1. MrKap

    16th century Africa maps (Climate Change)

    There are quite a few maps from the 16th century that depict Africa with rivers. Big rivers. Bigger than the nile. FROM: Is there any archeological evidence on port trading cities, or perhaps...
  2. Linschoten

    The conceptual penis and climate change

    A glorious parody of academic postmodernist discourse which was accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, 'Cogent Social Sciences' [sic]: Abstract: Abstract:*Anatomical penises may exist, but as pre-operative transgendered womenalso have anatomical penises, the penis vis-à-vis...
  3. F

    Climate in Africa

    I was talking to a friend of mine and he said that sub sabaran africans could not develop because their climate was very bad for agricultural societies due to the fact that some areas got no rain and some got too much rain.I pretty much don t know anything about climate science so could anyone...
  4. Kapyong

    Big Oil deliberately misled people on Climate Change : Harvard

    From: Exxon Mobil 'Misled' Public On Climate Change For 40 Years, Harvard Study Finds : Exxon Mobil Corp. deliberately deceived the public about the dangers of climate change for four decades, a new Harvard University study finds. For...
  5. Voltaires Hat

    Books on geologic/climate history of the world?

    I'm wondering if anyone has leads on works that have walked through geologic/climate change over the course of the earth's history, and how it affected living populations on earth? Links also welcome Cheers
  6. Naima

    Historical climate change maps?

    Hello are there any historical maps that show how climate changed over time from lets say the dawn of men and written words up till modern time and how men impacted slowly it?
  7. Ajax_Minoan

    When I joined the Climate Change crowd.

    I have no problems with at times being skeptical of science. Where I work at a University, we have won awards from our state for our protection of water quality; but we are also told pouring a Pepsi, or even bottled water on the ground can have a negative effect on the water table. I am...
  8. H

    US withdraw from Paris agreement of climate change

    congress of china approves Paris agreement today, the people's congress of china approved the agreement of UNCCC held in Paris. as you may know, the agreement of Paris, which is one important step trying to adopt to the drastic climate change, requires at least 55 countries who generating >55%...
  9. H

    global climate change---huge amount of ice-fall in tibet ngari

    two days ago, large amount ice fell in tibet--ngari. till now, nine people still missing. at the meantime, worry should be paid because this time, 6,0000,0000. m3 ice fell apart, rare ever seen. now, the mountains overlay in tibet and xinjiang and qinhai provinces of china provide the water...
  10. Aham Brahmasmi

    Trump : Ready to meet Kim , Scrap Climate deal

    Reference to current American partisan politics deleted by moderator. Partisan politics of any kind is not allowed on Historum. thread closed.
  11. Marcellus

    Did climate change end the reign of the pharaohs?

    The discovery of a tomb of a previously unknown queen is shedding light on a dark period of ancient Egyptian history. Archaeologists recently unearthed the 4,600-year-old tomb of Khentkaus III - a queen of the Old Kingdom - in a necropolis of Abu-sir, southwest of Cairo. Now one expert believes...
  12. K

    About the Global Warming Hiatus

    Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus, by Thomas Karl et al, has been getting rave reviews by Alarmists since it was published in early June by Science Magazine. In brief, a team of NOAA scientists set out to prove the purported 15-20 year pause in global...
  13. B

    The history of Climate Change

    From melting glaciers to the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to Greenland to the Siberian tundra, there are multiple challenges ahead for our world. Carbon has moved up to 400 parts per million of the atmosphere, the ocean is acidifying due to the amount of carbon that it's absorbing and methane is...
  14. Darth Raidius

    Best weapons for arctic climate?

    Imagine that Antarctica would become a nation with a defense force, or Greenland suddenly decided to become a military great power. What currently existing weapons are the most optimal for that kind of arctic climate, with the temperatures sometimes reaching as far low as -50 °C (-58 °F). All...
  15. A

    Climate Change conference and the poverty cycle.

    Assuredly the international issue of climate change is one for wondering in history if nations can come together at the goal of an agreeable belief that the economic state of globalized mankind can be understood with a common threat. Besides internationalism there is the probe of that the...
  16. P

    mpact of climate change on politics

    after this past weekend that brought out thousands including the general Sec of the U.N., and the Rockefeller Trust. will climate change become a political force?
  17. Futurist

    Large-scale population growth in "northern" world countries due to climate change?

    Large-scale population growth in "northern" world countries due to climate change? Does anyone here think that Russia, the Scandinavian countries, Greenland, Canada, and/or Alaska will (eventually) experience large-scale (or larger-scale) population growth due to climate change (specifically...
  18. Clemmie

    Did climate help Genghis Khan?

    Duplicate thread. see
  19. Nesimi

    Catastrophe (what happened in 6th century?)

    The extreme weather events of 535–536 were the most severe and protracted short-term episodes of cooling in the Northern Hemisphere in the last 2,000 years. The event is thought to have been caused by an extensive atmospheric dust veil, possibly resulting from a large volcanic eruption in the...
  20. BlackViper

    Before Climate Change was around...

    ...what other environmental disasters have humans created [let's say before the 1950s] The Great Plow Up of the 1920s in the Great Plains that assisted in created the 1930s Dust Bowl is a fine example. Any others?