1. Futurist

    How close was the U.S. to getting southern Ontario in 1783?

    I have previously read that Britain offered southern Ontario to the U.S. in 1782-1783 but the U.S. initially rejected this offer and Britain later withdrew this offer. Is this true? Indeed, would the U.S. have acquired southern Ontario from Britain in 1782-1783 had it immediately asked for it?
  2. F

    The role of Close Air Support in modern war

    I have some questions about the role of close air support in modern war.First:In a modern war between 2 professional armies using SAMs such as the Patriot and the S-400 can aircraft such as the F-16 ,Superhornet and F-15 be used before neutralizing the SAMs ?Also,will the advent of stealth...
  3. funakison

    Was U.S.A close to declaring war on Germany after Pearl Harbour.

    It has often been suggested on this site and elsewhere that U.S.A was close to declaring war on Germany in WWII, before Germany prempted them. Prior to Pearl Harbour America had refrained from a direct declaration of war, would the President really have declared war on Germany following Japan's...
  4. Foundry

    Is anyone even close to Napoelon in terms of pitched battles fought?

    Anyone really comes close to this guy in terms of pitched battles fought ?He seems to have fought around 60 which is astonishing because the people coming immediately next seem to have fought at most 20 or a bit more.
  5. gustavolapizza

    how close where we to a war between u.s. and uk before ww2?

    i never considered this possibility but on youtube i came across this documentary kS2AlIJ621c the first 20 minutes are the more interesting part. it states that the possibility was far from remote. what's your view on it?
  6. D

    Cuban Missile Crisis - how Close Were We to Nuclear War?

    Here's something I never knew about: How One Man Held off Nuclear War Astonishing, if it's true.
  7. Sobo

    Austrian foreign minister: close down med / abolish geneva convention nonsense...

    I fully agree with the new plan from Sebastian Kurz regarding the mediterranean route. He closed down the Balkan this spring and i´m very thankful for that. His new plan for the mediterranean sea is perfect as well. He plans to adopt the australian model All boats will be stopped on high sea...
  8. jehosafats

    How close were Kanem-Bornu and Turkey?

    Medieval African states intrigue me for their independence and the miraculous connections they established over long distances. Kanem/Kanem-Bornu was another one of those states where one constantly has to probe the depth and reach of their empire. Africanists are well aware the mai's of Kanem...
  9. Futurist

    Which countries were neutral but came very close to entering World War I?

    Out of curiosity--which countries always remained neutral during World War I but came very close to entering World War I at some point in time? Were there any such countries? If so, then exactly which ones (and on which side did they want to enter World War I)?
  10. M

    Heavy Bombers for Close Air support

    How capable are Heavy bombers for CAS? I believe in Vietnam, the American troops even deployed heavy B52s even when they were close proximity on the ground with enemy and it was accurate enough to hit. How do bombers like B52, B1 and B2 compare to the other conventional ground attack aircraft...
  11. Futurist

    Military invasions which have stopped close to a country's capital?

    I know that the German invasion of France stopped near Paris in 1914 and that the German invasion of the Soviet Union stopped near Moscow in 1941, but which other cases, if any, have there been of military invasions of particular countries stopping near a country's capital city?
  12. Naomasa298

    67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet seen close up

    The Rosetta probe is now close enough to the comet to discern the actual shape of the comet, and it's a fascinating shape: BBC News - Rosetta's comet seen in close-up I've never seen a celestial object quite this shape before.
  13. tornada

    How close is the film Noah to religious depictions?

    I just saw the film Noah, and was curious. How close is the film to various religious texts? My understanding of the Flood account, is that it isn't covered in much detail, which is what allowed the director and producer to insert some liberties. Ofcourse, its a film which must take some...
  14. The Major

    Were Americans close to being like the German's in World War 2?

    I know a lot of people will try to quickly point out the differences between the Japanese Internment camps in America and Concentration camps in Germany. People will often say "Well yeah but we never did what the Nazis did." When ever I hear that I think about saying "Please we were a stone's...
  15. BloodyPirate

    How close are we to the end times?

    Is the end of the world approaching soon?
  16. MarshallBudyonny

    How close are we to the Orwellian Nightmare?

    It seems to me that with every passing year we are drawing closer towards the scenario described in George Orwell's book 1984. News such as the NSA spying on millions of phone calls around Span and France and even bugging the phone of Angela Merkel makes me question whether the west is drawing...
  17. C


    In somewhat recent events Chinese people became outraged that an interview broadcast on Jimmy Kimmel's show suggested to American audiences that they should go to China and kill everyone so that if ever it comes to pay the Chinese back it would no longer be necessary. I am confused why it would...
  18. R

    Which king/commander/general was the best at hand to hand combat?

    I've always wanted to know, so I seek the knowledge of you fine people. If you had to take a guess and go off feats in battle, who would you dub as the best hand to hand combatant.
  19. wingerman

    Is the Sintashta culture Xia's hidden identity?

    I have just recently learned of a culture called the Sintashta culture whose proximity to Chinese realms makes it the likely candidate for the why the origin myths of China speak of Yellow (possibly blonde) four-eyed (double eyelids) emperor and that this may have been the culture that...
  20. diddyriddick

    Niece of Imperial Japanese Navy fighter pilot gets up close to plane like her uncle f

    "When Yukiko T. Howell climbed into the cockpit of the Zero, a Japanese fighter plane on Saturday, it was a moment for her to capture how her uncle might have felt when he flew the same model with the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II." Niece of Imperial Japanese Navy fighter pilot...