1. T

    Who is Ludolf von Sudheim??

    Greetings I need your help. For my essay about the Fall of Acre, i used a writing of Ludolf von Sudheim as my main source. Although the source gives clear information, i'm running in a problem. About von Sudheim is little known, except that he's a German priest who travelled to the Holy land...
  2. JapaneseSamurai

    Historical evidence of Jesus

    The life of Jesus is interesting, and has a few unanswered questions which have been debated for centuries. A poll has revealed that 40% of people in Britain do not believe that Jesus of Nazareth existed. People who think Jesus didn’t exist are seriously confused | Catholic Herald What do...
  3. Kirialax

    Augustine's 'City of God' in the middle ages

    The importance of St Augustine's writing to Latin Christianity cannot be overestimated, but how did scholars and theologians of the middle ages access Augustine, and especially, 'City of God'? Were they able to sort out fake texts ascribed to Augustine from real ones? Who actually had copies of...
  4. Draki

    Iconoclasm in the Byzantine Empire

    Can anyone give a rundown of what happened, or recommend some good books on it? How much part does Islamic theology take in it?
  5. VHS

    Christianity in current China

    Christianity in China is often a complicated issue. On one hand, we have a vehemently anti-Christian voice that claims Christianity is a cult. "The Christianity as Cult" Such opinions are somewhat common in the Ex-Christian circle: ExChristian.Net - Articles: The Christian Cult: Brainwash And...
  6. Slegtvalk

    Widukind's defeat

    Lately I've been thinking a lot about the impact of Widukind's defeat (785 A.D.) at the hands of Charlemagne, especially in regards to Scandinavia. As far as I know, the Germanic and Norse pantheon are practically the same. Since these people probably shared the same believes and mythology, it...
  7. Slegtvalk

    The Vikings and Christianity

    Hey all, I'm currently doing a study on the conversion of the Viking world and the interaction between Norse and Christian culture from c. 793–1066 AD. I'm looking for the best and/or most recent works that are currently available. If you can add a link to amazon to your suggestion that would...
  8. J

    Christianity in Europe.

    As a non believer i would be interested to know your opinions regarding Christianity and if it 'civilised' Europe or would we have been better off without it? Maybe we would still be carrying out human and animal ritual sacrifices today and worshipping our Pagan Gods if it wasn't for the...
  9. Y

    Pagan Societies were barbaric because Christian values were not around.

    A history check will show what societies were like before Christianity: Roman society entertainment of gladiators and people being fed to wild beasts for example. All societies before the Christianity you will find very inhumane and barbaric lifestyles. These societies did not have Christian...
  10. B

    Impact of Orthodox Christianity on cultures

    In the west we don't know much about the Orthodox Church in Eastern Europe. In general terms what are the main cultural differences between Orthodox Christian societies and Catholic ones that are down to religion.
  11. Y

    STOP saying the bible promotes slavery!!

    Church teaching does not practice or promote slavery, it liberates slavery by teaching a slave is no less of a person and no less value than a slave master, this was never heard of before christianity. Our Lord Jesus took on the form of a slave through poverty...
  12. Naima

    If Christianity never spread to Europe

    Woudl we have a Greco Roman Pantheonlike religion similar to Hinduism? Probably including also the Celtic and Norse pagan Deities in a single unique polytheistic religion?
  13. L

    Teaching Christianity to the enslaved

    I heard that at first this was strictly prohibited ? in case they got wise, questioned their conditions and rose up. They also banned them from being taught to read and write for the same reason. Why did as this allowed? How can you teach a man who is enslaved Christianity and to serve god? Was...
  14. A

    The originality of Christianity

    Hello! I was just watching a BBC documentary featuring the wonderful Dr James Fox, and in a particular instance, he mentions that while Christianity was not original in its precepts, there was one thing that stood out, i.e., its disdain for wealth and ostentatious display. However - and correct...
  15. L

    Teaching Christianity to the enslaved in the US

    Did the plantation owners originally ban the enslaved from being taught Christianity or practicing their traditional religions? The r asin being Christianity and no other religion allows it? Did they teach that the enslaved were cursed by god, inferiors with no souls to be saved, so not...
  16. C

    Christianity vs Ancient culture: who contributed more to the Western Civilization?

    I live in an ultra-Christian country and i hear many people say that European culture is based on Christianity and that even atheists should respect the "Christian heritage of Western Civilization". Is it true or false? I believe that whilst Christianity played an important role it was ancient...
  17. Waterloofinalsolution

    I found a quote that confirms Napoleon admired Islam more than Christianity?

    Just found this quote from a discussion had with General Baron Gourgaud before his death. You can look up the sources of the discussion for more info. Napoleon said it and it was final quote regarding religion "Religions are all founded on miracles — on things we cannot understand, such...
  18. R

    Why did Poland and Hungary not choose Orthodox Christianity?

    In East Europe, most of the Slavic peoples plus the Romanians converted in the early Middle Ages to the Orthodox Christian faith. Most of the Poles and Hungarians, however, opted for Catholicism. What were the historical and cultural factors which contributed to this choice?
  19. Valens

    Christianity and the Roman Empire, Part Two

    The Crisis of the Third Century and Roman Religion The third century had, in many ways, been a tumultuous time for the Roman state. The deep political crisis of Augustus' Principate had many subtle consequences on the overall Roman society and the Classical civilization as a whole. The...
  20. VHS

    Are principles of Baha'ism compatible with Islam and Christianity?

    At least for the current moment, the principles of Baha'ism are extremely quixotic or idealistic; they also work against the current nationalist interests. Let's have a look: are these principles against Islam and Christianity or other major religions? Buddhism and Daoism aren't interested in...