1. Haardrada

    What if Hannibal had actually taken Rome and other key cities?

    After defeating the Roman armies repeatedly, Hannibal still managed to be defeated by Rome.Had he taken Rome and other key cities could he have essence in those circumstances could Rome have bounced back?
  2. Futurist

    Cities and territories that begin with "New"

    I've noticed that, as a result of European colonization, there are a lot of territories and cities that begin with "New." These cities and territories are usually named after some city or territory in Europe. Here are the territories and cities that begin with "New" that I can think of from the...
  3. RidiculousName

    Why Don't we Siege Cities?

    In modern warfare it always seems like cities reduce the benefit of having better war technology than your enemy. However, I keep hearing about city "sieges" from WW2 onwards that involved less surrounding and waiting and more throwing troops into the meat-grinder. Why do this? If you have a...
  4. J

    German Cities Wars of 1377-89 and 1449-50

    Can anyone recommend good studies of the First and Second German Cities Wars, of 1377-89 and 1449-50?
  5. Futurist

    France withdraws to the coastal cities of Algeria in 1962

    What if, instead of completely withdrawing from Algeria, France would have withdrawn to the coastal cities of Algeria (specifically the ones with a large pied-noir population)? Could France have held out indefinitely there? Or would staying there have eventually become too costly for France...
  6. Jake10

    Why is violent crime still rising in American cities?

    Are gangs to blame for these rises? Or, are there other reasons? Violent Crime Is On the Rise in U.S. Cities | Time
  7. K

    Did the Spanish destroy most Incan cities?

    This may sound as a stupid question as I don't know how many Incan cities survived till today or are still standing or not. Did the Spanish destroy most of the Incan cities during the 16th century conquest or did they allow a majority of Incan cities to remain as they were while assimilating the...
  8. tomar

    How did civilizations select locations for cities ?

    Is there an understanding of how the civilizations of antiquity picked spots for cities ? Clearly some were great choices (Alexandria, Constantinople, Carthage and a few others come to mind)...Others less so So was there a formal process ? (or was it dumb luck) What were the criteria ? Were...
  9. JM1906

    Biggest cities in Sub Saharan Africa (500-1500)

    Considering the discussion around Sub Saharan civilizations before colonial influence, I came across interesting cities and kingdoms I didn't know. In terms of Kingdoms, I knew a few by name, but now I want to know where were the major cities, in any area, between the period of 500-1500...
  10. T

    Colonials Towns And Cities Before Independence

    Before independnce, how built up and developed did cities in the thirteen colonies become? We commonly think of these cities like Boston, Philadelphia, etc as big bustling important places, even back in the 1700s. But just how important, successful, and developed were they before the revolution?
  11. F

    How Did the Ancients illuminate Their Cities

    Although the Romans destroyed Carthage's history (to Scippio goes the spoils, LOL), I wonder if anyone could tell me how the citizens illuminated the city. I know it was fortified by three separate walls, not including the huge naval port. Surely there had to be some way to provide light...
  12. H

    Did the Chichimecas have cities?

    I've come across mentions of "population centers" (e.g Tlaltenanpan or Zacatecas) belonging to the different peoples referred to as Chichimecas who lived north of the Aztecs, but what I'm curious about is whether any of those Chichimeca cultures actually had any cities? Or were most of their...
  13. Rex Hiemis

    What is the reason of the decline of Anatolian cities during the 7th Century CE?

    What is the reason of the decline of Anatolian cities during the 7th Century CE? Most of the cities in Anatolia were left during the 7th c.
  14. A

    Which were the most entrepreneurial cities in different eras?

    Hello everyone, I'm completely new here, so forgive me if I'm breaking any norms. This looks like the perfect place for the help I need. We're looking for a name for a research project. We're trying to be creative with the name and one of the ideas is to name it after an ancient city with the...
  15. RomaVictrix

    Mycenaean Greeks in Italy: did they establish the first towns and cities?

    I posted these questions today at TWC. I have to admit this is a blind spot for me. I don't know much about this at all, although I know quite a bit about Greece proper during the Mycenaean period. Were the Mycenaean Greeks the first to establish towns and cities in southern Italy? Or did such...
  16. F

    Germany does not bomb british cities

    If in WW2 Germany would have focused their bombing on the british air force and navy instead of cities would Sea Lion be plausible?
  17. dlnewhouse

    Tent cities

    How many Americans live in tent cities?
  18. F

    Size of ancient Greek and Chinese cities?

    I was reading about the first cities in Greece and China and was confused by the area too population ratio of them, Here Is says that 'At its peak in 1350 BC, the citadel and lower town had a population of 30,000 and an area of 32 hectares' and for this...
  19. D

    Be in ancient cities at it's glory time

    When I was very young I had traveled to an ancient city and from that moment I am dreaming to see it in it's glory time. I believe this is a question that many visitors asking themselves. am i right ?
  20. F

    Cities built by Africans Part III

    Hey guys. Here is part III of my series. For those of you who have not seen it, don't be mislead by the title of the video. It is merely clickbait. ePT-mXtWQyo Here are parts I and II if you have not seen them yet. m-pZTI9UWPg AmcWj_uCPfY