1. D

    The 100 Best Chinese, Japanese and Korean History Books

    The 100 Best Chinese, Japanese and Korean History Books Hello, I created this list to assist in my own education. I'd really like to hear what books people think are missing and are "must reads". It's also helpful to know which titles that are on the list you think are really worthwhile...
  2. VHS

    Could Chinese take over Southeast Asia after World War II?

    A major Chinese majority has existed in Southeast Asia, and let's assume the following naturalistic and historical events in an alternative time space: A Chinese leader (rather similar to Mao Zedong; then, he/she was no communist) organized the Chinese minority on a small island off Borneo; he...
  3. CharlesinShanghai

    Do you know the location of this photo in Hong Kong (?)

    Dear reader, Do you recognise this mansion? It is possible the photo was taken in Hong Kong. The typical bridge leading to the house is in Chinese style, not going in a straight line, to mislead evil spirits. The photo can here be seen in full: Many thanks for your suggestions. Kind...
  4. ccmmre.jpg


    "Tatar Huntsmen in the Snow". Qing dynasty, based on Sung dynasty original.
  5. Chinese Aircraft Carrier: Type 001A

    Chinese Aircraft Carrier: Type 001A

    Chinese Aircraft Carrier: Type 001A
  6. VHS

    If both China and the USA are both ethnically Chinese

    In a few webnovels and one printed short story named 西洋 (The Occidental) by Liu Cixin (刘慈欣), the territories of China and USA are under ethnic Chinese. For the webnovels, colonists from the rejuvenated Han Dynasty colonized North America...
  7. jameen

    Who treats women better? The Japanese or Mainlander Chinese

    Throughout history since ancient times, which of the two was proven that it treated women better in terms of: 1) Treating their wives 2) Treating their girlfriends 3) Treating female workers 4) Treating old women 5) Treating female prisoner of wars It is the Japanese or the Chinese...
  8. jameen

    Winning the Chinese Civil War

    What Chiang Kai Shek must do in order to win the Chinese Civil War?
  9. D

    Chinese Movie ww2 Air Combat over China with Bruce Willis

    I would have prefered to see the flying tigers. But if this is historical and not just hollywood china myth then I am all for it. I know very little of the Chinese air force during ww2. I thought they must have been fairly impotent. It seems they are flying Russian I-16s with a P40 from the...
  10. M

    Eight Tigers: What Fascinating History

    So far, my favorite aspect of Chinese history has been the "Eight Tigers." I love the idea of a group of murderous eunuchs who secretly ruled ancient China through puppet emperors. It's so bizarre that it's hard to believe. It leads me to believe that's where George RR Martin got his idea for...
  11. SSDD

    Chinese languages and Chinese writing system

    Why did not Chinese phonetic or Abiguda writing system develop in China? Was it purely because China had so many languages, so developing such script would lead to linguistic division or was it because Chinese languages are tonal? Nonetheless were there ever any phonetic script in pre-modern...
  12. Witson

    Why mongols helped chinese to wipe out oirats?

    Was that only because Jungar Khanate tried to unite all mongols(conquer)?
  13. Maoistic

    Was the Greco-Roman phalanx superior to ancient Chinese formations and tactics?

    This is a very common claim I've found here, in Total War and other forums, that part of the reason why the Roman Empire had a superior army to the Han dynasty is that it either had Greek phalanx formations or defeated Greek phalanx formations in its conquest of Greek states, something that the...
  14. D

    What was Southern Rhodesia and Rhodesia’s immigration policy on Chinese and Arabs?

    Since 1924, (Southern) Rhodesia had adopted a policy of restricting Indian immigration, to the point that only dependents of existing Indian residents, spouses-to-be travelling to (Southern) Rhodesia for marriage, teachers, and ministers of religion were allowed to settle in the country...
  15. jameen

    History of Chinese and Japanese mannerism

    What is the history behind why Japanese people are polite, hospitable, tidy and courteous whereas the Chinese in the Mainland are the opposite of Japanese mannerism to the point that the Chinese brought these traits while sojourning abroad and put their country into a bad light because of this...
  16. C

    Romans, Chinese and supply depots

    In late 2nd millennium AD Western Europe, in 16th and early 17th century, it was found that the largest armies that could logistically operate together and feed off the land were about 20 000...30 000 men, and that in summer. Trying to collect bigger forces would run out of locally available...
  17. jameen

    Eliminating Chinese Communists in the Long March

    What are the flawed tactics used by KMT the reason the Chinese Communists were not all eliminated and what are the right tactics that should be done instead?
  18. C

    Chinese tenno

    While "tenno" is the prevalent title of Japanese emperors (although Japanese DO also use "kotai"), they did not invent it. It was Tang Gaozong who adopted the official title "tianhuang", in preference to the standard of eight centuries since Qin Shi Huangdi, that had been "huangdi". Did any...
  19. W

    Favoured vassals in the Chinese tributary system

    So why was Korea most favoured out of all the tributary states around China? Also is there generally a rank of which states the Chinese state considered to be most favoured to least?
  20. Pessimist Crow

    Chinese armor finds

    Is there a SINGLE surviving find of Song/Ming Dynasty armor with Mountain Pattern links? Or better yet, an officer's helmet with the winged cheek plates? If not, could you just dump your favorite armor reconstruction/finds? Qing may not apply.