1. dlnewhouse

    Ho Chi Minh in the land of the milk and honey

    I remember being taught that Ho Chi Minh gave lectures in South Vietnam several times during the Vietnam war. I do remember holding a USA Today from 1973 describing a visit from Ho Chin Minh when I was just about 3. Also, IIRC, they once made a movie about Ho Chi Minh visiting the United...
  2. Bobby

    Ho Chi Minh

    I am trying to discover whether or not Ho Chi Minh ever spent time in America, and whether this can be proved. Appreciate the anticipated responses.
  3. Futurist

    Is it true that Ho Chi Minh wanted to develop N. Vietnam before capturing the South?

    I have heard on that Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap (two very prominent figures in Northern Vietnam) wanted to develop North Vietnam before capturing South Vietnam whereas people such as Le Duan wanted to first conquer South Vietnam. I have also heard that Le Duan's faction...
  4. Balian

    The childrens show Horrible Histories

    I know this is suppose to be a children's show. But i actually really like it and i am in my 30s. Anybody else enjoy this show ? Also how historically accurate is this show ?
  5. Darth Raidius

    Ho Chi Minh or Kim Il-Sung?

    Which of these dictators would you rather 1) live under as a common citizen, and 2) serve as a government minister? The contemporary economic and political situations of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea should be taken into account. No "none of...
  6. flying tiger

    the "kit mow" who built chi tu

    I found this article about a old kingdom on the Isthmus of Kra call chi tu that was built by the "kit mow" from funan. Chi Tu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia File:CheToScript.gif - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia i'm really interested in the word "kit mow", is this a word use by the...
  7. WeisSaul

    US supports with Ho Chi Minh

    If you look at the Vietnamese declaration of independence, Ho Chi Minh is obviously giving the US a wink wink nod nod we are not your enemy type of gesture (or am I viewing this wrongly?). What if the United States had supported Ho Chi Minh and told the French to get the out of Indochina? How...
  8. Korin

    Chi You - a mythological character?

    Are the Han also Chiyou's descendants? - Prehistory, Xia and Shang - China History Forum, Chinese History Forum Post here I made. Korean dynasty? Guy wasn't even human. Yeah, historian rejected it because Chi You's stories are more BULL than Xia Dynasty kings, even Jie's lake of booze...
  9. Toltec

    50 Photos of Ho Chi Mihn

    I site I stumbled on by accident. Absolutely amazing archive of 50 pics, From France and Russia to Vietnam and China of one of the truly great men of history. Few South East Asians have travelled till recent years, Ho travel and supported himself around the world living in New York and Boston...
  10. Gile na Gile

    Western interpretations of Chinese Qi (Ch'i)

    First of all I have to express a degree of ignorance. I'm not sure how widespread the belief or knowledge in China (or the east in general) actually is in "qi", which I take for the moment to be simply the 'life force' but would appreciate tips from any who know better. Has there ever been...
  11. Kookaburra Jack

    The Chi Rho symbol as "Chrest" and the archeology of "Chrest"

    Archaeology of ‘Chrest’ Archaeology of the ‘Great and the Good’ Chi Rho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. Robert165

    Poll: Ho Chi Minh

    I voted #2
  13. E

    Ho Chi Minh's reasons to attack South Vietnam and start the Vietnamwar.

    Hello, Tomorrow I'm giving a history presentation with some other guys from my class. We have to accuse Ho Chi Minh for attacking South Vietnam. The part I need to tell about is why Ho Chi Minh attacked South Vietnam. Since I can't find much information about this subject on the internet, I...