1. plant

    English claims to France: medieval “blowback”?

    Could the 100yrs war be considered ‘blowback’ from the Norman invasion of Britain? With the benefit of hindsight....the 100yrs war seems to me to be one of the most pointless series of battles in history. Would anyone disagree?
  2. Futurist

    Territorial claims in Europe in the pre-WWI and post-WWI time periods

    I want to do a list of territorial claims in Europe in the pre-WWI and post-WWI time periods. Basically, I want someone to correct me if I missed some territorial claim(s) and/or got anything wrong. Anyway, here goes: Pre-World War I: *France: Alsace-Lorraine *Belgium: Malmedy? *Germany: None...
  3. S

    How would you respond to these ignorant claims about African history and bad culture?

    So some moron recently told me this on Trump's shithole comments, his reason why he thinks they are shitholes is due to culture: "The truth is, neither is a positive thing to say, but I think what Trump was getting at is that these countries are unstable and have some bad cultural aspects but...
  4. Valens

    FYR Macedonia's Claims on Ancient Macedon Herritage

    This is still a controversial subject in the Balkans, especially for Greeks and Macedonians. I thought we could discuss it in the historical, but also cultural and, inevitably political context. The modern country of Macedonia, became a...
  5. F

    Fantastic claims about unsuccessful undetected plots & attempts

    When someone claims that some years ago, he planted a bomb somewhere close enough to kill his target if detonated, but the bomb somehow failed to detonate, he then removed the bomb without being detected by the authorities, what record does he have to corroborate his claim? When some group...
  6. VHS

    Typical claims in Christian pamphlets?

    Personally, I have not read these pamphlets for many years, but what are their common claims? The appeal to authority sounds like one, but are all these claims that certain famous figures are Christians simply false? Do you expect them to be as porous as a piece of pumice?
  7. M

    The Hereditary Claims of Franz Josef

    Emperor Franz Josef (1830-1916) ruled a large realm with many lands in it. But he could make more or less valid claims to rule many other lands in Europe. I will start off with his claim to rule Serbia. Serbs lived in parts of the Kingdom of Hungary, the Kingdom of Croatia, and Bosnia, so...
  8. F

    How trustworthy are ancient sources (e.g., claims about invincibility)?

    Do you think ancient sources are corroborative enough (contemporaneity, meticulosity, multiple attestation) for extraordinary claims such as invincibility? Which one(s) in the list, do you think, could still claim invincibility...
  9. S

    Female police officer joins Army Infantry, claims it will be “similar” to her job

    Due to the possible controversial nature of the subject, if this topic doesn't belong here then by all means move it to the appropriate place. However since this is concerning the military and its historic significance I thought I would post it here. Is this woman Naive perhaps? She has no...
  10. Valens

    WikiLeaks claims Panama Papers are a US funded attack on Putin and Russia

    It was published on WikiLeaks Twitter account, but I don't know are we allowed to give links to Twitter here. It says Panama Papers are funded by the US via USAID and Open Society Institute.
  11. Graveyard

    Brasillian Territorial Claims

    I know for a fact Brasil claimed/had controlled northern bolivia, some small part of Acre that was ceded to Peru, Large portions (proportionally) of Ecuador and some small lands from Colombia. Pirara region of Guyane was also claimed (divided by British Guyane and Brasil). Uruguay aswell was...
  12. The Fan of History

    Armenia claims invention of Cavalry, horse breeding and chariots

    This Armenian site makes a lot of very bold claims that seems very interesting if they are true Horse breeding Archives - PeopleOfAr How legit is this? As far as I know Cavalry is first attested in Assyria under Tukulti-Ninurta in the 880s BC and horsemanship comes from the Russian steppes...
  13. HusKatten

    Omans claims and rivalry with Portugal

    Ya'Aruba dynasty (wikipedia) In 1624 Nasir (...) al Ya'Aruba was elected imam in the Omani interior, effectively starting the Ya'Aruba dynasty that would lead Oman to a golden age. Nasir unified the tribes of Oman and expelled the Portuguese from the coastal regions, unifing the country under...
  14. RoyalHill1987

    Jesus was a Buddhist monk? BBC documentary claims the resurrection is fake

    This fascinating documentary claims that Jesus did not die on the cross, but instead survived. Drawing parallels with the story of the birth of Jesus and the Three Wise men who followed a star, they compare this with the Buddhist concept of reincarnation, where wise men often take long journeys...
  15. Aleeacerix the Gaul

    Macedonia name issue and cultural claims.

    Should the Republic of Macedonia or the FYROM claim the name Macedonia as their country's name and claim that they are truly the cultural descendant of the Ancient Macedonians( not genetically). My opinion on this issue is that FYROM can keep it's name as Macedonia, but they should drop their...
  16. A

    Territorial Claims of the 'Islamic State'

    Modesty is a virtue: Umayyad Caliphate + Abbasid Caliphate + Ottoman Sultanate + a bit more here and there, particularly in Africa and Central Asia = Islamic State Curiously, they don't seem to consider themselves heir to the Muslim dynasties in India (Dehli Sultanate and Mughal Empire)...
  17. EmperorTigerstar

    Territorial Claims of the RoC

    Here is a map of territorial claims of the Republic of China/Taiwan. The parts in the PRC make sense and the claim over Mongolia and parts of Russia I understand. But could someone explain the reasoning behind the claims in Burma, Afghanistan, Tajikstan, and Pakistan? Did the ROC at one time...
  18. CathareHeretic

    Ebola: the FN claims the suspension of Air France flights

    he National Front believes Thursday that Air France has suspended its flights to countries affected by the outbreak of the Ebola virus to "protect the French against the risk of spreading," a statement said. "Marine Le Pen and the Rally Bleu Marine urging the French government to make...
  19. CathareHeretic

    Russia claims to have repelled an American submarine

    "The submarine was chased around the Russian territorial waters," said a representative of the General Staff of the Russian fleet. Russia said Saturday it had repulsed an American submarine approaching its territorial waters Thursday in the Barents Sea (north), in an incident that has not...
  20. CathareHeretic

    Priest Claims Hate Texts Are From Demon Spirit

    A Polish priest claims he has been getting hate texts - from a demon. Parish priest Father Marian Rajchel from Jaroslaw, a town in south-eastern Poland, said he started getting the texts after carrying out an exorcism on a teenage girl. But he said that the attempt to drive out the devil from...