1. Alcibiades

    Alexander the Great and Cleopatra Eurydice

    Do you think Alexander was accomplice of his mother Olympias in murdering Cleopatra Eurydice,the 7th and last wife of his father,Philip II,and their daughter Europa?Or did Olympias brought this about without his knowledge and without his approval? Discuss.
  2. cachibatches

    What evidence is there that Arsinoe was Cleopatra's half sister?

    As oppossed to full sister. I seem to remember being taught that, and it says so on wikipedia, but I can't find an ancient source or a good modern one. Do we know for sure who their respective mothers were? Cleopatra V? Berenice III?
  3. Zarin

    Cleopatra versus Zenobia

    Cleopatra of Egypt and Zenobia of Palmyra were both very aggressive and powerful Queens that threatened Roman power. Zenobia even conquered Egypt and added it to her Palmyran Empire. Both women were highly ambitious and aggressive. Both were defeated by Roman generals and both were considered to...
  4. MinoanGoddess

    Queen of the Nile

    Cleopatra/Queen of the Nile hailed the new goddess Isis-Demeter-Venus ruler of the Ptolemies and all Hellenistic kingdoms revealed by your golden sphinx diadem: You obeyed the prophecy of your advisors and you fate was cast in 31BC at the battle of Actium when without reason your naval fleet...
  5. MinoanGoddess

    Best Choice for Power Couple~Julius Caesar or Mark Anthony & Cleopatra or???

    I often wondered how the Roman Empire would have turned out if dictator Julius Caesar was not assassinated and had reigned with Queen Cleopatra over the Roman Empire and Egypt. Would Caesar & Cleopatra have succeeded whereas Mark Anthony & Cleopatra clearly failed. What are your thoughts...
  6. T


    I was watching Cleopatra last night and was wondering, aside from having a land war strategy, how Cleopatra and Antony could've kept themselves from being killed? Do you think they just had bad luck?
  7. Brisieis

    Cleopatra Vs Olympias

    Cleopatra of Egypt Vs Olympias of Macedon No Mark Anthony involved, No Alexander involved. Equal troops on land, and just for an extra, what would the winning Queen do to the loser Queen?
  8. Niki86

    Cleopatra (Egyptian-Syrian TV series 2010)

    Cleopatra - DVD Review - Cairo 360 ‫ There was an Egyptian-Syrian TV series about Cleopatra in 2010, it looks interesting but unfortunately it appears that there are no English subtitles on the internet. Has anyone watched it?
  9. tjadams

    How Did Cleopatra VII Die?

    I just finished watching a tv show, "Unearthing Ancient Secrets: the Unsolved Death of Cleopatra" 2009 In it, it disputes the methods by which she is allegedly have died. No poison. No snakes. No suicide. It purports that Octavian had her murdered. What do the boards experts think?
  10. A

    Cleopatra birthplace?

    There has been a long debate about the birthplace of Cleopatra. While many believe its greek, Egypt is also considered by many scholars? Whats the truth ?:unsure:
  11. tjadams

    A. Jolie-Pitt to Play Cleopatra What I find more compelling is who will play Caesar? The man will have to be the correct age.
  12. Salah

    The Death of Cleopatra

    Tradition says that Kleopatra, daughter of Ptolemaeos Auletes and the last Ptolemaic "pharaoh" of Egypt, commited suicide by allowing an asp to bite her breast or arm (the breast version undoubtedly being a romantic addition to the story, I imagine the arm would be more practical). But - so...
  13. Salah

    Cleopatra and Antony win Actium?

    So what would have happened to the Mediterranean World if M. Antonius and Cleopatra had won the Battle of Actium 31 BC? I personally imagine that in the end the impact on history would not be particularly great, likely the war would just rage on for a few more years before the triumph of...
  14. A

    Why did Antony marry and supposedly seem to love Octavia when he was so in love with Cleopatra?

    Why did Antony marry and supposedly seem to love Octavia when he was so in love with Cleopatra? I am reading this book about the life of the men in the Second Triumvirate in Rome and I read that Octavian persuaded Octavia to marry Mark Antony to keep the peace. Mark Antony had just left Egypt...
  15. Verus

    Antony & Cleopatra

    Inviting discussion on the fascinating story of Marcus Antonius of Rome & Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. Theirs are often presented as & considered one of the great romances of history. Think plays, movies, poems, novels, costume parties & so on. Sometimes I'm not so sure how real it was. Were...
  16. fire_of_sekhmet

    Antony and Cleopatra's tomb uncovered? I sure hope this doesn't turn out to be the Egyptian equivalent of "Al Capone's vaults"! "Archaeologists have revealed plans to uncover the 2000 year-old tomb of ancient Egypt's most famous lovers, Cleopatra and the...
  17. Matoaka

    Cleopatra- The Last Pharoah

    Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator According to WorldEncyclopedia: "Cleopatra (69–30 bc) Queen of Egypt (51–30 bc). In 48 bc, she overthrew her husband, brother and co-ruler Ptolemy XIII with the aid of Julius Caesar, who became her lover. She went to Rome with Caesar, but after his...
  18. Commander

    Cleopatra commits suicide

    Today is the anniversary of the day about 2000 years ago Cleopatra committed suicide. Here is a little story about her death. CLEOPATRA COMMITS SUICIDE: 30 BC Cleopatra, queen of Egypt and lover of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, takes her life following the defeat of her forces against...
  19. T


    Was Cleopatra of Egypt the greatest queen to ever live?