1. RidiculousName

    How to Take Notes During Class?

    How do you take notes during class? I'm interested in learning what people's methods are since I tend to suck at this.
  2. R

    South Dakota Class vs. Yamato Class

    Which one of these would survive a one on one fight to the finish if it took place in 1944 or 1945? The South Dakota had better maneuverability due to being a lot smaller and had better fire control, but unlike the Iowa class it could not outrun the Yamato.
  3. K

    How“Free Trade” is killing the American Middle Class

    How Global “Free Trade” killed the Middle Class A capsule summary of why so-called 'free - trade isn't free, and why apparent price reductions of goods are in many cases an illusion. This brief article focuses on NAFTA, but incidentally offers some insight on the supposedly looming...
  4. F

    Elegant routines of leisure class in good old days

    When I watch costume dramas about the lives of members of the leisure class (like The Age of Innocence), I find their daily routines enviable: promenade, ballroom, concert hall, opera house, ... that ambience, that elegance, ... what a life! Could you give me a more complete picture of their...
  5. E

    Lion class battleships

    Okay, niche topic that's fascinating to me that I'm having trouble finding info on, so I decided to post it here! Studying the HMS Lion battleship class. The first two ships started construction in 1939 a few months before WWII and stopped shortly afterwards. My confusion is the following...
  6. R

    South Dakota class vs Yamato

    Who would win? Would the SD class' 16 inch guns be able to penetrate Yamato's main armor belt of turret armor? The SD class is a lot smaller than the Yamato so it may be able to outmaneuver it and dodge Yamato's shells while using its FC radar to land accurate hits on Yamato.
  7. Underground

    Grain export and liquidation of peasantry as a class in Stalin's Russia

    During the initial years of the Soviet regime, under Lenin, Russia was selling gold and jewelry to the West. These sales included robbed church gold and possessions taken from the perished "capitalists". When the gold export was exhausted, Russia could still offer sales of grain to the West...
  8. rascalhistorian

    Was doing research for my class & this site came up

    It looked interesting, so I signed up.
  9. M

    What was the grand tour undertaken by european upper class ?

    IWhat was the grand tour undertaken by european upper class ?
  10. C

    What if the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Samurai class didn't fall in the 1860s?

    What if the Tokugawa Shogunate had stayed in power, as well as the Samurai still staying as a privileged class, but modernization still occured under the Shogunate? In this alternate timeline, the Japanese Emperor's attempt to seize power had failed, so the flag of Japan would be the flag of...
  11. P

    1950's London - where lived the middle classes

    Hello for a book that I am writing I am looking for information on where the white middle classes lived predominantly in London in the 1950s. Any details or pointers toward possible sources will be welcome. Many thanks Pierre
  12. D

    How did modern farmers enter the city into a exploited working class?

    Britain is an enclosure movement that leads to the loss of land for the poor to become workers. What about the other countries? Or were farmers more exploited than workers in the 18th and 19th centuries?
  13. P

    history class

    In my early lessons in American history usually begins with the "age of Age of exploration." indigenous people were rarely mentioned at all. (At least until the settling of the colonies in Massachusetts, or Virginia. Where does history taught in elementary schools in Africa tend to focus as...
  14. James Cook

    How often would industrial workers become middle class in the 19th century?

    I apologize if this is a repeated question, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere. Working-class conditions were pretty poor on this specific period, and in Hobsbawm, 1975, it is said that it was very rare to anyone from the working-class to ascend to middle-class. But no numbers are provided...
  15. Shanks

    How does America and past empires benefit from a peasant class

    I was thinking to myself today, why is there a lowly, peasant, ghetto class? What benefit does a powerful nation get from millions of unproductive citizens? For ex. In America, welfare is nationwide and costs billions of tax payers/governments money. Why do we have such entitlements? What ive...
  16. B

    Officers and Promotions Based on Class and Connections

    I was talking to someone in Britain and got the impression that there you had to have gone to "public school" or something and have the right accent to be an officer. Senior officers are apparently usually really aristocratic. That is the way it was 300 years ago, but in the US you don't need...
  17. H

    Trying to place time period of military uniform for a history class

    I'm trying to place the time period this uniform came from, for a museum studies course I'm taking. They have it marked as Spanish American war, but the folks who did that have left and we cannot find the paperwork that supports that claim. Can anyone tell me anything about this type of...
  18. civfanatic

    Social Class and its Relation to Using Germanic or Latinate Words in English

    In Anglophone countries such as Britain, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, are lower-classes more likely to use words of Germanic or Anglo-Saxon derivation, while upper-class individuals are more likely to use words of Latin derivation? I ask because over 90% of English vocabulary with more than...
  19. OneOnOne1162

    The rise of the merchant class in medieval Europe?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a good documentary about the rise of the merchant class as a powerful force in Europe. A quick summary of the influences, reasons, events, effects, etc. would also be nice, especially if you know the topic but know of no specific documentary dealing with it.
  20. Y

    WW1 Australia conscription and social class

    When Hughes ran his conscription campaign in 1916-1917 Australia, it seemed that his supporters were mostly of the Upper and Middle class instead of the working class. So my question is: why was this the case? Didn't the upper and middle class provide officers who had very high casualties? So...