1. C

    How did Picasso change modern art?

    What I know of Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was one of the famous artists in the world. He had lessons from his dad, who also is an art teacher, and started his formal training at age 15 when he was admitted into advanced classes at the prestigious Royal Academy of Art in Barcelona, Spain. His...
  2. tomar

    Weather and Climate change in the ancient world

    So do we have a clear understanding of what was the climate and how it evolved from say 2000 BC to 500 AD in and around the med and the middle east ? And how it was different from today ? Rainfall, water availability and temperatures play a crucial part in agriculture and go a long way...
  3. Panthera tigris altaica

    Is global Warming/Climate change in decline?

    Please give reasons for your vote. Thanks.
  4. BlackViper

    Climate Change (% influenced by Man)

    Climate Change. What do you think is the percentage that mankind, with his technology, bodily actions and environmental lifestyle, is influencing Climate Change?
  5. S

    If you could change an outcome of a battle....

    I would tell Varus not to listen to Herman; the Teutoburger battle disaster would not have happened and Rome would have annexed Germany and Eastern Europe to the Oder. When the plagues of the third and fourth century occured Rome would still have had the manpower of the North to repel the Goths...
  6. Brisieis

    Climate change an immediate grave threat to health and security

    This pretty much sums up what most of us have been saying on the forum. BBC News - Climate change 'grave threat' to security and health
  7. Mohammed the Persian

    Why did Octavius Caesar change his name ?

    To Augustus ? Was there any real reason behind this or ? :wondering:
  8. Naomasa298

    Change in Burma

    Burma - or Myanmar - is one of those countries in the world which is often neglected. The former British colony has been ruled by a military clique for many years, during which time, there has been state repression of any opposition as well as ethnic minorities. It wasn't that long ago that...
  9. Caracalla

    Climate change, doomsday and the ‘inevitable’ extinction of humankind

    The Archaeology News Network: Climate change, doomsday and the ‘inevitable’ extinction of humankind
  10. C

    Critical diplomatic change leading to Pacific war

    After reading about the events leading up to the Pearl Harbor Attack. I think the most critical event, leading to war with the Japanese. Took place in the diplomatic negotiations, during the fall of 1941. FDR and Sec of State Hull, gave the Japanese an ultimatum. Despite being told this would...
  11. kbear

    why do popes change their names??

    just curious. the names they pick are usually completely different from their real name. and how do they come up with the names they pick? like pope innocent III? borgia became pope alexander vi...
  12. Mohammed the Persian

    Underground Resistance Movements in Occupied Europe: Did they change anything?

    Did the fact that underground resistance movements have any impact in the outcome of the Second World War? Would the war have still gone as it had ?:eek: Most a times, they seem insignificant, can anyone also provide some information of successful revolts against the Axis powers :D
  13. Robespierre

    When did our feelings on government change?

    It's interesting, to me anyway (and I am creating this thread (so to me is the obvious part)), how attitudes about the federal government has changed. After the Civil War it seemed like this country tended towards a strong federal government. Then in 1877 it went the other way. Then...
  14. Isoroku295

    A Change from Rome Vs. China

    The Greek World Vs. China. Now I know, Greek Armies were small, but I'm not talking about Greece. I'm talking about the entire Greek world. You have battles like Raphia with 140,000 men total. And thats between two nations. So I am going to say for the ENTIRE Greek world (Including Graeca...
  15. Satuf

    How did Islam change the Middle East?

    I know how the expansion of Islam changed demographics and changed cultures and all. Mesopotamia became Iraq and such. Was the Middle East mostly heavily shaped by the Romans before Islam? Did Islam simply make the Middle East more Persian?