1. A

    Historical Languages Channel

    I created a Youtube channel about historical languages a few months ago! Latin, Old English, Middle English... Thought it might be interesting to some of you! Link
  2. Historyen

    World History Channel

    My new channel on World History: jUfnUr3AmVc 8HiYmwvfp8I
  3. L

    Ancient/Early Modern History YouTube Channel

    Hello there, I'm starting out a channel that will (for now) focus on ancient and early modern history, with particular emphasis on the Ancient Greeks and Britain from roughly the age of Chaucer to Hobbes. Each episode, although short, is dense with research and illustrations, so they do take...
  4. MicahCurtis

    Need ideas for a youtube channel

    Hey! I have been wanting to create a youtube channel about history for the longest time but am just stump on how to structure the show and what types of history to do about. If anyone has any good ideas that they would like to share or advice please share! Thank you, Micah
  5. S

    A good YouTube channel for history?

    Hello everybody, Are anyone could be indicate me a good YouTube channel with historical documentary? I prefer one which have a speaker from California because I have some difficulties to understand peoples from Chicago Alabama etc... It's on way but not ready now 😁 Have a nice day dears
  6. S

    New Top 10 Channel Centered Around Death

    Hello Everyone, Iv'e recently created a new YouTube channel centered around death. For example today I posted a video about the ways that death was depicted in medieval art. I find death fascinating as it is something both terrifying in the sense that I don't think anyone wants it to happen and...
  7. T

    New Top 10 Channel Centered Around Evil Dictators

    Hello Everyone, Iv'e recently started a new youtube channel based around tyrants and showing how bad they truly are. For example today I posted a video about North Korean dictator Kim Il Sung, the first dictator of the communist country. I find learning about these people fascinating because it...
  8. T

    New Top 10 Channel Centered Around Military History

    Hello Everyone, I've made a new channel centered around military history. For example the video I posted earlier today was about Atilla the Hun a successful Hunic general who led many campaigns against the Romans. I find military history fascinating as it is a great way to study human behavior...
  9. Naima

    A doc on batavians and Caesar in Britain

    So I was watching a tv doc on batavian troops used by romans .. Not sure who produced that doc, but probably a US documentary as they always made references to similarities between seals and batavians. Then talked about the Invasion of Britain by Caesar . They affirm that when Caesar...
  10. Oldhistory1823

    youtube channel on regional history

    awhile back i created a youtube channel to document the history of the areas around Appalachia, im slowly working my way around when time permits, feel free to share it around, give constructive criticism or what have you.
  11. santee

    Old West YouTube channel

    Hey all, My name is Santee and I have a channel pinpointing the history of the Era of Westward Expansion, a.k.a. the Old West. I've dumped some humor in and they are short...worth a look-see. Don't mind the ghost and the's a long story!
  12. Lord Harry

    History Channel Restoration Group

    Greetings, fellow history buffs. I am writing to inform you, that I plan to form a private discussion group here on Historum dedicated to restoring the History Channel to its original purpose. The airing of traditional historical documentaries. Or, if they refuse to return to their original...
  13. Historyen

    YouTube channel on World History

    Hi all, I have created a YouTube channel in which I will teach about World History through the eyes of the contemporaries. Ng-7Pn0Mcls lenGnrw8VAY
  14. B

    Why didn't the British defend the channel islands in WWII?

    Were they so close to France that they were hard to defend and did not help Germany much in potentially invading England?
  15. Major Wilson

    Jutland documentary on Channel 4

    Did any of you guys see the Jutland documentary on Channel 4 (British TV) yesterday (Saturday 10. December)? The programme was advertised as a landmark expedition set out to uncover the truth about the Battle of Jutland. The presenter used new evidence to vindicate Jellicoe. Jellicoe's grandson...
  16. RomanEmperor

    History Channel - What happened?

    It used to be such a great channel, and now there is rarely any real history shows. It's mostly these dumb "reality" shows, but people must watch them, or they wouldn't keep making them. They still had some decent stuff on H2(although mostly not new ones) and then this year it was turned in to...
  17. P

    World War 2 Channel (and History) Youtube

    Hey guys my name is John and i make History videos on military subjects like the cold war or world war 2. Here is a video i made on German Paratroopers and their missions. NqthVNjR_Ks If you liked that video and want to see more content be sure to subscribe. Im happy to be a new member of...
  18. stevapalooza

    "History Buffs" Youtube Channel

    I just found this recently. Great reviews of historical movies.
  19. P

    Franco-Dutch History Channel

    Hello everyone, Today I have relaunched my old youtube channel concering both Dutch and French history, my two favorite topics. Most of my videos will concern the Napoleonic period because that has drawn my interest the most, but I will adress many other topics as well. I hope some of you...
  20. BordoEnes

    Real Crusaders History Youtube Channel - Real or Biased history?

    Hi, I actually came across this channel yesterday and initially i thought that it looked like a proper history learning channel where one could learn history from an objective point of view(despite its name). However this channel appears to me to be heavely glorifying Christians and the...