1. P

    tribal laundry

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how tribal societies historically dealt with the question of clothing hygiene? Did they have a lot of clothes that needed to be washed? Did they perhaps never wash the clothes? Did wash once a day? Would they wash once the big set of clean clothes gets...
  2. A

    Does anyone recognise this outfit?

    I recently purchased a painting from Germany described as a 'portrait of a gentleman in a hunting vest'. However, after a search online, I can't seem to find anything quite like it and I'm wondering whether it's more akin to a hussar jacket? It's likely to date to the 19th century. Can anyone...
  3. S

    What Countries Still Wear Traditional Clothes

    In which countries do regular people still wear traditional clothes as daily and regular clothing. Also, starting from which decade did traditional clothing become purely ceremonial in that country. Exclude religious practitioners such as Gurus, Yogis, Sadhus, Imams, Monks, Shamans, Priests...
  4. Sephiroth

    Favourite Traditional Asian Clothes

    By Asian I mean clothes from any culture on the Asian continent. I think the Kimono (from Japan) looks the best on women (though I believe China had something similar in one of its dynasties). As for men, I just go with the Deel (Mongols and Turkic peoples).
  5. The Alchemist

    Who makes your clothes?

    Clothes are one of the most personal aspects of our lives. But do we reflect on who and where those clothes are made and in what sort of conditions? Imagine what you're wearing was made by a child who works 7 days a week under 12 hour shifts. She never goes to school, never has time to play and...
  6. Fatima

    Clothes of Vatican Priests

    Who was the designer of these clothes? Byzantium? But possibly the Roman prototype existed?
  7. Gilda

    Sumerian women's clothes

    Greetings historians, I'm wondering if anyone knows what clothing options (if any) Sumerian women had. Sculptures I've seen generally depict them like this: Now that looks like it restricts the use of one arm. Men had the simple kilt: However, I can't jump to the conclusion that these...
  8. Earl_of_Rochester

    Historical clothes you can still get away with wearing today

    Hi all, A while ago I made a thread about how cool trenchcoats were and now I want to take it one step further by suggesting other items of clothing from the past which a discerning gentleman or lady might still wear today and look classy. Apparently Duxford Air Museum are selling RAF flying...
  9. Zeno

    When did hominids start wearing clothes?

    Was Homo sapiens the first to wear clothes? What are the oldest archaeological finds on this?
  10. Tommy Atkins

    Have you ever worn historic or reproduction clothes

    Like reenacts do, I haven't.. If you have, how did the experience make you feel?
  11. R

    What did knights wear?

    What did knights wear, when they werent wearing armour or what they wore when they were going to battle??? - if you can, i be glad if you described a everyday look for a knight :)
  12. DeliciousTomatoesYay

    How true are these clothes and armor?

    Naginata (Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon) - YouTube I saw something very weird: 1) The cavalry had flags, never saw them with THAT much flags in any movies except this one! 2) The giant shoulder pad on I believe Guan yu's armor? 3) The helmets they wore, were they historically...
  13. Patito de Hule

    Hanging up your clothes?

    A strange question just struck me. At night, what did the ancient Romans do with their clothes? Although I did a paper on Roman homes and furniture when I was in school, I don't remember anything about such matters. Surely they had hooks and/or hangers, but did they hang up their clothes or...
  14. Commander

    the history of clothes

    What time period do you think had the coolest clothes? Would you like to have dressed like a Medieval knight or a native American (with just a loin cloth on) or perhaps a victorian outfit with a huge white wig on.