1. suphen

    The origin of Chinese nation and the theory of Chinese Center

    China mean is a Center country. This don't mean that China is the center of the world. Mean China have a Center. This center is the Yellow River Basin. It is the birthplace of the Chinese nation . It is also the throne of China, and the occupiers will gain the legitimacy of Chinese rule...
  2. suphen

    Why is China always not superpowers?

    Because the definition of superpowers by Chinese and Westerners is different, I can only have a new post. the Chinese to understand the superpower as the most powerful country. According to this definition, China can easily achieve its goal. The superpowers that Westerners understand are not...
  3. J

    Chinese Armor Piercing Weapon and Heavy Armor

    After reading this comment by heavenlykaghan from Tang army vs Late Ming Army : They can deal with them in the comparable way the Manchus trounced the Ming army at Sarhu; through mobility and heavy armors. Armors in East Asia (including Tibet) seem to have been heavier and thicker than anywhere...
  4. RustyBollard

    Reconstruction of war junks of 16CE

    Dear Friends, Most existed models of war junks today are based on a few known (more or less detailed) plans, published by famous scholars (F.E.Paris, A. Cherini, G.R.G. Worcester, etc.). Those plans are based on few junks observed during 18-19 centuries. However, I believe that there were...
  5. T

    Video about ancient Chinese history: Shang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty

    Hello everybody, I am making a series about Chinese history and have just uploaded a video about the Shang Dynasty and the Zhou Dyasty. The video gives you an overview about the most interesting aspects of thought, ideology, religion and culture of these dynasties. If you are interested in...
  6. Kirialax

    When to fight the nomads, between China and the west

    Apparently in the second-century BC the Han Chinese under Wudi learned that the best time to attack the Xiongnu was in the spring, since their animals were weak from winter grazing. Yet when the Magyars arrive in Europe, we find them attacking during the spring - a number of the early raids into...
  7. CharlesinShanghai

    Do you know the location of this photo in Hong Kong (?)

    Dear reader, Do you recognise this mansion? It is possible the photo was taken in Hong Kong. The typical bridge leading to the house is in Chinese style, not going in a straight line, to mislead evil spirits. The photo can here be seen in full: Many thanks for your suggestions. Kind...
  8. H

    China XX century: Why did Deng Xiaoping still practise Mao's cult of personality despite having been brutally persecuted by Mao?

    Deng Xiaoping managed to come to power after the chaotic period surrounding the death of Mao. He had been brutally purged by Mao in the Cultural revolution, and yet, after all that mess, he still practised Mao's cult of personality. This is something I don't understand. Why was the portrait of...
  9. J

    Song Dynasty armor and other form of Chinese armor

    Hello, this is my first thread. I have often read Historum debates and am interested in studying Asian armor. I actually got my interest in studying Chinese armor from this forum. During my research, I noticed that Song Dynasty armor is often hailed as the pinnacle of Chinese armor in...
  10. Gucci Vespucci

    Could China or Japan ever colonize North America

    Japanese Alaska? Japanese Cascadia? What about Chinese California or Baja California? If Europeans left this alone, would Asian powers ever take advantage of it?
  11. VHS

    Christianity in current China

    Christianity in China is often a complicated issue. On one hand, we have a vehemently anti-Christian voice that claims Christianity is a cult. "The Christianity as Cult" Such opinions are somewhat common in the Ex-Christian circle: ExChristian.Net - Articles: The Christian Cult: Brainwash And...
  12. tang745.jpg


    The Jiedushi of Tang China
  13. xixia-map.jpg


    Map of the Tangut Xi Xia state
  14. bases-ports.jpg


    Southern Sung naval bases and important ports
  15. tang-protectorates.jpg


    Protectorates of the Tang Dynasty
  16. southern-sung.jpg


    Map of the Southern Sung dynasty
  17. jin-map.jpg


    Map of the Jurchen Jin empire
  18. late-tang-provinces.jpg


    Map of provinces of late Tang China
  19. Chinese Aircraft Carrier: Type 001A

    Chinese Aircraft Carrier: Type 001A

    Chinese Aircraft Carrier: Type 001A
  20. EmperorTigerstar

    The Battle for the Indian Ocean

    Might as well make the first thread for this new section. So one thing that I think is simultaneously interesting but overlooked is the battle for trade in the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean, being the smallest non-polar ocean, is usually not discussed as much compared to the Atlantic and...