1. K

    Indigenous Peoples' Day: The Significance of the Holdiay Compared to Columbus Day

    Indigenous Peoples' Day in the United States is a holiday that honors Native Americans and their culture. Interestingly, this holiday is not widely accepted by many areas in the United States. Recently, many states such as Michigan and Vermont have outright sought to replace Columbus Day with...
  2. Why History

    Where did Columbus learn Navigation?

    Where did Columbus learn navigation and Atlantic sail. Help me please Thanks
  3. LatinoEuropa

    Cuba, Portugal

    According to the thesis defended by the Portuguese historian Mascarenhas Barreto, the illustrious admiral was born in Cuba in 1448 as the illegitimate son of the infant D. Fernando, Duke of Viseu and Beja, and the undocumented " Isabel Zarco ". Colombo's name in Spanish, Cristóbal Colón, would...
  4. Menshevik

    No Christopher Columbus....

    What if Columbus never lived? Or he dies in infancy or somehow or other never becomes a sailor..... ..... When would the New World be "discovered?" Shortly after he historically did? Ten years later? Twenty? A hundred? Would the "discovery" be financed by the Spanish crown?
  5. O

    What if Columbus had modern maps and charts?

    What if Columbus with his three little ships, as primitive as the were, had modern maps and charts, and the ability to use them, and the determination to go to Asia sailing west, what could he have accomplished? With knowing where everything was, and avoiding bad weather and bad people how...
  6. D

    America before columbus and the conquistadores

    Any youtube documentries or articles or websites you can link me to??
  7. mprivse

    Christopher Columbus in Ireland

    While searching my computer for a certain e-book I found a small one about Columbus. The author is a professor and a faculty member with over 100+ books to his name, so I don't think he would make this up. Also the book is more like a high school book (light reading). In it was this: When the...
  8. Zeno

    Coordinates of Columbus' voyages.

    Columbus' route to the Americas seems to be known, as his voyages are depicted on maps. Does anyone here know where or how i could find the coordinates of his travels, from the comfort of my home, on the internet ? (In particular his first voyage.) Many thanks in advance!
  9. LatinoEuropa

    Portuguese arrived in America 19 years before Columbus

    A museum in Toronto wants to recognize the Portuguese presence and prove that the navigator João Vaz Corte-Real was in Canada in 1473. "History is very complex because there are always several versions of events," stressed the president of the Royal Canadian Portuguese Historical Museum There...
  10. gustavolapizza

    Did Columbus really discovered America by accident?

    Lets discard the flat earth theory we all read at school when childrens cause we know nobody actually Believed that nonsense at that time. But the question is, was Columbus convinced that he was actually going to reach asia on his route or was he aware that a new land was there somewhere...
  11. B

    What if Genoa had financed Columbus?

    If the "start up" of Columbus was financed by Genoa could this city/nation remain on top of the european powers? Could have its golden age at the expense of Spain? And how about Spain?
  12. Waterloofinalsolution

    Were the Spanish Conquistadors and Christopher Columbus bad? Or are they demonized?

    I can't find one written document to support Spanish Conquistadors: -Raped -Intentionally performed Genocide -Made the Mexican people slaves -Cut off the limbs of civilians and burned them alive Christopher Columbus -Smashed children's heads against rocks -Was a racist -Started the first...
  13. E

    Columbus - Question

    I have two questions related to Columbus: 1. I read about a report by Bobadillo re-discovered in 2006 (Veracity of Francisco de Bobadilla report on Christopher Columbus : AskHistorians). It apparently contains a lot of damning accusations, though it's hard to say how serious these should be...
  14. Scaeva

    Christopher Columbus - The Miniseries Has anyone here seen it? I had never heard of it, but stumbled across a mention of it while looking at Nicol Williamson's filmography. I was wondering if it was worth tracking down. It has an impressive...
  15. carpe

    Christoper Columbus.

    Christopher Columbus, very well known for his discovery of America (South America)in 1492. Do you think that the actions he carried out to the native population, such as the manipulation and enslavement of the natives, torture and exploitation of their raw materials and hospitality, would and...
  16. Darren Singh

    Is Columbus the first person to discover America

    Is Columbus the first person to discover America or no
  17. E

    Columbus and Trade Winds

    Was part of the reason that no other contemporary of Columbus had ventured out as far enough into the Atlantic to reach the Americas because they were afraid having to sail back against the wind, which was slow and could mean running out of supplies? I think I read that somewhere, but can't...
  18. E

    Looking for more info on accusations against Columbe (48 page document by Bobadilla)

    I have a few questions related to Columbus. 1. In 2006 they found a previously lost 48 page document written by Bobadilla--but I can't find much about it more than a few brief examples of what was in it. Does anyone know of some online sources with more detail about this, or, ideally, the...
  19. H

    How would Polynesian wayfinders know if they would soon find a new island or not?

    Sure, they had useful navigation skills, but weren't their voyages with high risks of not finding any new land, hence they would die when running out of resources on their boats as they sailed into the Pacific?
  20. Gaius Octavius

    Christopher Columbus's ship Santa Maria may have been found

    Explorer Barry Clifford said evidence that the wreck is the Santa Maria, which struck ground and foundered on Christmas Day in 1492, includes ballast stones that appear to have come from Spain or Portugal and what looks like a 15th century cannon that was at the site during an initial inspection...