1. M

    Citizen Army vs Professional Army

    One thing I have always been curious about is whether the transition from a citizen based army in Republic to a partially based professional based army in the dying days of the republic and a fully professional army beginning under Augustus actually increased its combat effectiveness. There are...
  2. A

    Is Jesus Christ a Roman citizen?

    I know I'll get criticize for this and taking heat. But since Jesus was born and raised in the Roman Empire. Politically speaking. Should he be considered....Roman? Look I'm not being blasphemous or heretical. Just a curious question. Also I don't know if there's another thread like this.
  3. I

    How would a Roman citizen address ...

    Basically, how would a citizen or soldier in the Roman Empire address: 1) A king/client king ("My King." "My Lord" and so on ...) 2) An Emperor 3) A general Looking for typical address when speaking directly. Thanks in advance.
  4. Brisieis

    Clothing of the average citizen

    In which part of the world did the average citizen have the best type of clothing. To define best I mean cosmetically and quality wise. In particular I am interested in ancient history and the middle ages, but any era will do if you have knowledge to share. Any images posted would be great...
  5. Y

    Feeling like a true citizen again: Finally, Greeks vote on the 6th of May!

    On the 6th of May, I will be a citizen again. I will have my only remaining constitutional right that is still functional: I will, finally, vote for my parliament and government. It feels so good to be able to have an opinion, despite several questions rising about the efficiency of that...
  6. jeroenrottgering

    What do you consider yourself to be: A world citizen, a continental citizen......

    For example if you live in New York what do you consider yourself to be? A world citizen, an American, a US citizen or a New Yorker? or A world citizen, an European, a Frenchman or a Parisian? With what do you feel the most connexion? Your planet? Your continent? Your country? or your city?
  7. bunyip

    Pierrepoint and Citizen X

    This is modern history. Two excellent films based on recent history. 'Pierrepoint' is the unsettling story Albert Pierrepoint,Britain's last official hangman,starring Timothy Spall. ' Citizen X' is the story of Andrei Chikatilo, a...
  8. Rasputin1234

    U.S. Tries to Assassinate American Citizen in Yemen

    Yemeni source: Drone strike misses al-Awlaki, hits two supporters - CNN A recent drone strike reportedly missed American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, an alleged Jihadist figure and Al Qaeda member in Yemen. America is in the business of assassinating its own citizens without trial now, without...
  9. arras

    What does it mean to be good citizen today?

    A Presentation of U.S. Department of Homeland Propaganda: YouTube - US department of homeland propaganda WMV V9
  10. Naomasa298

    Iran executes Dutch citizen

    BBC News - Iran hangs Iranian-Dutch woman Sahra Bahrami Supposedly, she was an "international drug smuggler" (who just happened to join in the anti-governmental protests). Does anyone else find that plausible?
  11. Nick

    Canadian WW1 Vet to become Canadian citizen

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - Canada's last known surviving veteran of World War One is becoming a Canadian citizen, the government said on Friday. John Babcock, 107, was born in Canada but became a U.S. citizen in 1946 and had to give...