1. Willempie

    Genoa bridge collapse

    A bridge over buildings in Genoa has just collapsed, leaving dozens dead, possibly more To add something positive from this disaster:
  2. M

    The Reason of Axis Collapse at Tunisia in May 1943

    Surrender of German Italian Army Group Africa and collapse of Axis bridgehead in Tunisia in May 1943 does not have too much emphasis WWII in military history in general. However 260.000 German and Italian soldiers gave up their arms and surrendered and they along with all of their weapons and...
  3. Futurist

    Russia regathers a lot of its lost territories after the collapse of the Soviet Union

    What if Russia would have regathered a lot of its lost territories after the collapse of the Soviet Union? What effects would this have on present-day Russia? Also, for the record, the scenario that I am thinking of here is having Hitler get killed in 1923. Thus, here is no World War II and no...
  4. J

    Was the collapse of the Roman Empire one of the very best event in European history?

    The collapse of Roman Empire was a very very good event. Present-day nations and European cultures wouldn't exist otherwise. It was a Mediterranean culture rather than really European.
  5. R

    Did WW2 lead to the collapse of racism?

    Did WW2 and the Holocaust lead to the ideological collapse of white racialism at least. Or the idea that white countries and offshoots had an inalienable rights to their demographics? Did the Holocaust trigger modern day Western altruism and deligitimized racism? What will a world with WW2 and...
  6. VHS

    Zimbabwe (or Rhodesia) before the collapse

    It might have be relatively prosperous before the collapse under Robert Mugabe; a few myths may be here and there. Calling it a developed country before the collapse is a far shoot. A bread basket might also be baseless. Can we straight up the facts about the recent condition?
  7. VHS

    Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union

    Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union has always been an intriguing topic, and I know a history professor who has been repetitively interviewed for current events in Ukraine and Russia. I refuse to give his name here; I usually don't reveal my full identity. How was governance under...
  8. T

    Overthrow of solomonic dynasty in 1855

    Generally, Haile Selassie is thought to be last ruller of solomonic dynasty. However, closer examination of Ethiopian history , led me to surprising and even iconoclastic conclusion - solomonic (or rather "solomonic", as the claim of descend from Solomon is just legend, without historical...
  9. EmperorTigerstar

    Sea Peoples: Symptom or Cause of the Bronze Age Collapse?

    Extra Credits on YouTube had a good series about the Sea Peoples: a group of people whose identity is mostly mysterious that happened to invade a lot of places causing a lot of cities to collapse. Around the same time the famous and also mysterious Bronze Age Collapse occurred. The narrator of...
  10. Earl_of_Rochester

    Could Russia have been saved by the West from post Cold War collapse?

    After the fall of the Berlin Wall the Soviet Union collapsed and the influence of the COMECON fell away to allow the old buffer zone of the Eastern Bloc a degree of autonomy, this was followed by a twilight period of Liberal Democracy in the East which unfortunately didn't last. What we're...
  11. U

    Alternate History- The Great Collapse

    Imagine if an enormous natural disaster happened right now. This fictitious disaster will be called the great collapse. There is a enormous flood on each continent. After reading the list of floods below, what do you think would be the result, how would mankind today be changed? Floods: North...
  12. W

    If US done nothing , would the Communist World collapse from Internal Instability?

    I remember 3 years ago I witnessed an argument in a thread. The whole thing was on about the VIetnam War. One guy said that it was immorals for US to get involved in Vietnam because it caused so much suffering to the local VIetnamese.Furthermore, he added that the French and US should never...
  13. P

    bronze age collapse due to lack of tin?

    After the bronze age collapse, when the dark ages ended- why is it that the technology for weapons became MORE advanced (Iron vs Bronze) than before? Is this because the collapse was due to a lack of Tin to alloy- so that they could never return to Bronze weapon making?
  14. gustavolapizza

    men who single handedly caused the collapse of their own nations

    are there in history men, mostly ruler i suppose, we can point as the direct cause of the collapse of their own nations or civilizations? i'm not talking about a man that ended up to be there at the wrong time in history, like, i don't know the last king of france or the last emperor of rome (...
  15. Sertorius1066

    The collapse of the first Triumvirate

    The collapse of the first Triumvirate: Could this political alliance between Crassus, Pompey and Caesar lasted had a few events not happened? A) If Caesars daughter Julia had not died in childbirth could the alliance have lasted? B) Had Crassus not been killed in 53BC in the retreat after the...
  16. S

    Would Latin have still evolved into Italian if Rome didn't collapse?

    I have always wondered how the Latin language would have evolved if the Roman Empire did not collapse. Language evolves over time, how do you think Latin would have evolved if the western Roman empire had endured well into the middle ages? I'm thinking Latin might have evolved into something...
  17. larkin

    The collapse of the EU

    How would the world change? The creation of the Euro which seemed like a good idea at the time, can now hold countries against their will. Greece is a good example. Maybe that was it's purpose? Europe is no stranger to hyperinflation but when you have given up your own currency, where do you...
  18. kdbooklover16

    Is this fated to happen with empires?

    So, I noticed this trend about empires: It seems that, not too long after its Golden Age, it always seemed to go into decline. The main basic factors always seemed to be more or less the same: Political instability: caused by a lot of betrayal, intrigue, and a general list for power...
  19. VHS

    Collapse of Qin Dynasty discussion

    Qin Dynasty (or Qin Empire) was the most ephemeral dynasty that ruled most of what is known to be "China proper" today. In spite of the known military might, it might have been considerably smaller than Northern Song Dynasty. The rapid collapse of the Qin Dynasty has always been an...
  20. B

    What was the main reason for the collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union

    Hope I included all the choices