1. Commodus

    Favorite Civil War story?

    The American Civil War is an incredibly interesting time in history, full of big personalities and big leaps in warfare - from tactics to the technology armies used. And as it's a subject of such interest to this forum, and so many of you are very learned on the issue, I thought it would be nice...
  2. Millennium 7

    Grand Strategy in the American Civil War

    I have an impression, when it comes to strategy in the ACW: that there was none. The famous Anaconda plan was first rejected than, in practice, piecemeal adopted by the Union. Lincoln seems to have been driven by the necessity of "showing something" at the next political appointment. The...
  3. B

    What was the size of the various factions during the Spanish Civil War?

    What was the size of the various factions during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 (e.g., CNT, Popular Front, Falange, Carlists)? Ideally if possible there sizes at different points in the war.
  4. Dios

    Faked 1860-1940 Era Photos: Pterosaurs/Pteranodons/Thunderbirds

    Does anyone know the story behind these? I'm not a photo analyst. Some of these are fakes. Why would anyone bother to do that? Is there a story? Let's presume they're ALL fakes. What's the motivation? Selling the photos at a premium? There are more pics .......
  5. redcoat

    Firing an English civil war mortar at a modern caravan

    Bunch of nerds firing a mortar at a caravan, it's good fun :laugh: MfWKb0BSi6k
  6. jameen

    Winning the Chinese Civil War

    What Chiang Kai Shek must do in order to win the Chinese Civil War?
  7. frogsofwar

    The American Civil War - Bashing American Tradition

    I often allege that the ACW was a war fought between fairly undisciplined/unprofessional armies led by over-promoted junior officers. This is not to say that the American Civil Was not militarily or politically significant, or that some of her generals weren't talented. It is to say that most...
  8. EmperorTigerstar

    Civil War Insults

    Sometimes I find that Civil War generals or leaders have really funny insults or put-downs. Post some of your favorites here: "You have played the part of a damned scoundrel, and are a coward, and if you were any part of a man I would slap your jaws and force you to resent it.” - Nathan B...
  9. L

    How'd the civil rights movement compare to earlier attempts to attain black rights?

    This includes before the Civil War, the Reconstruction era, and the early to mid 1900s.
  10. K

    Civil war sword

    Can any body tell me about this sword it has a name on one side and initials on other
  11. R

    Could the Tsar have won a civil war in 1917?

    If Tsar Nicholas II decided to fight it out instead of stepping down, could he have founded enough troops to fight for him?
  12. LatinoEuropa

    Portuguese Civil War

    The Portuguese Civil War, also known as Liberal Wars, Miguelista War or War of the Two Brothers. is a part of the history of Portugal. Maybe less known
  13. N

    Civil War antebellum - Specific prices of imports to South with tariffs

    I was investigating the claim, not trying to argue for it. I don't want controversy, so I'll just delete the OP and want this thread closed.
  14. M

    Were there any Southerners who fought for Union during Civil War ?

    Whenever I look at US Civil War history it appears like Confederacy was one solid block of South and Union was complately from North. Was it like tht or were there individuals/communities who fought for North/South vice versa despite their ancestral origins do not belong there ? Were there any...
  15. artistauthor

    What might have happened had the Whites won the Russian Civil War?

    Although in reality, the White(anti-Bolshevik) forces were handicapped by what historians like Orlando Figes( A People's Tragedy: Russia, 1890-1924) aptly termed their unimaginative and inflexible political programme(which in as much as it had any coherence, could be termed "putting the past...
  16. Viperlord

    Viperlord's Civil War Book Recommendations

    Hello, all. I thought I'd offer up a list of some of my favorite/essential American Civil War books for anyone looking to do some reading on the subject. I'm relatively well-read on the ACW, but the field of scholarship on it is immense and goes well beyond my recommendations here, so consider...
  17. Frank81

    Syrian Civil War: military operations (the show must go on)

    I open this thread to discuss "normal" military operations in Syria, away of the great powers clashes in the area. The SAA conquered 1,200 km2 south of Hama and north of Homs, a long standing pocket finally subjected, that Rebels used to block easy transit between Latakia and Damascus. The...
  18. jameen

    If the KMT won the Chinese Civil War

    How will you describe China after the victory of KMT against Mao Zedong's Communist guerillas and How will you describe China today under the KMT leadership?
  19. K

    Folk healers in the American Civil War?

    Given the history of various folk healers, Appalachian granny magic, and Louisiana voodoo in the South, are there any accounts of soldiers going to some of these people to seek treatment either for physical wounds or mental problems (like symptoms of PTSD)? It's an interesting aspect of Southern...
  20. JaddHaidar

    Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990)

    43 years (and a day) ago, on 13th of April 1975, the decade and a half long Lebanese Civil War started. A bit of background information. Since the declaration of independence from France in 1943, Lebanon has always had a fragile (yet sustainable) peace due to a variety of reasons, whether it's...