1. H

    English Asylum Life for Victorian Women

    Hey guys, trying to do some research for a novel that's currently in the works but struggling a little bit. It involves an American woman in 1890s England (and on the low end of the upper class) being institutionalized (under the claim of, you know, 'hysteria', 'disobedience', and 'obsessive...
  2. E

    Disney Clothing Identification Help Needed

    Hello all, for a personal project I am trying to identify the names of various (presumably) historical clothing items. The problem is I have several items I want to identify and typing their descriptions in and then searching for hours can be very tedious. I imagine someone here could look and...
  3. M

    Cross from clothing worn by a saint?

    Can somone help to get information about this cross?
  4. H

    How to wear an antariya?

    Hi, I'm working in a comic that features numerous ancient cultures, including a fictional tribe based on ancient south asian cultures. Looking for references, I found out that people of that time and place wore antariya. However, I still haven't found good perspectives of that garment. Does some...
  5. O

    The clothing of the Indus "priest-king"

    Hello! As far as I'm concerned, neither such a headband nor such a garment are seen in today's India. Yes, some Brahmins were a garment with one shoulder bare, but the garment has no ornament. It is simply white or saffron. Such a headband was worn in the Roman Empire. The garment's...
  6. R

    Clothing of Hunter Gatherers

    Guys, can you post some pictures and discuss the clothing of hunter gatherers in various societies. I am also wondering what did foragers wear in tropical climate societies? Thanks alot.
  7. E

    Achaemenid Persia - Women's Clothing

    I'm reading that during this period women actually (in comparison to other contemporary nations) had a lot of power/rights. They could own land, earn their own wages, had some political power, were educated, could travel freely, etc.. But, there is nearly no depictions of them, while there...
  8. R

    Clothing in Ancient Africa

    Friends, what kind of clothing did people wear in ancient and medieval sub saharan Africa? From what I've read so far the Africans wore a cloth covering their limbs and nothing covering their upper body. It seems that this was the case with women too.
  9. M

    Heraldic clothing

    Here is a link to an article about medieval heraldic clothing.
  10. A

    Relationship between tight clothing and affection for children?

    What do you think of this hypothesis? The emergence of snug clothing - button-fastened garment and knitted clothes in the main - in the High Middle Ages slowly changed the attitude of parents to young infants from one of indifference to parental love. Before, parents were careful not to...
  11. King Arthur

    Late roman clothing

    A few questions about Late Roman Clothing: -How similar to Late Roman clothing would clothes be in Sub-Roman Britain? Would it be identical, or more "Celtic" (especially the patterns). Feel free to conjecture as we don't know much about SRB anyway. -Did men wear underwear? -I've read several...
  12. W

    Contemporary 15th century depictions of seafarers?

    Hope this is the right place to ask! I need some contemporary illustrations or written descriptions of the kind of clothing sailors in Europe would have worn at any point during the 1400s. It's for reenactment purposes so I need to be as accurate as possible with the costume. One thing I'm...
  13. Z

    Chinese official clothing/national dress Since Hanfu was rejected by the Chinese Olympic Committee as official Chinese clothing, what kind of dress today is seen as Chinese national dress?
  14. F

    Classiest feminine clothing designs

    My picks: crinoline tutu white gloves (elbow length)
  15. R

    Samurai Clothing and Appearance Question.

    After watching several samurai films through the years I noticed many men and women seemed to put some kind of paper or cloth in their kimono top. I've assumed that it was some sort of document, anything from some sort of samurai identification to grocery list, but I've no clue really. Any...
  16. C

    Late Roman clothing

    Hello, everyone! I was wondering, does anyone know what the late romans would have worn in 400-550 AD? What about the romano-britons in england, who were left "romanized"?
  17. L

    When people lived without clothing...

    I want to debate about this... How was life any different when people lived without clothing? how did the invention of clothing/dressing change human civilization, society and culture? Besides the weather, what made the first peoples feel the need to puts some clothes on? Discuss below...
  18. S

    Proto indo european clothing and armour

    Does anyone have a good idea of what proto Indo european clothing and armour would have looked like. If there's any artwork on it or something similar out there that would be great. Thanks for any info you can give me on the subject.
  19. Aberc

    Examples of clothing and styles in ancient India

    Art work shows the clothing and styles from the time of the Buddha to the death of Christ(few will be past that) in ancient India. Most of these people are upper class people. Most of the art are coming from three successors of Maurya's . >>>> Satavahana dynasty Sunga Kharavela
  20. D

    Need Help Urgently! On Ancient Islamic Clothing

    Hello comunity! I do not expect my entire School project to be done for me. But I have reached the end of my proverbial teather. I am doing a presentation on Ancient Islamic clothing 800 A.D - 1200 A.D with no specific geographical limitations. Now I was not able to find suficient information...