1. academy

    The History of Duchy of Courland and Semigallia in 5 Minutes

    Here is a visual guide about the history of the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia that was one of the most prosperous European states in the mid-17th century. At one point it almost became the Dutch Republic 2.0 MOD EDIT: Video removed
  2. Darth Raidius

    What if the conquest of the Americas was fair?

    What if the European conquest and colonization of the Americas was a "fair" invasion? This would primarily mean that: - The native Americans are immune to the new European diseases (e.g. smallpox). - The native Americans do not sell or give up land to the Europeans willingly, and will not allow...
  3. P

    State of SEA before Indian colonization

    Can someone please explain what was the culture of SEA before Indians colonized the entire area? Did these people have their own: a) Script b) Religion c) Architecture d) Warriors e) Methods of agriculture and so on and so forth... Basically lands of today's Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia...
  4. J

    Colonization and Genocide

    I've just submitted a paper, English Genocide in Nova Scotia, to a genocide studies journal which I've been working on for the past year. If it's accepted I will be satisfied, otherwise I think it needs to be a book and I'll go back to work.:eek: It needs to be published. Love to hear from...
  5. RajDeva

    white colonization of India

    I was wondering why british and other european powers did not colonised India like they did in Americas and Australia. Like killing natives ( i know that 99.99% killed by disease so dont mention that). And invinting poor europeans to India.
  6. P

    role of the church & colonization

    What made the church an effective force of the European colonization?
  7. Fernando Perla

    English and French colonization of the New World

    Does anyone know why did English and French took so long to colonize the Americas? Spanish began colonizing the New World as soon as Columbus arrived in Bahamas. Portuguese arrived in Brasil in 1500 and began colonizing from that year. Instead, English and French began one hundred years after...
  8. V

    Colonization and empires: Mongoloid and Indians South Asian

    A lot of people don't know these part of history. Long before the European expansion. South Asia and Southeast Asia had been colonizing each other. The Australoid, Negrito, Dravidian, North Indian, Southern Mongoloid. Southeast Asia before it was colonized Southern Mongoloids, was first...
  9. A

    Where there Africans in the Americas before European colonization?

    I have encountered claims that Africans were in the Americas before Europeans, the most popular of the two being that the Olmecs were themselves African (which I find to be very questionable) and that Mansa Musa of Mali sent a naval fleet west that might've landed on South America. Is there any...
  10. Dexty

    European colonization of Africa

    Greetings! Lately i've been interested in the european colonial setup in Africa starting from the portuguese and spanish endeavours along the coast to the development of full organized colonies by most european powers. My question is simple: when did the focus/interest in Africa changed from...
  11. Futurist

    Additional colonization if World War I is delayed or outright prevented?

    If World War I is delayed or outright prevented, then exactly which additional countries, if any, could have become European (or Japanese) colonies (including protectorates)? Any thoughts on this?
  12. EmperorTigerstar

    Hospitaller Colonization in the Americas

    Literally a minute after learning of Courland colonizing an island in the Americas, I read that apparently the Hospitaller Knights established a colony over several Caribbean Islands. Another surprising contender in the colonial race. Apparently they colonized St. Christopher, St. Martin, St...
  13. EmperorTigerstar

    German Change in Colonization Policy

    At first, Bismarck thought that colonization wouldn't be a wise path for Germany, but then by the early 1880s (Merely a decade after unification) Germany suddenly acquired colonies in the Pacific and Africa, with a massive reverse in policy. Germany aggressively pursued imperialistic ambitions...
  14. EmperorTigerstar

    Non-European Colonization (besides the US)

    What are major examples of non-European and non-US colonization of overseas territories? There is: Chile (Easter Island) Japan (Caroline Islands, Taiwan, Korea, etc.) Oman (Tanzanian coast, Gwadar) Any others?
  15. Kormp

    Colonization of Africa: Why Not Earlier?

    Imperialism is something that civilizations practiced since their dawn. But, one of the most well known ones are the European colonization of Africa. The question here is, why didn't it occur earlier. You could argue it happened through Roman conquests, but let's not include that since their and...
  16. A

    colonial america

    various ways in which domestic political affairs in Britain affected colonization in the New World
  17. Kormp

    Barbary Corsairs

    The ones that the European merchants feared the most in the Mediterranean were probably Barbary corsairs-the scourge of the Mediterranean. Barbary pirates were primarily from Ottoman provinces of Tripolitania, Tunis, Algiers, and independent Morocco. They often seized western merchant ships, and...
  18. Landsknecht

    Colonization of Mars

    So I know that Europe (including Russia) and the USA wants to have a Colonization of Mars. My question is how are we going to colonize a planet if many of our own population here on Earth in theses societies is going down by a huge number, and many Women do not want to have kids? Or what ever...
  19. Futurist

    German colonization plans in Europe after World War I?

    Out of curiosity, does anyone here know of any reliable sources that talk about any colonization plans in Europe that the German government seriously considered in the event that Germany won World War I?