources (see bibliography below), I have compiled a list of some 150 religious sites and...
  17. notgivenaway

    How would the world be different if Emperor Constantine didnt' change the Bible?

    As the first Christian Emperor, Constantine got the Council of Nicea to change the Bible. SO there may be many books that he and the bishops removed that have messages or content we may never know. And possibly things that the Romans didn't like, such as ending slavery, or not conquering others...
  18. Luke of Suffolk

    How did the UK-Europe relationship change from 1945-1997?

    Here is my proposal, set out in chronological order (but may be subject to mistakes): '45 - 52' After WW2, Churchill sees a united Europe, however believes that the UK should focus on it's relationship with the US + the Commonwealth Atlee and the Labour Government are against joining the...
  19. S

    Can this site change history

    Can change history ?
  20. JM1906

    The death or change of European Culture

    PLEASE BE ADVISED This is not athread about refugee crisis, european politics, pro or anti refugee/immigration propaganda. This is about a simple question, based in facts. Facts: there's a increasing number of Non-Europeans coming to Europe, as refugees or legal/illegal migrants. Europe is...