1. A

    Pre Classical European art

    Anything from the Neolithic to the 6th century bc goes Let's start with Minoan art, their frescoes were fount mainly at Knossos and Akrotiri, but other Minoan frescoes or frescoes influenced by Minoan ones were found at Hagia Triada and Thylissos in Crete, Phylakopi in the Aegean, Miletus in...
  2. James Cook

    A list of Classical medical writers

    I've been researching topics related to ancient medicine recently, mostly to learn what kind of medical knowledge Romans and Greeks possessed in different times, but it rapidly got hard to find new sources. The ones I had some contact with are Galen, Hippocrates, Cornelius Celsus, and Oribasius...
  3. S

    Casting from life in Late Classical Greek sculpture

    I understand that the sudden widespread improvement in anatomical precision in Late Classical Greek bronzes was due to the practice of casting from life rather than modelling the clay master by eye. There seems plenty of support for life casting view (Boardman and others), but a colleague is...
  4. I

    Poisons known in ancient Greece in the classical era.

    I only know of hemlock and snake poisons. Is there someone here who has a more detailed knowledge on this subject? The question is if there was a poison that was ingested that leaves the subject unconsience and with muscle pain if not fatal
  5. R

    Classical Chinese and Japanese prose fiction

    Which do you think are more important for world literature: the Chinese Chuanqi (short stories) or the Japanese Monogatari (full-length novels)? These date mostly from the Chinese Tang Dynasty to the Japanese early Kamakura, and represent a very vivacious, appealing kind of narrative, rich in...
  6. Kookaburra Jack

    Biblical and Classical Historians as Insiders and Outsiders

    In Arnaldo Momigliano,"On Pagans, Jews and Christians", 1987 the author writes the following .... Chapter 1: Biblical Studies and Classical Studies Simple Reflections upon Historical Method p.3 Principles of Historical research need not be different from criteria of common sense. And...
  7. R

    The most beautiful classical Asian poetry

    Ancient and Medieval Asia has produced many thousands of wonderful poems, from the first Sumerian mythological verses to the marvels of Persian love songs...India, China, Japan, all the Near and Middle East: in my opinion, few are the readers who are not enchanted by one or diverse aspects of...
  8. R

    Classical music quiz

    Hello all, Here is a very brief music quiz, the first in a series which I will present. 1. Which classical composer was descended from a king of Poland and from a famous philosopher? 2. Did Franz Schubert ever compose a true lyric opera? 3. How many dramas by Metastasio were adapted for use...
  9. aldo12

    Who destroyed ancient classical (Greek-Roman ) world ?

    Bill Warner says that Muslims destroyed ancient classical world during first Islam expansion.. battle after battle.. Moreover the Muslim did not preserve the knowledge because they were not interested in art science and so on.. Bill Warner says that the German Barbarians ( many of them were...
  10. Kookaburra Jack

    Was there a decline & fall of the Classical Philosopher in the 4th/5th century?

    By "Classical Philosopher" I refer to the (collective) lineages of Greek and/or Roman philosophers extending from Plato and Aristotle in the 5th century BCE through to the closure of the Platonic school in Athens 529 CE by Justinian I. [Agathias (Histories 2.31)] These lineages include those of...
  11. Kookaburra Jack

    Was there a "Decline & Fall" of the Classical Historian in the 4th century?

    Was there a "Decline & Fall" of the Classical Historian in the 4th century? By "Classical Historian" I refer to the lineage of Greek and/or Roman historians extending from Herodotus and Thucydides in the 5th century BCE through to Ammianus Marcellinus in the 4th century CE. It would appear that...
  12. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Prevalence of lamellar in the classical and/or roman world?

    While I was looking for representations of sol invictus and I came across this carving from Palmyra: At first I thought that it was from the byzantine era because of the halos and lamellar, but the style of the art quickly vanquished the thought. It's odd to me because I always assumed that...
  13. Naima

    Lost classical works

    Have any new classical text been recovered or discovered in the recent years? Is the overal amount of texts missing from classical age still on the 90% ?
  14. Kookaburra Jack

    Was there a "Decline & Fall" of the Classical Physician in the 4th century?

    Was there a "Decline & Fall" of the Classical Physician in the 4th century? By "Classical Physician" I refer to the lineage of Greek and/or Roman physicians extending from Hippocrates (and the Hippocratic corpus) in the 5th century BCE through to Galen in the 2nd century CE, and perhaps...
  15. W

    A very bad classical Greek pun

    What's a hoplite's favourite Pixar film? Finding dory! :laugh::notrust: You may now impale me with arrows.
  16. R

    Classical Ancient Civilizations

    Hello friends. Are these the 5 classical ancient civilizations: Ancient mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Indus Valley Civilization, Huang River Civilization ?
  17. I

    Classical Antiquity

    How was the Greek and Roman classical antiquity related to the Italian Renaissane?
  18. Salah

    who is your favorite Classical composer?

    The title of this thread pretty much says it all - who are your favorites among the big-name composers of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries? I'm not exactly a connoisseur of the subject, but I've gotten in the habit of listening to "best of..." clips on Youtube in the evening. It's a pretty...
  19. David Vagamundo

    Medieval Knowledge of Classical Authors in the West

    Last night I was rereading Lewis' Islam and the West, and he made the usual statement that Europe had lost touch with the Greek and Latin classics until the Muslims reintroduced them. While I realize this is the "received wisdom", I have also read that the classics were preserved in Europe...
  20. G

    2 Hindu epics,Brahmanas,Aranyakas & Upanishads are in Classical or Epic Sanskrit

    Where do these epics fit into the linguistic evolutionary stages of Sanskrit or do any of them fit into any other intermediate stage between the two?