1. R

    Chiefs of staff with brains and guts in 1941

    OTL Britain wasted a fortune in brand new US tanks, SP guns, munitions, fuel, trucks, planes, etc, (all transported at great cost and over a long time around S Africa or flown from Ghana to Egypt), in the debacle in Gazala in 1941. Britain suffered equal debacles in Greece and Crete (which...
  2. dreuxeng

    Chagga Chiefs

    The Chagga peoples of Tanganyika were made up of a series of tribes, whose very existence was the cause of a problem, apparently. That there was intermittent tribal warfare. Would a federal or federated system have prevented these conflicts? in contrast to Buganda for example? Was it because...
  3. Cavanboy

    Best Celtic War Chiefs??

    Im looking into some Celtic history and im trying to find some of the best leaders of the Celts during war time, only 9/10 times mythological characters come up like the hound of ulster and what not, So I was wondering if any of use had any better information for me?
  4. unclefred

    The Golden Chiefs of Panama-Rich Find

    This is one of the biggest finds of the year, in my estimation; In a grassy, sun-parched field in central Panama, gold was coming out of the ground so fast that archaeologist Julia Mayo was tempted to yell, Stop, stop! For years she had been working for this moment, waiting for it, but now she...
  5. Mohammed the Persian

    Turkey Military Chiefs resign en masse

    BBC News - Turkey: Military chiefs 'resign en masse' Wonder what's going on :wondering:
  6. Thessalonian

    NHS chiefs warn of rising hospital waiting times

    "Financial problems in the NHS are likely to cause a rise in waiting times in England, health chiefs believe. Mike Farrar, the head of the NHS Confederation, said the difficulties could even lead to the 18-week limit for elective operations being broken." BBC News - NHS chiefs warn...
  7. Sharks and love

    Americans overreacting to Islamic extremism, underinvesting in youth -Joint Chiefs

    On Friday, April 8th, the Pentagon issued a report that received little initial attention, titled: "A National Strategic Narrative." The report says Americans are overreacting to Islamic extremism and underinvesting in their youth. Here is an excerpt of what the Joint Chiefs of Staff wrote...
  8. Lucius

    Great Chiefs of Staff

    The thread about the greatest generals got me thinking about the right arm(or the left brain) of those guys. Many of those great generals were mercurial, visionary, flamboyant, and needed a man by their side to translate their map-pointing and arm-waving into orders for the subordinate officers...