1. LatinoEuropa

    Which country in the world has more churches?

    I say Brazil.
  2. C

    German Churches Historiography

    Does anyone have any examples of any historians who believe that the german churches became the tools of the Nazi regime? Im doing my advanced higher dissertation on the role of the churches 1933-1939. Cheers!
  3. B

    Were there non Anglican churches in England around the 17th century

    My understanding was that all churches were Catholic before the break with Rome. Afterwards, they were Anglican, although Mary I and Cromwell changed things more of less uniformly in certain directions. They have "Quaker meetings". Part of that may be theology that the emphasis was not on...
  4. B

    Established Congregationalist Churches and the meaning of the 1st Amendment clause

    My understanding is that while the establishment of the Anglican Church in other states ended with the American Revolution, it continued with the Congregational Church in New England into the 19th century. When did it end in various states? Also, the 1st Amendment says "Congress shall make no...
  5. Pacific_Victory

    Attempts to Reconcile the Catholic and Orthodox Churches

    I was just listening to a History podcast, and they mentioned that Tsar Alexander I, who was an admirer of Catholicism, sent a secret message to the Pope asking about possible reconciliation between the two Churches. This was in the 1800s! I thought that all attempts had ceased in the Middle...
  6. B

    Spanish Romanesque Art (11th, 12th centuries)

    Link to Spanish Romanesque Art (11th, 12th centuries)
  7. B

    Spanish Romanesque Art (11th, 12th centuries)
  8. Y

    why have churches entrance from the west

    Hello. Why have churches entrance from the west and the altar on the east?
  9. Menshevik

    Should churches and other places of worship be taxed?

    Should churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious temples be taxed? Why? Bonus question: (answer it to get bonus points;)) What's the difference between a church and a charity? So far as tax purposes are concerned? If a church helps the poor then they're a charity, right? Ergo, if we...
  10. VWPowered

    The Travels of VWP (France - Chateaux, Churches and Dead Autos)

    Hello all, its been a while since i last posted anything here, but as i have lived in France for nearly 10 years i have seen a lot of different sites of interest so thought I should post up some of my finds, if i can provide a little history too then i will, i'll start this post with 5 locations...
  11. C

    Europe's Greatest Medieval Churches

    Salisbury Cathedral, England, 1220. It's length is 134.7 metres (442 ft), height 123 metres (404 ft). Of course all of the original medieval stained glass, altars etc are gone, but the building itself is almost intact.
  12. Kirialax

    Taking sanctuary in churches

    At least in the east, churches were supposed to provide sanctuary to fugitives. I would guess these ideas pre-date imperial Christianity, but does anyone know of any notable examples from that period? What sort of rules and regulations governed just what sort of people could take refuge in a...
  13. Uhtred

    William I 'plundered' English Churches

    In Spring 1070 the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (versions D & E) simply states that- “The king had all monasteries that were in England [to be] plundered” Presumably this act, apparently at the suggestion of William FitzOsbern, was to confiscate the riches that wealthy surviving Englishmen had...
  14. pbl1998

    Cathedrals, Churches and Monasticism

    I have a great interest in Cathedrals, Churches and Monasticism, so I thought I'd make a thread on it! Any general discussion about Cathedrals, Churches and Monasticism!
  15. zigurat

    Empty churches in Europe now and historically.

    Is not it time to return to the faith. Remember terms like morality, honor, respect for the other as to himself. Faith in the Balkans helped the survival of nations. Can Europe again be a major factor leading the world with a stronger faith and morals. The market economy leads to faith only...
  16. Mangas Coloradas

    Russian Orthodox Churches.

    In all my travels around Russia these churches have always caught my eye. I'm not religious by any stretch but I'll give credit where credit is due. Were I Bill Gates or one of those mega rich types I'd live in something like this, watching the video though I have a hard time choosing the...
  17. CIowa

    muslims burning churches

    Riots break out in north as Jonathan wins by landslide - NIGERIA - FRANCE 24 I understand everything in this horrible article save for one matter. Who's burning mosques?