civil rights movement

  1. liamsmith2013

    What primary/secondary sources can be used when writing a dissertation on Eisenhower and his engagement with the Civil Rights Movement?

    President Eisenhower is not famously known for his engagement with the Civil Rights Movement. However, upon inspection, he surprisingly contributed a significant amount to the advancement of black civil rights during his presidency. This is why I want to write my university dissertation on how...
  2. L

    How'd the civil rights movement compare to earlier attempts to attain black rights?

    This includes before the Civil War, the Reconstruction era, and the early to mid 1900s.
  3. T

    Nasty historiographical question on the Reconstruction and Civil Rights eras

    How has the success of the civil rights movement changed how the history of the Reconstruction era is written? Any help would be appreciated on ideas/ways to answer this question. Really stuck on it.
  4. J

    Martin Luther King Jr's assessment of the Civil Rights Movement

    In 1967, MLK said: “For the vast majority of white Americans, the past decade – the first phase – had been a struggle to treat the Negro with a degree of decency, not of equality. White America was ready to demand that the Negro should be spared the lash of brutality and coarse degradation, but...