1. FailWhale

    Third Coalition Invasion of China

    Instead of Napoleon being the enemy, France remains neutral while the coalition sees Emperor Jiaqing as a distant foe that must be toppled. Are they able to pull of an invasion, what would be the most viable avenue of attack.
  2. VHS

    If both China and the USA are both ethnically Chinese

    In a few webnovels and one printed short story named 西洋 (The Occidental) by Liu Cixin (刘慈欣), the territories of China and USA are under ethnic Chinese. For the webnovels, colonists from the rejuvenated Han Dynasty colonized North America...
  3. R

    What would China be like if Xi'an or Luoyang was the capita

    What would China be like now if the Communists in 1949 chose Xi'an or Luoyang, or even Kaifeng, Lanzhou, Changing, or Chengdu, to be the capital of China and not Beijing, in view of their greater defensibility from attack being located deep in the interior of China? Would having a capital...
  4. R

    Why is Beijing the capital of China and not Xi'an or Luoyang?

    Why is Beijing the capital of China, and not Xi'an, Luoyang, or even Kaifeng? I mean Beijing is a pretty recent capital of the Ming, while Xi'an was the capital all the way back to the Qin, and had more historicity as the capital under the great dynasties of the Hand and the Tang, while...
  5. Futurist

    Do you see China ever invading Mongolia?

    I was wondering if you see China ever invading Mongolia. After all, like Taiwan, Mongolia was historically a part of the Qing Empire. Indeed, the only reason that Mongolia is not a part of China today is that the Soviet Union's military muscle essentially forced China to recognize Mongolia's...
  6. jameen

    Red China, signatory and also violator of UNCLOS

    Anyone here can narrate to me why Red China allowed to be one of the signatories of UNCLOS but in the end it also became the violator by building military island bases near the Filipino EEZ and shooing non Chinese ships or planes passing the South China Sea? Why can't the West sanction China...
  7. S

    What kind of value did men place on fertile women in the earlier dynasties of China?

    The numerous articles I've read about daily life in Ancient China confuse me a little. They make it clear it was a very patriarchal society. But go even further and paint a picture of a society where women are often disregarded and sometimes even killed at birth for not being male. This confuses...
  8. D

    Chinese Movie ww2 Air Combat over China with Bruce Willis

    I would have prefered to see the flying tigers. But if this is historical and not just hollywood china myth then I am all for it. I know very little of the Chinese air force during ww2. I thought they must have been fairly impotent. It seems they are flying Russian I-16s with a P40 from the...
  9. M

    Why Has China Always Been So Oppressive?

    Truly not trying to insult anyone (it has many beautiful aspects, and I'm studying it), but if you look at its history, it seems people were always killed because of a differing opinion. Example: One emperor in the Qin dynasty burned a bunch of books and the intellectuals disagreed with it. So...
  10. VHS

    China became an unified republic in 1850s.

    France, the United States and Italian republican states were precursors of the current republics. Let's assume China adopted one of these systems and became an unified republic in 1850s that succeeded all of Qing's territories. What might happen afterwards? Would this have major impacts in...
  11. R

    Why were peasant uprisings so successful in China

    Compared to medieval Europe where there always failed until the introduction of firearms, why were the Chinese imperial troops unable or had a so much harder time crushing peasant rebellions than European nobility in the middle ages?
  12. jameen

    Graft and Corruption in China

    Why graft and corruption is of the main problems in China even during its Imperial era?
  13. jameen

    If France and UK are China's neighbors

    Do you believe that French and British navies can drive out the PLA Chinese navy out of South China Sea if ever France and Britain are China's neighbors and the 3 countries can sail through South China Sea?
  14. dlnewhouse

    Nixon goes to China

    A result of Nixon going to China is America's one China policy. Also, was there any agreement on the condom business?
  15. jameen

    If Roman army and Han China's Army fight

    Who will win the war if the Roman army and Han China's army if both armies have same number of troops? 1000 soldiers vs 1000 soldiers up to 5000 soldiers.
  16. jameen

    If Japan did not invade China in 1930s

    Do you think the Chinese Communists can win the Chinese civil war if Japan did not invade? It is said that Chinese Communists won because the KMT was weaken by the latter’s war with Japanese troops.
  17. jameen

    China under Xiognu rule

    How will you describe China if Xiognu beat the Han Empire and rules the Empire?
  18. Ladislao di Napoli

    Stereotyped Images of China

    Hi, first of all i have to say that i'm not an expert about Chinese history, but i'm extremely curious about it. So, even though stereotypes are generally bad thinghs, sometimes are useful to make a first shape of knowledge. To sum up, if i think romans i imagine people who dress a toga, living...
  19. H

    UN and China invite applications on space station

    United Nations and China invite applications to conduct experiments on-board China's Space Station first in history, within the UN framework, the space station will be open for ALL the international world. like on many other aspects, the UN is on its way toward cooperation among nations, not...
  20. jameen

    Origin of the country's name CHINA

    When is the time that China was called as a country's name? As far as I know, during China's Imperial era, the name of the country is the name of the dynasty that presently rules it (Han, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming or Qing) The question here is who invented the word China and later it becomes...