1. Fabius Maximus

    How effective would bayonets alone be at stopping a cavalry charge?

    Say you had a Napoleonic-era regiment of infantry who'd run out of ammo or whose powder had been spoiled, and they therefore had to rely on just their bayonets to defend themselves against an enemy cavalry charge. Would they be able to do so, or would they get ridden down?
  2. Kirialax

    Shock cavalry charge outside of Latin Europe

    Another thread highlighted the military value of the couched lance as employed by Latin knights. How effective was this against other peoples? I ask because off the top of my head I can think of only one case where it was used effectively in a pitched battle against Byzantium - Robert Guiscard's...
  3. R

    Has anybody tried to take advantage of Alexander's inclination to lead cavalry charge

    Have any of his enemies tried to take avantage of Alexander's inclination to lead cavalry charges personally instead of hanging back and trying to control the battlefield from the the rear like what Caesar did by trying to lure Alexander into an ill timed cavalry charge and then try to cut him...
  4. artistauthor

    Why didn't the US charge Korean War veterans with war crimes?

    One interesting question is why the US authorities never charged returning Korean War servicemen with war crimes- indeed they seemed to be more concerned with allegations that American POWs held by the North Koreans or Chinese collaborated with their captors due to "brainwashing" than the...
  5. Pessimist Crow

    Failed Cavarly Charge

    What tactics would Cavarly units utilise when they fail to break the enemy line?
  6. H

    Warring State Heavy Infantry Charge?

    I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that some kingdoms during the Warring States era had heavy infantry formations with long pikes charge at the enemy in formation. Is this true? Does anyone have anymore information on this?
  7. HackneyedScribe

    Reinassance Rotational Cavalry Charge

    Here is a description of Francois de la Noue's Rotational Cavalry charge. The better to comprehend this matter, the Colonels who in their regiments have many Pikes, should sometimes prove in feigned things how this order stands with reason, and peradventure they shall find themselves the...
  8. C

    Would the USSR still be around today if Joseph Stalin was still in charge?

    Let's say that Stalin stopped aging at 60 and was able to live forever. Given how tough the USSR was under him, would it still be around today if Stalin was still in charge? How would he deal with the rest of the Korean War, the rise of Communist China, the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis...
  9. HackneyedScribe

    The Jurchen Cavalry Charge

    Poor quality cavalry route if their first charge fails against enemy formations. Good quality cavalry can charge against dense formations again and again multiple times, even if every charge was beaten back. What I noticed about description of the Jurchen cavalry charge is peculiar though...
  10. T

    How did Guthrum come to be in charge of the Great Heathen Army?

    This has bugged me for a long time. After the death of the Ragnarsons he was the natural choice apparently, but he shared command of the army with Ubbe who actually was a son of Ragnar whilst Ubbe was still alive. Who could he have been? Married to one of Ragnar's daughters, a relative of the...
  11. R

    If i was in charge...

    Hi, thought of an interesting way for us to engage in a spot of armchair general, if i had been in Wellington/Hannibal/Gary from the pubs etc shoes i'd of done this in the War/Battle/chip fight in the kebab shop of XYZ. Anyone interested in showing their strategic and tactical prowess? What...
  12. Lawnmowerman

    The lowest ranking officer suddenly in charge

    I am talking about cases where all senior commanders have been killed off, injured or generally incapacitated and command of a large group of men has fallen upon a man several ranks lower than would normally command in these situations. Captains in charge of Brigades - I think this happened at...
  13. grey fox

    What was JEB Stuart's role in Pickett's Charge?

    Edited to add: The title of this thread should be "What was JEB Stuart's planned role in Pickett's Charge?" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- In my thread titled "A Comparison & Contrast of Lee & Grant", I wrote the following: "If Pickett's Charge...
  14. RomanEmperor

    If you had to put one leader of the past in charge of the world today.....

    Who would it be, and why? Also, you don't have to take in to account things like technology. Just for their character, and abilities. I'd go with Constantine XI. I like the 'Marble Emperor' legend that one day he will rise again to lead his people to retake Constantinople, and he's one of my...
  15. Hanslune

    Image of a Corvette de charge

    I'm looking for an image of one of these L'orient built colonial ships, 1,350 tons and constructed in the late 1820's to the mid 1830's. Two were named Isere and Dordogne. I was wondering if a French newspaper would have have image of one that I cannot find. Help Thanks
  16. M

    French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry using their Firearms before a charge

    I read that Napoleon's Heavy Cavalry often disregarded firearms and many did not carry them due to their inaccuracy. I believe one time some regiments, only 20 percent carried pistols and most carried their ammo in pocket. Carbines on the other hand were often less regarded, and many troopers...
  17. M

    Did Cataphracts charge or trot?

    I hear different arguments how Persian and Byzantine Cataphracts fought. Since the Kontus was a 2 handed weapon and hear arguments that Cataphracts didn't charge but instead used missile weapons to close in on opponent, then would use their lance to poke their opponent using two hands. They...
  18. B

    Why didn't the Confederacy put a better commander in charge of the Army of Tennessee

    It would seem like the logical choice to replace Bragg would have been Longstreet. First they put Joseph Johnston in, who did the same thing as he did in Virginia before getting wounded and replaced by Lee, retreat, retreat, retreat. Then they put Hood in, who was basically unrecommended by Lee...
  19. rvsakhadeo

    Upheaval in New Delhi varsity-student arrested on charge oF Sedition

    The Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India, has always been full of students who were of leftist opinions. However, things have taken a bad turn when students at recent function organised to commemorate the death by hanging of---a tried and found guilty terrorist--Afzal Guru, started...
  20. LordZ

    If you were in charge of waging a war against guerrillas

    If you were in charge of waging a war against guerrillas, how would you do it? What tactics and strategy would you use? Discuss.