1. Imperia

    Why not the Netherlands instead of Spain?

    At the end of the 19th century Europe had three great colonial powers, the British, French and German Empire in accession. And it had 3 small colonial powers: Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. The Portuguese were protected by their Alliance with the British. But what prevented the...
  2. Imperia

    Competition created the West

    Competition in Europe arose after the fall of the Western Roman Empire when West Europe was divided into small and medium-sized nations that ceased to be provinces of a unified empire to turn the future colonial empires that conquered the world. My question is the West conquered the world...
  3. Futurist

    Why wasn't there much European settlement in France's North American colonies?

    Why wasn't there much European settlement in France's North American colonies? After all, apart from Quebec and Louisiana, Europeans don't appear to have settled in large numbers in any of the French colonies in the Americas. In turn, this raises an interesting question--why exactly was this...
  4. Imperia

    The Rise of West and the Fall of Rome

    When rome fell western europe divided into smaller powers (england, france, spain, portugal and holland and later germany), these nations competed with each other leading to the creation of colonial empires and imperialism; and the conquest of the world by the West. Meanwhile the east remained...
  5. E

    USA fails right away, reverts back to separate colonies.

    When the US first acquired independence many Europeans expected the American experiment to fail. What if it did and after four years of the Constitution things weren't working(let's say there was another less effective President because Washington opted to retire) and the Union was dissolved in...
  6. wigglywaffles

    How profitable were colonies?

    So on average were colonies profitable ? What colonies were profiable? Because I often read that colonies are often cost more to run then in tax monies they bring in, does it have to do with the massive amount of infrastructure that colonial powers? By colonies I mean territories that are...
  7. Naima

    Why Spanish and Portuguese colonies lagged behind?

    Compared to the British ones?
  8. R

    A star-crossed lovers story set in the Colonies, 1770s

    This is a story I'm planning to write. A British Redcoat general named Matthew (last name?) sails on a ship to the Colonies with his fellow soldiers due to the recently passed Intolerable Acts by "His Royal Highness", King George III. He is homosexual, and of course never tells anyone this, in...
  9. M

    Diplomatic status of 13 colonies at Yorktown surrender.

    When Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, to what type of fighting force did he surrender? Diplomatically, did he surrender to a criminal band of insurrectionists, or did he surrender to the colonies united as one, or did he surrender to 13 individual colonies? Likewise with the Treaty of...
  10. G

    Why did Japan not gain any colonies after WWI despite being on the winning side

    And what colonies could it potentially have gained or wanted to gain?
  11. Porter Rockwell

    Why are former western colonies still undeveloped?

    In de Gaulle's WW2 memoir, he writes frequently about his differences with Britain and America over colonial policy. Basically, de Gaulle felt like the pre-1939 French colonies were still French "possessions" and France would damn well decide what they were going to do with them and when they...
  12. danceswiththewolves

    13 colonies that became in 1776 the United States:questions

    1st question:Were the 13 colonies established only by Puritans? I'm not sure because I found information that Maryland was established by Lord Balyimore and he was a catholic... 2nd question: Was there a variety of languages in 13 colonies? I found somewhere that 85% spoke english and the rest...
  13. Aham Brahmasmi

    What happened to the Ancient Greek Colonies ?

    i know that Greeks in Ancient times conquered Southern Italy and colonized S.Italy, Spain and Afghanistan. some even Migrated to Egypt. so what happened to tm after greek Power waned ? Were they conquered? did the economy collapse or what happened? at one point in history the turks took over but...
  14. L

    Liberia & Sierra Leone: life in colonies ruled by freed Blacks

    How did the former enslaved blacks rule those colonies set up as a form of compensation or redress for slavery? How were they welcomed? treat the native people? I understand when Samuel Doe seized power in the 80s he was the first indigenous Liberian to be president. All former heads of state...
  15. HelpMe

    Identification of a german-colonial expedition book (*1894)

    Hey guys, some days ago I found a interesting book in our families bookshelf. It's name is "Mitteilungen aus den deutschen Schutzgebieten"; in english "Reports from the german protected areas/ colonies". If you take a look at the pictures I took, especially on the first page you'll see the...
  16. Z

    How many people in the colonies supported Britian?

    In the American colonies, how many people supported the Crown and against Independence? Was American independence popular? Did anyone think that Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, and Franklin to be a bunch of traitors and just did not want to be independent? Or was it popular? Colonialists...
  17. C

    What OTHER former imperialist countries have artifacts from their former colonies?

    In this week's episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver talked about how Britain refused to return the Koh-i-Noor diamond to India. He also argued that the British should return the diamond. Furthermore, he also argued that the British Museum is home to artifacts from other countries. To be...
  18. Futurist

    Exactly which European colonies were allowed to keep their monarchs?

    Exactly which European colonies were allowed to keep their monarchs? So far, I know that France allowed both Morocco and Tunisia to keep their monarchs after these countries became French protectorates/colonies. Likewise, I know that Britain allowed a whole bunch of princely states in British...
  19. EmperorTigerstar

    U.S. ambitions among European Caribbean Colonies

    Besides the obvious Cuba and Puerto Rico as well as the Virgin Islands, were there any major European Caribbean island colonies that the US attempted to or desired to acquire from them?
  20. S

    Did other early colonies see starvation on the same scale as Jamestown 1609-10?

    I know that in Jamestown in the winter of 1609-1610, about 154 of the 214 colonists (about 72%) at Jamestown died, due to a number of factors such as stunted agricultural production and problems with the English supply ships, leading to cannibalism the temporary abandonment of the colony. I...