1. Imperia

    Was Rome's fall good or bad?

    When Rome fell was it good for the development of the West and the rest of the world? With Rome still existing, would we have modern democracy and equal rights for all men and women? Would you have: lay state, homosexual marriage, female suffrage and universal vote? Would the West have...
  2. M

    The Nuragic Civilization

    Since I think some people here might be interested in this old and peculiar civilization, and since it is hard to find up to date manuals in English about it, I decided to make this topic. Here I will try to describe this civilization, which lasted for a millennium and which underwent noticeable...
  3. Spike117

    Who Gets To Be A Civilization?

    Watched an interesting video today: IIEKI-MWQ94 Some of it, at least the beginning, is talking about the game, but it really does dig into the question and tie it in with history quite well.
  4. C

    Answer my question please... It's all about maya and aztec civilization

    Questions: 1. What are causes the declined of maya empire? 2. How does Aztec empire came to power? Please share your ideas about these topic, because I need it to increase my own understanding about the maya and aztec civilization... Thank you in advance...
  5. F

    The Mayan civilization built from cubit expulsion?

    Before we start the article, let's first define cubit mysticism. In Solomon's day there were three cubits: A land cubit, a building cubit, a gold cubit, all of which had many disciplines. For instance: Tomb builders employed sacred astral discipline. Jewelry and decorative works employed...
  6. B

    India - only major vegetarian civilization?

    Am i right in thinking that India is unique in the fact that compared to other major civilizations like China, Europe, Middle East etc. it has had a significant percent of its population being vegetarians by choice. I know in the past people didn't eat as much meat as they do now as it is an...
  7. Robert165

    Does Western Civilization really have superior values

    Look, normally I am very critical of Capitalism, Imperialism, and Western Powers in general. During these discussions a rebuttal is often brought up. That rebuttal is that even if the West is not perfect they do have some very good qualities. Qualities like: Freedom Individuality Democracy...
  8. RomanEmperor

    European Civilization Headed for Extinction?

    These are mid-range projections. Really quite scary. Can you imagine? a sixth of BRITAIN? 20% of Sweden? I wish people would wake up. Provocative and Irrelevant graphic removed by moderator.
  9. G


    I am here to discuss ancient civilizations and to encourage finds of pre- mesopotamian civilizations. If we followed ancient river patterns on a map of the current world, overlayed with continental movements we'd locate information in the ocean. This happened through the movement of the plates...
  10. RidiculousName

    The Dacian/Getae Civilization and Military

    I am curious about the Dacian civilization under King Decebalus. Essentially, how "civilized" were the Dacians? How well-organized was their military? Did they live in a feudal society? How were their soldiers organized in a battle?
  11. G

    What was the first Civilization?

    Hi gays, I am new in this forum, I am a beginner history student. First I want to know about what was the first Civilization ever lived I am confused someonw said this one is old and someone said that was the oldest. I have to know with the latest research. hope so forum will be helpful...
  12. artistauthor

    Would the Geneva Convention apply in a war between Earth and an alien civilization?

    I saw for sale two DVDs- each dealing with the theme of a war between Earth and an extraterrestrial civilization, "American Warships" and "Battlefield: Los Angeles" recently. During the latter film, a US Marine disembowels a captured alien(not in the heat of combat but to interrogate him/her)...
  13. VHS

    Space faring human civilization since 350 CE

    This is the premise of an online novel I read, the title is Three Kingdoms: The Biochemical Freak (三国之生化狂人) Under the help of a virus called "saint", Yuan Fang, a modern military personnel (or experimenter) in the body of Yuan Fang, the...
  14. J

    The Horserider Civilization Theory

    (I made this post in another discussion but thought it was important enough to have its own thread.) I want to make the case that certain hunter-gathers had a better food surplus than early agriculturalists due to the fact that some of them were traveling and hunting on horseback and were...
  15. David Vagamundo

    What is a "Civilization"?

    Rome, Japan, Britain, Inca--none is a civilization as I would use the term. Nation, empire, culture? yes; civilization? no. In my view, these are the civilizations: Eastern (China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Indo-China) Middle Eastern (Persia, the Arabic Middle East, North Africa, India...
  16. EternalWay

    Indus Valley Civilization Cemetery Unearthed in India

    I stumbled across a National Geographic video today which showed a cemetery experts believed to have belonged to the Indus Valley Civilization being unearthed at Rakhigarhi in Haryana, India. According to the information presented in the video, "46 partial and complete skeletons were found...
  17. trhowd

    African civilization and Arabs

    Hello, a lot of racist use this image on 4chan : Can someone debunk it? Usually I say this is normal as civilization usually do trades, and that we can do the same thing with West Europe.
  18. Maria0mimi

    The British civilization

    Good morning kings and queens, I am looking for this book"British civilization: an introduction" by Jhon Oakland in his 1ST EDITION 1989. I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet, so please if you have a copy send it to me and I will be grateful.:):):)
  19. F

    Some parts of "Civilization" for the dustbin?

    Here "Civilization" is short for the "Western Civ." or (Western) European -and extensions complex. Some worries about its disappearance (Spengler: "Untergang des Abenlandes"). what if it would be better to get rid of some of its elements?
  20. C

    Indus valley Civilization

    Why iranian Neolithic population decided to Migrate to Western India and Indus Valley region ?